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Charlie makes Bella move to Texas for college and finds vampires and Werewolves are not the only supernatural creatures out there.


7. Chapter 7

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“Carlisle what happened? Did I kill her?”

I heard Edward’s frantic voice. If he could cry, I know he would be crying right now.

“I don’t know Edward. We only know if she wakes up. She is still not breathing and apparently her heart is not beating.”

Well I would be breathing if I could. I still kind of dazed.

“Oh Bella please wake up.” I felt Edward’s cold hands on my face. He firmly pressed his lips to mine. It seemed to take my body out of its shocked state.

I reacted automatically and put my hands around his neck.

His eyes shot open and he quickly pulled away.

He smirked and sat on the edge of my bed. I sat up and smiled at his gorgeous face.

He was looking at me with disbelief, I could tell. “Oh Bella. You’re alive! You look...unnaturally beautiful, but I don’t understand.” He put his ear to my chest.

I just then noticed that my heart wasn’t beating.

“Usually it takes three days to become a vampire. You changed over night.” He pushed a stray hair out of my face.

I got up to look in my mirror. He was right. I did look beautiful. My eyes had just a bit more gold than before. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. We made the perfect couple.

“Edward lets go for a walk. I know a good place we can go.”

“Well how about we drive there because it is really sunny outside?”

I nodded and got dressed.


“So where are we going Bella?”

“I found another meadow for us.”

I pulled into the parking lot behind one of the school buildings. We both quickly ran to the edge of the woods. I found the pebble path and we raced each other down it till we came to a clearing.

“North-east Texas kind of feels like home in a way because of the woods. The only thing is the weather.” We both stood at the edge of the clearing for a minute.

It was even more beautiful with Edward here. There was a pond on the other side with a small creek flowing into it. The grass was a light green and there were orange and red flowers all around.

Edward smiled at me and stepped into the sunlight. He sparkled like a beautiful jewel and seemed to take the beauty away from everything else.

I lifted up his finger and motioned for me to come out in the sunlight.

I hesitated for a second and then stepped out into the sunlight. I reach out to take Edward’s hand and saw that it sparkled just like Edward’s skin. The sun felt warm and I smiled.

I suddenly felt warmth in my cheeks.

“Bella, you’re blushing.” His hand touched my cheek. It felt like my heart was racing even though my heart had stopped beating. I didn’t understand how it could be possible.

Edward looked just as confused. His ear touched my chest and I held really still.

“Bella it sounds like you heart is beating. But you’re still cold.” I shrugged and he kissed my cheek.

He sat down on the ground and started to hum a song.

You know what would be good right now? Mountain lion would be great!

I smiled and transformed. I didn’t wait for Edward to get ready I just pounced.

I hit him harder than I normally would have if I were hitting a normal human and not a vampire.

In return, he smiled, picked me up and threw me across the field.

I landed with a hard thud on all fours and turned back towards his direction but he wasn’t there. I waited for a minute and he didn’t show up.

I changed back to my human body and called out his name.

I heard a rustling behind me. I turned around to see him running towards me. I accepted his blow as he pinned me to the ground. I swiftly pushed him off me and ran.

“Bella you can run but you can’t hide.”

I remembered that he could still smell me because apparently my blood could still course through my body.

I suddenly stopped and turned around.

He caught me in a hug and we fell to the ground.

He stiffened in my arms and I noticed he gold eyes narrowed.

“Edward, what’s the matter?” I clutched onto his arm and looked around the field. On the side that we came in I saw a girl emerge from the trees and look at us. She had long blonde hair and was very beautiful. She didn’t look frightened or embarrassed. Instead she looked mad.

Bella I can’t believe you would betray your friends for them.

I recognized that voice instantly. It was the angry tone of Amy’s voice that I recognized.

She started to run at us, well me mostly. I pushed Edward aside and at the same time she and I both transformed into great silver wolves.

She bit my leg and I grabbed the fur right around her neck. We snapped and bit each other with Edward standing on the sidelines wonder what the heck was going on. She tossed me down a little ways from Edward’s feet and I changed back.

“What do you mean I betrayed you?” She just glared at me and turned into a leopard and pounced.

I was pushing her back as she was pushing me back. I finally threw her over beside the pond and lay there for a minute.

Edward was about ready to join. “No Edward, I will handle this. This is my fight. When I need you I will call.”

Amy stood back up and glared at me.

“Why would you choose your enemies over your friends Bella? You are one of us and he…” She pointed at Edward. “Is your enemy.”

She looked down at the water then back at me with an evil grin.

She held her right hand out over the water and spun it in a circle. I her hand I saw a water ball forming. She swiftly threw it at me. I leaned back and watched as it fly right over my face.

When I was up right, I saw her forcing a huge wave my way.

I pushed my hands out towards her to block some of the water, but created a windshield that pushed it back her way.

Edward was laughing as he watched me soak her with her own wave.

She pulled Edward into the middle of the pond with her water whip.

I have no need to fight with Bella with this vampire here that can hurt both of us.

I saw Edward come out of the pond and grab Amy’s legs and throw her. He sent her flying into a tree behind me. I quickly turned around to see her slumped at the bottom of a tree. She wasn’t moving so I ran over to check a pulse.

Her heart was still beating. She was unconscious though.

“Edward are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine. How are you?”

I nodded and looked at the unconscious Amy.

“Bella another one of your friends? I don’t understand how she knows our information. Why exactly was she attacking us too?”

“Apparently vampires are our enemies. We better take her back to Carlisle and try to get more information out of this matter.”

Edward nodded and picked up the unconscious Amy. He slung her on his back as we quickly ran to the car.