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Charlie makes Bella move to Texas for college and finds vampires and Werewolves are not the only supernatural creatures out there.


4. Chapter 4

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I ran to the auditorium to try out for my part in the play “Midnighters”. I made it fifteen minutes before two. Maybe I could go first just to get my auditions over with. Everyday up till now, Stacy and I have working on preparing our monologues.

Mrs. Kirk, our instructor, was in there organizing all the audition forms. I decided to sit in the back and run my lines through my head one more time.

“Bella, did you come early for your audition?” I looked up to see Mrs. Kirk smiling back at me. From the way she looked everyday you could tell theater was her passion. “Come sit next to me. I can tell you have never taken theater before in your life, but you are doing very well for your first time. I can tell that your friends are helping you out a lot too.”

I have been getting along well with Stacy and Josh and yes of course they have been helping me with everything. When we would have group dialogues to present we were always in a group. Ever since the first day I have never been afraid to talk to Mrs. Kirk. She seemed to understand me quite well and knew me from experiences of her own.

“Well since you are early, would you like to take the stage and recite your monologue for me?”

I thought for a minute, I decided what the heck, I should get it over with. No one was here except for Mrs. Kirk and I would be performing for her anyways.

I nodded then took center stage. Looked down at my ring. Oh Edward, give me strength. I closed my eyes and spit out the first two lines in a rush.

“Bella, Slow down a little and give it more feeling. You may start over.”

Bella I’m here. Listen and follow me.

My angel’s voice was clear in my head and ready to guide me.

I took a deep breath and started again. This time my voice sounded more melodic and smooth. I began to feel it and started act it out and make it sound convincing.

I finished and slowly opened my eyes to astonished faces out sitting down in the auditorium.

Josh and Stacy’s mouths were open in shock. I began to feel real awkward. Then I heard clapping coming from Mrs. Kirk. She had tears in her eyes while applauding my good performance. Soon everybody that arrived in the auditorium was applauding.

I bowed then took my seat behind Mrs. Kirk. I felt sick and embarrassed.

“Bella that was amazing! I thought you have never taken theater before and here you have been holding out on us the whole time.” I blushed as Stacy sat down and gave me a hug. I didn’t know such a tiny girl could squeeze people that hard.

“Thanks Stacy.” I turned my head to face forward. It was her turn to recite her monologue.

“Bella, that was something up there. I now have a strong feeling that you will get the part for sure.” I turned to see Josh sitting on my other side. “I’m next after Stacy. Tomorrow Mrs. Kirk will post up everybody that she wants to see again to try out for certain parts to make sure they are good for that part. They will get to perform parts of the dialogue. Well I’m next.” He quickly took my hand and kissed it. I felt a shock go up my arms and quickly snatched it back from him. “Hey I need some of your talent so I can do good on my performance.” He smiled as he got up to take the stage.

He had a twinkle in his crystal blue eyes. Then I saw his lips move quickly. It looked like he was trying to mouth something to me.

I felt a sudden chill run up my spine. All of a sudden it felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. I gasped for breath.

I felt a little dizzy and put my head in my hands.

I heard Josh start his monologue so I looked up to listen.

I became so aware of everything around me like my senses had strengthened. I could here Mrs. Kirk’s pen scribble down notes on her paper and Stacy mumble that she likes some guy in English class.

“Bella,” I looked at Stacy. She was barely whispering to me but I could hear every word she said. “Bella, are you ready to go home?”

I nodded and got up. I stepped over bags and moved through the aisles so easily that I would have normally tripped and fell over.

I waved goodbye to Josh as he finished up and followed Stacy out to her car.

Stacy was so excited about tomorrow and talked about what was going to happen. I blocked her out some of the time to try and figure out what happened to me back there and how.

Maybe I was just grossed out from Josh kissing my hand, but Josh and I seemed to have gotten closer, friend wise, that it was almost normal for him to do something weird like that. Sometimes he gets out of hand but nothing the rest of us can’t handle. Plus, I don’t think my senses would be a reaction to me being grossed out anyways.

She dropped me off in the drive and hurried off to run errands.

I went inside the house and decided to make myself a snack.

Well I got through the easy part today but tomorrow the real action takes place. Oh my gosh. My stomach did a little flip inside me.

I started to read some more of my book that I bought at Barnes and Nobles with my first paycheck. Mr. Simons let me have Thursday, Friday and Saturday off because of auditions.

I thought about calling Edward to tell him what happened but instead he seemed to answer me by calling me.

I ran to the kitchen where I left my back a little faster than a normal humans speed. Ok this is really weird.

“Hello,” I walked to the bathroom to wash my face off because I began to sweat.

“Hey sweetie. How were the auditions?” I filled the sink with water.

“They were great actually. I heard your voice again in my head helping me say my lines. I felt different all of a sudden and well I sounded beautiful. Well so everybody was saying.” I blushed. “I am almost confident I got the part.”

I put the cell phone on speaker and splashed water on my face. I reached for a towel then looked in the mirror…my eyes…

“HOLY CROW!!!” I dropped the towel and fell to the ground.

“BELLA! What? What happened?” I could hear Edward’s Frantic voice on the other end.

I peeked in the mirror again and my eyes looked normal.

“Bella are you there? Crap!”

“I’m fine Edward.” I picked up the cell phone and ran to my room and shut the door.

“Bella, are you alright? What’s the matter? Do I need to come down there?” His voice sounded hard and very worried. Yes I wanted him to come down here.

“No I’m fine. My reflection scared me. That’s all.” I probably didn’t seem convincing because I began to shake and stutter. “Really I’m fine, but I would love for you to come down here anyway.” Tears began to run down my cheek.

