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Charlie makes Bella move to Texas for college and finds vampires and Werewolves are not the only supernatural creatures out there.


5. Chapter 5

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He caught me before I hit the ground and rocked me in his arms.

“Bella I missed you so much.”

I started to cry. “Edward, I can’t believe you’re here, or is it just a beautiful illusion?”

“Tell me if this is an illusion.” He pressed his cold lips to mine. His breathe smelled so sweet. We were away from each other so long, I almost forgot the way it felt when he kissed me.

He pulled back and held me close.

I looked around outside. “Where are the others?” I waited for Edward to answer.

“We are here.” I nearly jumped out of his lap at the sound of Carlisle’s voice. I looked back in the house and saw the others coming out of the room I never used.

I started to cry again. “Oh my gosh everybody. I can’t believe that your really here.” I noticed that Rosalie was missing. Then I heard another noise but it came from outside this time. I saw Rosalie get out of the car that was parked in the driveway.

“Happy early birthday. We got you car and put your stereo from your truck in it.” She went over to stand by Emmett.

It was a beautiful navy blue Audi.

I hope she likes it.

I turned to face Jasper. I heard his thought. But maybe I just thought I heard something. I want to try something.

Edward I love the car.

I looked at Edward’s expression and apparently he heard it because he looked very shocked.

Do it again Bella.

I laughed. Wow this was fun. I have a power…wait.. I’m not a vampire.

“Bella how did you do that?”

Edward what? Let us in on it.

I looked at Emmett and the others. I walked outside to look at the Audi.

Edward, can I speak to you for a moment, alone.

He spoke to the others softly and closed the door behind him as I got into the driver’s side. He quickly got into the passenger’s side and stared at me curiously.

“Wow this is a beautiful car Edward. You didn’t steal it on your way down here did you?”

‘We wouldn’t steal your birthday gift. No, Emmett, Rosalie and I drove this down here while the others took Carlisle’s car.” He grinned for amusement. “So tell me, what happened to you? I mean you can’t be a vampire because you’re still warm.”

His cold fingers touch my cheek lightly.

“No, it happened yesterday I guess. I don’t know exactly how or when. I knew I changed because I was acting perfectly and well I guessed when the wind got nocked out of me, but the thing is no one touched me. Than I screamed yesterday…my eyes changed.”

He leaned closer to observe my eyes. I breathed in the sweet smell of his breath. It seemed stronger and I didn’t get dizzy.

He pulled back amused. “Your right. Your eyes did change. They are like green, brown and gold at the same time.”

I turned my head to look out the window. “Edward did you get Victoria? Is that why you’re here now?”

He smiled that crooked smile I love so much.

“I promised you that I would come when we did right.” He chuckled. “You wouldn’t be able to picture it. Best battle ever but I promised Emmett he would get to tell it.” He took my hand. “So, do you have anything planned for tomorrow?” He kissed my forehead.

“No not really. Sleeping in maybe but since you’re here, what ever you want to do.” I smiled and kissed his lips before I got out of the car.

I ran to the door at the new speed I could go, just to impress him with a new talent that I had. This was going to take some getting use to. I could say the say for Edward because he stared after me with wide eyes.

“So it seems not just your eyes and mind reading ability have changed but also your speed and clumsiness.”

I laughed as he ran to stand beside me.

We went inside to find everybody looking around the house.

“Bella you have a nice house.” Esme came from the kitchen smiling. “But maybe we could help you make it feel more like home and tweak it up a bit.”

“ Thank you. And sure you can.” I smiled back at her. I thought for a minute. Ok to be a good hostess to a family of vampires, what do I do to make them feel more at home? “Well I am really glad you all made it. I love my early birthday present really.” Oh now I don’t have to ride to school with Stacy. Oh and speaking of Stacy… Edward one of my friends wants to meet you.

Edward just nodded his head.

“Well you can stay here. I know it is kind of small but I know that you don’t sleep so you don’t need beds. But you are free to do what ever and if you need anything of course I will try to help.” I felt dumb making this speech.

Carlisle laughed. “We will do. You must have had a long day. How did auditions go?”

Auditions, how could I forget? “They were great!” I was bubbling with joy again. “I made the lead part!”

Alice ran and hugged me. “That’s great! What is the play about?”

I got the packet out to show them each character and their description. I quickly summed up the story.

They all looked at me.

“Well no wonder you got the part. Your playing yourself.” Emmett laughed.

Ha very funny. Emmett stopped laughing and looked at me hurt.

Do that again.

I frowned. I’m sorry Emmett. I didn’t mean it that way.

“Cool” he started laughing again. Everybody looked from me to him.

“What private joke are you two sharing that I don’t know about.” Rosalie crossed her arms and pouted. Edward spoke up first.

