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Dream Boat

Growing up around vampires sounds tough right? How about growing up with them as your parents? Trust me even tougher. Then a shred of hope. A boy that I immediately fall for and with the same problem I've grown up with. However, is he hiding something...something he's ashamed of? Let's only hope that this dream boat can stay afloat...

Nothing is mine (of course) except the character (well some of the characters). I thought of this just a little bit ago and I hope you like it.

1. I Usually Prefer Spoons

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Growing with vampires as parents was an experience in itself. One of the main differences was that I grew up mostly with my nanny Carmen because my parents were gone most of the time -business trips they said- hunting with other members of the pack that I didn't find out about until last year, when I was a freshman in high school. I have went to countless elementary and middle schools but finally in my sophomore year of high school my parents and I have settled down in Forks, Washington. I know it has to sound dull and truly it is but it is better then moving around from city to city.

The summer is Forks is hot, humid and most of all boring. The town was almost stuck in a time rut until our family moved in and the town began to gossip. The first rumor I heard was from two young boys walking down the street saying they thought we were aliens. The next was from a group of old, gray-haired woman saying they thought my mom was a hooker and needed to be saved. 'My mom may be beautiful but she is not a hooker!' I wanted to scream at them but I kept my big mouth shut and walked into the small grocery store in the small downtown of small Forks.

Our first week in Forks was uneventful. My parents had chosen to live in a large two-story, four bedroom, two full bath back in the woods just on the outskirts of town (they said outskirts as if the town wasn't the outskirts itself!). The only good thing about moving was my having my own bathroom.

"Emmaline?" I heard my mother call me but I acted as if I couldn't hear her bellowing cries. "Emmaline I know you can hear me!" I concentrated on the floor, trying to ignore her more. Then I heard her marching up the stepped and I stood to open the door as she reached for the handle. "Why didn't you answer me?"

Elizabeth Atwood still looked more beautiful then any other woman I had seen. Even with her hands on her hips. My mom had flowing blond hair that cascaded down to the base of her back. Her skin was a milky, smooth white and her features were precise, with high cheekbones and piercing eyes. Even though I was in fact my mother's daughter I looked nothing like her.

"I didn't answer because I'm not ready to go to school yet." I said, turning and grabbing my new black leather messenger bag and slinging it over my shoulder, "Now I am ready for my first day at my new and fabulous school."

"Good, now let's go you don't want to be late." My mom said and walked back up the hall and down the steps. "I am going to go start your car for you. Bring a jacket it's raining."

"Bring a jacket it's raining..." I said in a high-pitched mocking tone of my mother.

"I heard that." My mom said, with a 'ha-ha caught you' sound in her voice. Another bad thing about vampire parents, they can ALWAYS hear what you say thanks to their lovely super hearing!

"Of course you did." I muttered under my breath, hoping she wouldn't catch that one.

"Heard that too."

I just sighed, grabbed my jacket, and marched down the steps.

Forks High School was no different then anything other high school I had gone to except for it's minuscule size. I reported to the office promptly at eight o'clock, fifteen minutes before the school day began. The old lady at the desk smiled as I entered the musty office and gestures for me have a seat at one of the five chair pushed against the left wall. I sat and rubbed my eyes from lack of sleep the last couple of nights. Finally, I gave way to my boredom and laid my head on the back of the chair.

"Emmaline Atwood?" A voice said from the office door.

"It's Emma," I said with attitude in my voice. I opened my eyes and a young man in a suit stood at the door with a smile on his face. "I mean, please call me Emma...sir?"

"Alright I will change that for your teachers." The man said, clicking his pen and re-writing my name on the slip of paper that he now handed to me. "I am Mr. Warner the new principle of Forks High School. We're all really glad to have you join us here." He smiled down at me as I stood but continued, "Just have all your teachers sign that paper and here is your schedule." He then handed me a larger piece of paper with many room numbers and teachers. "Have a great day Emma."

The fresh air was a good change from the musty confines of the office. The rain had let up and a mist was all that remained over the small grassy area in the middle of the school (which looked more like smaller buildings with grass in the middle). I looked over my schedule when I heard a car door slam in the parking lot and I looked up to see a tall, brown-haired, blue-eyes...(god) boy walk across the wet asphalt in my direction. We smiled in my direction but continued on his way to an empty picnic table next to what looked like the cafeteria.

"Hello there." I turned in the direction of the voice and a girl my age was smiling at me. "Hi, I'm Whitney you must be Emmaline."

"Emma actually," I corrected her and gave a polite smile, only glancing at the strange boy, "Emma Atwood."

"Yes, we all know about you. Well, I imagine your one of the main topics of conversation." Whitney said, then giggled nervously as she looked over my shoulder at something. "Nicholas Cullen was just looking at you."

"Who is that?" I asked, hoping it was my dream boat boy.

"Oh, don't tell me you didn't notice," She said and then made the nervous giggle again, "It was the boy walking across the parking lot, the one who smiled at you!"

"His name is Nicholas Cullen?" I asked and Whitney shook her head yes. I smiled at her and then winked as I strutted over to the picnic table where the dream boat boy sat.

The dream boat boy will be mine. I promise you that.