“Oh Bella I truly wish I were down there holding and comforting you too. Trust me I do.” If he could cry I know he would be crying right now too. “But we almost found Victoria. We are going to make sure she is good and gone so she can’t hurt us anymore. Trust me I can’t put you in danger anymore. Once she is gone then we will come down.”

“No later than my birthday?” Crap! My nineteenth birthday is this Saturday. “Bella I promised you soon right? I intend to keep my promise. I have to go ok. Really I love you. Bye.”

“Bye.” It was barely a whisper but I knew he heard me.

I laid in my bed for a while with tears streaming down my face. I got up and decided to go clean up the mess I made in the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror again. My eyes weren’t just plain chocolate anymore. In the middle, around the edges of my pupil, there was gold, with a layer of brown around that and then green on the outside.

But that’s not what I saw in the mirror. My eyes like changed. They weren’t my eyes; they didn’t even look human. They were more like animal eyes.

I decided I was tired and head to my room and fell right to sleep.

“Bella, Are you ok? You seem really nervous and scared.” Stacy was trying to hand me the part I was auditioning for.

Well of course I am nervous and what happened last night was not normal. I hadn’t told them about my eyes changing. They would think I was crazy.

Josh, what did you do to Bella?

Huh?! More voices. I looked at Stacy who was still looking at me. Then I looked at Josh. He wasn’t paying attention to us but I knew he was laughing at Stacy’s thought.

Stacy I just did what I was suppose to do. Look at her eyes. She actually changed. She is one of us. But I think her power is working right away because I can’t read her mind.

What? Read mind I thought werewolves and some vampires could only do that. “Stacy I don’t feel well.” I sat down and put my head against the cool wall.

Josh came over and sat down next to me.

“Bella it will be alright. First the guys are going to try out for their parts then we will begin pairing up.”

He looked up quickly at the sound of footsteps. I turned my head to see who he was looking at.

A beautiful blonde headed girl approached us from back stage. She was very tall and thin. She reminded me of Rosalie by the way she was looking at me.

This is the girl you picked? Why her? She is not going to be able to protect everybody!

Shhh Amy! She has already changed!

“Josh,” I looked up to see Mrs. Kirk sitting in the front row. “Your up first.”

The rest of us got off the stage as he took center.

“You know what? Bella you’ll go up there with him.” I got back up and stood by Josh. “Start on page fifteen.”

I took a deep breath and looked at the papers.

“Lisa, if the rest of them find out; they’ll kill you. They would make me watch them kill you or worst kill you myself.” He shuddered. I looked up to see him act out every detail. “The only way we can be together…is to…change you-”

“Then change me. There is nothing in this world more than to be with you.” Now it was my turn to prove my part. I took his hand and looked into his electric blue eyes.

For a split second every thing became a blur. “Lisa if I changed you here, Kyle would kill me and my family. Either way we would lose each other.” He gently stroked my cheek.

“No Nathaniel. We could run away and then be together forever. You wouldn’t break the treaty with the werewolves…”

“Their task is to keep you away from us because they know you are friends with me.” He looked at me for a minute. “You would give up your mortality to be a vampire?”

“Yes. Anything to be with you.” I whispered and looked down.

Josh pulled me close to him. I started to feel really dizzy.

He suddenly pushed my away quickly and looked at me shocked and hurt. He could feel my pain for Edward.

Everything became clear and my hands felt hot.

“Beautiful. Thank you Bella and Josh. Amy you make take Bella’s place on the stage.”

I got off the stage to sit next to Stacy. Amy glared at me while she took center next to Josh.

“You may begin.”

Josh began his lines the same as before, but when Amy began to read her part she started sweating and shaking.

Josh stop. You’re making me mess up!

Josh was doing something to her to make sure I got the lead role and not her.

She was suddenly ok and began acting out the part perfectly. But her speech gradually slurred together.

Amy you need to control your powers better.

“Amy are you ok?” Mrs. Kirk looked worried and agitated at the same time.

“I can’t do this anymore. Sorry Mrs. Kirk. I can’t play the lead part with Josh.” She shoved the papers at Josh and ran off the stage. She glared at Stacy and me when she got her stuff and ran out the door crying.

“Well Bella after your performance yesterday many girls dropped out or didn’t sound as great as you did. You get the part. Practice starts Monday. Here is the script.” I took the script and smiled at Mrs. Kirk.

“Bella I knew you could do it!” Stacy sounded so happy for me. She had already been cast as Elizabeth before I came to my auditions.

“Josh, you will be fight for the spot of Nathaniel though. Bella will you take the stage as Lisa again. Alex will play as Nathaniel.”

Four more guys till I could go home. The first guy started off great but then he kept staring at me so much that he forgot his lines. The second guy got way too emotional, the third, no emotion at all. The fourth guy was almost perfect. He was Josh’s competition.

Mrs. Kirk was the only person left to figure the difference between them and see who would get the part.

I grabbed my things and followed Stacy out to her car.

I was actually excited that I got the lead part. I was ready to go home and tell Edward.

“Bella I am so excited. I can’t believe you got the part. Your performance was awesome.”

“Thanks.” I blushed and turned to star out the window. I’m not that great I just happened to get lucky.

“Luck had nothing to do with your performance. It was all talent. Well I will see you Monday.” As soon as she stopped I jumped out of the car.

I ran in the house and put my things down. It was five thirty so I decided I would congratulate myself by cooking spaghetti wit garlic bread.

There was a letter sitting on the counter. I don’t know where it came from or how it got there. All it said was: Look out side.

Ok, why should I look outside. I don’t want a party or anything.

I opened the front door. At first I didn’t notice anything different. They I nearly fainted when I saw what was in my driveway.