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Dream Boat

Growing up around vampires sounds tough right? How about growing up with them as your parents? Trust me even tougher. Then a shred of hope. A boy that I immediately fall for and with the same problem I've grown up with. However, is he hiding something...something he's ashamed of? Let's only hope that this dream boat can stay afloat...

Nothing is mine (of course) except the character (well some of the characters). I thought of this just a little bit ago and I hope you like it.

2. First Day Blues

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Half way across the grass lawn I panicked. I had no idea what came over me but I had visions of tripping, falling into his lap, or spitting on him and I turned right back around to Whitney.

"Well, that was a really good try!" She said, suppressing a giggle. "Nicholas tends to be a loner, keeps to himself most of the time. Actually I honestly have never seen him with any other person."

Whitney shrugged and started to walk up the sidewalk to show me where my first hour class was. "Honestly, you got a lot closer then any other girl has in this school. Even though every girl wants him. For your good efforts I'll show you around." I thanked her and she began to lead me towards the small buildings.

"That's understandable!" I said as a couple of boys started to play football in the lawn and I laughed as one fell over and waved at me as he laid on his back. "He is a very attractive guy!"

"Attractive?" Whitney said, laughing at me as I tried not to gawk at him, "Oh please honey don't kid yourself. We all know he's the cutest, hottest, most attractive guy ever in the history of Forks!" I smiled, "You're first hour class is with Mr. Tanner right? His English class is a lot of fun you'll love it."

"Yeah, I'm sure I will just love school, I have at all my others." I said, trying not to sound to bitter but Whitney picked up on it.

"How many schools have you been to?" Whitney asked, obviously she had lived in Forks all of her life. She pointed to the building of my first hour class and paused to listen to my answer.

"Too many to count!" I said, then asked her about my next hour and she started off the way we came. "At least twelve that I can remember."

"Wow, the only school I have went to started with the world Forks," She said just like I had predicted,"Did you say Mrs. Sampson's class 2nd hour?" I nodded,"Great, we have that together! Next class please. We still have ten minutes until first hour. I'm sure I can lead you to one more class." She said it like she should get the Nobel Prize for kindness or something.

"It's Chemistry with Mr. Gargery." I said, and Whitney led me back up the sidewalk.

"Do why so you have to move around so much? If you don't mind me asking." Whitney asked, trying to be polite but I could tell she was dying

"No I don't mind." I had gotten used to lying about my parents jobs but I never enjoyed it either, "My parents jobs take them different places. I've been all over the country because of it. They really love what they do though so I never complain."

"What do they do?" She asked, then pointed to the far building where I had third hour, "Then you have lunch I'll show you the cafeteria, but soon we need to start heading to class." She walked back the other way and I obediently followed.

"My mom is a psychologist and my dad is an architect. He's building the new hospital for Forks. Their names are Elizabeth and Christopher." I said, almost robotically. Whitney pointed out the cafeteria and then said she had to go get her books out of her car but she would see me second hour. She pointed me in the direction of my first hour again and I started walking towards it when the rain started up again and I pulled my hood over my head.

My first hour was with Mr. Tanner, a tall, young, thin man who even had a full head of hair. The class room was small with five rows of desks with four chairs in each of them I took one in the back as more students rushed in, including Nicholas Cullen. Immediately my hair stood on end and I felt sweat spring to my forehead even though is it was cold outside. Nicholas took a seat in the second row and stared ahead until Mr. Tanner walked in.

"Hello class welcome to another exciting year of English, except this time it's English 10 with is even more fun!" Mr. Tanner said, frowning at all of our sleepy faces, "Now come on you're young you need to have more energy like me!" I covered a laugh, "Oh, Miss Emma Atwood everyone!" The class gave i half-hearted applause and I felt my face go red, "Alright Miss Atwood please say you're full name and you're favorite color."

"Ok," I said, standing up with jello legs,"I'm Emmaline Atwood. Please, call me Emma though. My favorite color is purple."

"Thanks very much Emma, I didn't know you're full name was Emmaline." Mr. Tanner said as he reached behind him for a piece of paper. "Now that we know our new friend we can put you in alphabetical order!" The class groaned, "Oh come one it's more fun then that!"

He began to go up and down the rows. I sat in the first row nearest to the windows and in the third seat. I started to get out my notebook when I heard him say Nicholas Cullen and pointed to the seat next to mine. I felt my mouth flop open as he sat down next to me and flashed me a smile.

"Is everyone happy with the seating chart?" Mr. Tanner asked, again the class groaned and he chuckled, "Well sorry guys I have to remember names somehow." he reached behind him again and this time pulled out a stack of papers and began passing them down the rows.

Mr. Tanner lifted one of the papers that were just passed out. "This year we will be reading Great Expectations. An amazing novel by Charles Dickens. It's the story of a young boy named Pip and the expectations of his family, friends, and people around him."

The rest of the hour went at a moderate pace as we started to read the first chapter of the novel. Finally, the bell rang as Mr. Tanner got done passing out the study guide for the chapter and was yelling commands out the door. The rain had picked up as I walked to Mrs. Sampson's Algebra two class and Whitney met me at the door.

