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Charlie makes Bella move to Texas for college and finds vampires and Werewolves are not the only supernatural creatures out there.


3. Chapter 3

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Man this campus is huge. Good thing I had a map or I would be wondering around aimlessly.

English literature with Mrs. Tunnell. Class starts in thirty minutes.

For the past week I was bored out of my mind and Edward called once a day before I went to bed just to wish me a goodnight and tell me he loved me. I still didn’t get anything in the mail. I wonder what’s taking so long.

I passed by a poster:


Hmm…that sounds interesting and kind of familiar. It was the up coming play. Well if I want to be an actress then I have to sign up for plays right? The fine arts auditorium was on the way to my English class. So I decided to stop buy and grab a form to sign up.

“Hey Bella,” I turned around to see Stacy come skipping towards me. “Are you going to sign up for the play? I heard it’s really good.”

“Yes. It sounds interesting. What’s it exactly about?” I spoke to her while we gathered up the forms and headed for my English class.

“Well it says it’s mainly about vampires, werewolves and a human girl. The leads are the human girl, two vampires, girl and boy, and a werewolf. But in all there are eight vampires, six werewolves and a few humans.” We stopped in front of my English class.

“Wait a minute is this your class?” Stacy looked at her schedule then at me.

“Yes, it’s Mrs. Tunnell’s class.”

“That’s my class too!” We both walked into the classroom together and sat in the back of the class.

I looked at the information in my packet. It sounded almost like my story only more fighting.

Basically, I would play as the mortal girl, Lisa, my Edward would play Nathaniel, of course Kyle, the werewolf would be Jacob, and from Elizabeth’s description, the other vampire, she fit Alice’s high spirits and Rosalie’s angry determination.

“Bella, what character are you trying out for?” I looked at the list of people. I really wanted to be a vampire but I knew Lisa better than the girl vampire, because of course I have already played that part.

“I think I am going to try out for Lisa. Her personality sounds just like mine.”

Just then class started so I decided I better pay attention on my first day.

Suddenly a note landed on my desk. I looked in the direction it came from.

There was a very cute guy sitting next to me taking notes. He had brown hair that looked like he just got out of bed. He had beautiful sky blue eyes that looked like swimming pools.

I opened the note and read it:

Hey are you Bella? Stacy told me about you. My name is Josh and I’m studying to be an actor too. What role will you be trying out for? I have always played the lead roles at my schools so I am trying out for Nathaniel’s part because I’m that good. LOL.

I wrote back and slid it on his desk. Ok I need to pay attention now. I had a whole hour of class to go.

I took notes on the lecture and copied down the four books that we would be reading. Two were Shakespeare’s and the other two were books I’ve heard of but have never really read.

The class ended. Stacy and I got up to go to our next class.

“Hey Stacy, Bella.” Josh caught up with us at the door. “Where is your next class?”

“I have choir next so I will see you guys later.” Stacy ran off in the fine arts direction.

“I have history class then dance.” I looked up into his electric blue eyes. They were cold and liquid like. He seemed to be able to see right trough me.

“Cool. I have history too so I will walk you to class. Are you really going to try out for the lead part or were you just saying that?”

He stared straight forward as we walked. I thought for a minute, if we both tried out for the lead, he would think I liked him. I looked at my ring. Edward I wish you were here to help me ward off this handsome mysterious creature.

“Yes. I was thinking about trying out for Lisa. I feel she and I have some things in common.” I looked at his face from the corner of my eye. He was looking at me with a curious expression on his face. I didn’t want to explain it to him. It pained me to think of Edward right now.

He let the thought drop as we entered into the classroom.

“So, what’s Washington like?” He seemed interested in me.

I looked at him. Great he thinks I’m interested in him by the way he’s looking at me. “Washington was, is cloudy most of the time and rains everyday almost so it is very green. I lived in Forks and my high school had three hundred and forty-eight people in all.”

He looked at my ring and raised his eyebrow. He looked away quickly and I caught the jealousy in his eyes.

He was jealous over me. If he met Edward o then he would give up.

I turned my head straightforward to look at the professor. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him glaring at me.

Then he changed is expression so quickly that it startled me. What was up with this guy?

“So do you have any friends in Forks that you miss? Any family?” he raised his eyebrow again when I thought of Edward.

I looked at the clock. When was class suppose to start? Darn, I still had ten minutes.

I looked back at him, his expression didn’t change.

