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My Love

these are true feelings of love that bella has for edward and i just had to write about it.

This is how i think Bella feels when she is around Edward.

1. My Love

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My beating heart begins to quicken,

My lurching stomach begins to sicken.

I watch you pass in front of me,

You strut about for me to see.

A quick glance to where I sit,

By the bug I have been bit.

A subtle smile comes my way,

I can not think of words to say.

You say hello, I shudder back.

Looking for the words I lack.

You look at me I look at you,

At this time, I know what to do.

I close my eyes and turn around,

My inner self I now have found.

And all my words that I had lost,

Come back to me, at no cost.

Those three words now slip out.

I fill up again with self doubt.

You look at me and say them back,

You were the thing that I had lacked.

You’re an angel from above,

You are my one and only love.