"So how did Mr. Tanner's class go? I heard you go to sit by Nicholas." She said, a smug grin on her face.

"Gee, word travels fast in this town!" I said as I walked in and took a seat, Whitney of course sitting next to me like a was a trophy for the 1st to know the new girl award. "But, yes I do sit by Nicholas in first hour."

Whitney clapped happily, "What if you two get married? Oh we could call you Emolas! Get it like Emma and Nicholas pushed together it would be so cute!" Whitney exclaimed and I felt my face redden as the bell rang for the class to start.

Mrs. Sampson was a younger lady with bright blue eyes and blond hair. She was very pretty and from what I could tell known as the hot teacher around the school. However, she really seemed to be interest in her students and had fun with Algebra two.

Of course, the seating chart was used and I ended up sitting three rows away from Whitney whose last name was Sparks. The boy I ended up sitting by was Trevor Adler, he was in my class and cute in the little kid way but he was nice and talked to me as much as he could. Mrs. Sampson began making introductions and passing out the activities and chapters we would be doing for the next week. Obviously scatter-brained she hadn't planned past her first week.

Third hour didn't start out as great as the first two. At first I thought someone would recognize me as a new person and at least try to introduce themselves but that didn't happen until I realized that Nicholas Cullen was in that class as well...I prayed he would say something.

But sadly he didn't.

The long, black-topped science lab tables were menacing in that you had to sit elbow to elbow with your peers, who had no idea I existed. Finally, justice came in that Mr. Gargery made a seating chart and I ended with Trevor Adler to my left and Nicholas Cullen to my right...this class might not be so bad after all. However, the class was boring and tedious when Nicholas never talked to me and Trevor talked too much.

The rest of the day was painfully boring and uneventful. Lunch I sat with Whitney, only talking when asked questions about myself or my parents. I had no more class with the dream boat boy or Whitney though I had World History with Trevor and a girl I recognized from my English class first hour. In Spanish my teacher made me practically give my life story in front of the whole class and in my study hall my teacher nearly yelled at me for throwing a piece of paper away, saying I was wasting the environment.

The final bell rang and I walked quickly out to my car, using the remote so I could get out of the hell hole as quickly as possible.

However driving home I realized that my jacket had went missing and I decided against turning around and hoped that it was there when I got to school the next Monday .

Rain was common in Forks but it had lighted to a soft mist as I pulled down the mile long driveway to my house. When I finally reached the house my parents were already waiting. Quickly I switched into the back seat of my dad's BMW and rested my head against the window.

"How was your first day of school?" My mom asked, not bothering to turn around and look at me.

"Fine," I mumbled, knowing I was failing at my attempt to not talk about the day I had.

"Really kiddo? It was just fine?" My dad asked, looking back in the rear view mirror at me.

"Really just a new school. I met a girl named Whitney and some guy named Trevor." I said, not mentioning Nicholas, "Where are we going anyways?"

My parents looked at each other and my mother responded finally, "We're going to go see a couple of friends we haven't seen in almost forty years." She said with a finality that I didn't bother to ask anymore questions.

The house of my parent's friend was nearly on the other side of town, back deep in the woods like ours was. I could here the river rushing off in the distance and the sound caused a sense of calming for my nerves that fluttered in my stomach. If my parents were friends with these people so many years back that they people we were visiting were vampires. Not that I wasn't used to vampires it was just something I didn't enjoy experiencing, especially when the vampire could read minds or move things. That seemed to creep me out for then anything.

My Dad could move things with his mind and that has always creeped me out on many, many levels. My mom on the other had got the gift of being about to care for others and know what people needed. My parents gifts weren't too off the wall but I was afraid of what I could find at the house we were going to be visiting.

As I stared at the trees flashing by at eighty miles per hour I felt my head getting dizzy and I stared straight ahead and could see the large white house where the people obviously lived. I sighed as the car came to an even stop behind another and I opened my door, following my parents up to the porch where a man met us to open it up.

"Hello Edward," My father said, shaking his hand as we walked in, "It is so good to see both of you again. You have know idea how much Elizabeth and I have missed you both."

The man standing at the door made me nearly fall over (not because of my clumsiness) but because he was gorgeous in an overly amazing way that made me want to touch his stony face and nestle into his cold chest. Then I remember that was fifteen and I need to keep my head on straight. He was married and that's just weird (even though he didn't look a day over eighteen).

"Well thank you Christopher, Bella and I have missed you and Elizabeth too." Edward opened the door wider as I stepped in and I ignored his caution. "This must be Emmaline,"

"Emma," I corrected quickly, but smiled politely when Edward gave a look of slight shock. "Sorry I just don't really-"

"Like the name Emmaline, because it's too old fashioned." Edward said, smiling at my shock now, "Sorry about that. I thought you might want to know about the whole mind reading thing," I nodded, "Well Bella is waiting in the kitchen, shall we go and see the lovely lady of the house."

We all followed Edward through the living room and into the kitchen when I saw out of the corner of my eye I saw the familiar color of dark gray and I turned my head to see on the back of the soft caramel couch sat...my jacket.