“I lived with my dad, Charlie in a small house. One of my best friends was my family friend, Jacob Black. He and I, well mostly him, fixed up two motorcycles. We stopped talking to each other four months ago after some family issues. I have another group of friends that are so close that I consider them family, but Charlie won’t let me see them…”

“Because he thinks that they’re not good enough for you.” I looked at him with a shocked look on my face. “Oh sorry. I heard about your guy friend. Maybe your dad’s tight. Maybe you should have stopped seeing him and be dating someone else that would really care about you. Someone Charlie will like and has no bad history.” He shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

I got really angry. “What do you know? You don’t know anything about him or me and my family. He cares a lot about me…”

“Well then why isn’t he here?!” He glared at me.

The question stung me. I didn’t know exactly why Edward wasn’t here. I just knew he wasn’t and that he would be coming soon. I could feel the tears coming. Why did I have to cry now?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I just thought you would need someone that can be there for you all the time.”

“If you think I’m interested I’m not.” I quickly wiped my tears and moved two seats over.

He lost his smile and started to fill out his form.

I put my head on my desk. I feel like I’m going to be sick. I pulled out my forms too and started to fill them out.

Thankfully class started and I was glad to pay attention even if the class was history.

Great I have this guy who thinks he is the one for me and we could possibly be playing the lead role together.

I copied down notes and rushed out of class as soon as it was finished. I hate dancing and I know I’m too clumsy for it but I probably had to take it to be able to be in musicals. Come to think of it, it would probably help me not fall off the stage or into the set. Maybe it would help my balance issue period.

I walked into the studio and got changed. We did basic stretching and luckily I only lost my balance twice and really didn’t fall into anybody.

Yes theater right after. I quickly got changed and refreshed. I met Stacy in the theater room and sat down beside her. Josh was in a corner talking to the instructor.

“Did you tell Josh everything I told you about me!?” I really didn’t intend for it to come out as harsh as it did. I was getting my forms out to hand to the instructor.

“Not everything. Just that you lived with your dad in Washington and you use to live with your mom in Phoenix I told him that you had some friends that you missed and you were having some trouble with your father. But that was it.” She looked confused and hurt.

“Oh ok.” I began to relax. For some reason I had a since that she was telling the truth. “For some reason, I don’t know how, but he found out almost everything about me. Like he had been spying on me my whole life. I was kind of weird and then he kind of gave me a hint that he likes me.” I looked at Josh and caught him looking at me with a very anger expression on his face. “Where is he getting all this information?”

Stacy shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know he does that to me sometimes. Its like he can read minds.”

He came and sat down on the other side of Stacy totally ignoring us.

I handed my forms in to the instructor and put my head on my desk.

“ We will be holding auditions on Thursday starting at two. Everyone who is trying out needs to prepare a monologue and recite it from memorization. Ok, today we will learn the basics and I will be putting groups together for a mini skit that your group will be performing during class tomorrow.”

She walked around grouping people into groups of four and giving out their skit information.

I was grouped with Stacy, Josh and some other guy. I think his name was Chris.

At the end of class we decided to go out for lunch then meet back at Stacy’s to work on our skit.

Since I didn’t have a car Stacy agreed to drive me everywhere I needed to go, since we only lived next door.

We got to Stacy’s house around four. I ran home to drop my stuff off then went back out to meet them in the front of her house.

A little red flag caught my eye as I was running across the yard. I noticed my mailbox flag was up.

I walked slowly over to it and opened it to retrieve the mail. I remembered that Edward said I should be getting something soon. Finally it was here.

I carried it all back into the house. As I was rummaging through, I found like five pieces of junk mail and two banking companies trying to get me to join. I laid all those aside and picked up three packages. One was from Charlie, so I opened it to find an Idiot’s Guide to Acting and a letter wishing me luck. The second one was from Renee and of course she sent me another scrapbook to put pictures of my new friends and some more shopping money for my new house.

I laid both of those aside and looked at the third package. I had no return address on it was really only a small envelope. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and opened it.

I nearly dropped the envelope when I saw what was inside.

There was a 20K gold-chained necklace with a gold key on the end. “I’m yours forever” was engraved on it.

I started to cry. Then I heard a knock on the door and Stacy came in.

“Bella, are you coming?” She came into the kitchen where I was standing.

“Yes, just a minute.” I looked in the envelope and saw a letter written to me…

To my lovely wife a wedding gift. A promise that I intend to keep. Bella, I will give you the rest when I see you. The others will too. Love you forever. Edward

“Bella, is that from your friend?” I handed Stacy the letter to let her read. The necklace matched my ring well.

“Oh Bella it’s beautiful. Edward really loves you no matter what Josh says. I think Josh likes you though.” She looked at my necklace while I put it on. “Lovely.”

“Stacy don’t tell Josh anything please. If he and I are going to be working together then we are going to have to not have anything to fight about.”

“I promise. We will pretend… well we won’t let him get close enough to see what is says and say it’s from your mom.” I put his letter on the counter and walked with Stacy to her house to work on the skit.