“It appears Bella can communicate with other people by mind reading, but is seems she can only do it when she focuses on a specific person.”

“How?” Carlisle was confused.

“Well on Thursday I went through a change I really didn’t know about and well I kind of have supernatural powers. I’m not a vampire but I can’t be a normal human either.”

“So you are saying you are something we have never heard of?” Rosalie was catching on.

“Yes basically.” Well really that was it.


I looked around but nobody was looking at me. They were all talking to each other about what could have happened and about all my new talents.

Bella, It’s Stacy. Come in the front yard please.

I looked at everybody and quickly left to the room and slipped out the front door unnoticed.

“Stacy, what’s wrong?” Wait a minute…Stacy knew of my special abilities because she and Josh apparently changed me. I needed to ask her about my weird abilities. “Umm…Stacy, I wanted to ask you about my special abilities.”

“Well, we kind of…changed you…we changed you into what’s called a mage. You are the protectors of the shape shifters.”

“Huh?” I was totally lost. Ok I definitely was something I have never heard of.

“You are a mage. Well an air mage to be precise and you have supernatural speed and senses. You can mind read and set up shields or force fields, and of course you can shape shift. You know change into animals.”

My head began to hurt.

“I had to tell you right away because I sense danger.”

“Bella.” We both turned at the sound of Edward’s voice as he came walking towards us.

Stacy suddenly stiffened and took a step forward. There was a low growl that came from her.

“Stacy this is my friend Edward. The one I have been talking about.”

Her eyes widened in shock.

Your friends with a…

Edward raised an eyebrow.

Oh no. I cut in really fast. “Well Edward and I are married.” Crap what else? “Well Stacy I have a lot of plans for tomorrow. Thanks for the information. I will be aware. So I will see you on Monday.”

She looked hurt and worried. Please Stacy it will be ok. Don’t get mad please, he is safe. Don’t tell Josh or he will get really mad.

I can’t hide everything from Josh. Remember he gets tempers.

I nodded as she ran back to her house with a defeated expression.

I turned and went into the house with Edward following at my heels.

“Well everybody, I’m quite tired so I will be turning in for the night.” I nodded to everybody as I made my way to my room.

“Yes you will be needing your rest. You are going to be have a big day tomorrow.” Alice’s wind chime voice sang across her dazzling smile as she spoke.

Edward picked me up and ran me to my room.

I closed the door behind us and whispered, “You know I am perfectly capable of walking myself.” I smiled.

“You use to love it when I carried you around everywhere.” He frowned.

I kissed his sweet lips. “Ok I don’t feel like going back out there to change in the bathroom, so quickly turn around.” I watched till he turned around and couldn’t see me and as quick as lightening, I changed. As soon as he knew I was done he picked me up and gently laid me in bed.

He lay next to me with his arms around my waist.

“Edward, I found out what I am.” I turned over to face him. He was patiently waiting. “I am a shape shifting mage.” He looked confused. “I know. I was thinking the exact same thing when she told me. Well I am an air mage and I can create shields and shape shift.”

“Shape shift?”

“Yes change into animals.” I smiled at the thought then frowned. I really couldn’t see me doing that.

I heard him chuckle. “I would love to see that. Well there goes a plan of mine.”

“What? Don’t change any of your plans. Even though I have some special abilities that shouldn’t effect anything.”

He kissed my forehead. “Ok, I won’t change anything. Sleep now we have a long day tomorrow.

I woke up to no light in my room. Oh yesterday was great and I had such a lovely dream.

“Good morning sleeping beauty. Wow, it’s cloudy and raining in Texas.”

I smiled and turned over to kiss my angel.

“Happy birthday Bella. Rosalie left something in the bathroom for you.”

I got up and walked to the bathroom and closed the door. There was a pair of khaki slacks and a navy blue, v-neck shirt hanging up. On the floor were some dark brown Sketchers.

I took a quick shower and changed into my new clothes. I decided to blow dry my hair straight.

I looked in the mirror. I actually looked good. My eyes sparkled.

I ran back too my room to model for Edward, but he wasn’t there.

Yum, something smelled really good. I went to the kitchen to find Edward was in there cooking me breakfast. I sat down and was hesitant for a moment but so he wouldn’t get his feelings hurt I ate it. It turned out to be really good.

“Bella, would you like to drive your Audi around. You can show me the town and where you work.” He smiled.

I jumped and ran to the sink to wash my dishes.

“Be right back.” I dashed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Hmm…a shape shifter.

I focused on a wolf. My eyes began to change to all gold, my face transformed. I looked in the mirror and a wolf stared back at me.

Cool…but freaky. I changed my face back then ran back to Edward. He held the keys out to me.

I grabbed them and kissed his lips and raced him to the car.