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Dream Boat

Growing up around vampires sounds tough right? How about growing up with them as your parents? Trust me even tougher. Then a shred of hope. A boy that I immediately fall for and with the same problem I've grown up with. However, is he hiding something...something he's ashamed of? Let's only hope that this dream boat can stay afloat...

Nothing is mine (of course) except the character (well some of the characters). I thought of this just a little bit ago and I hope you like it.

4. A Day on the Dream Boat

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Once home that night, I pulled my cellphone out along with a piece of paper. I quickly noticed it was a phone number. Turning it over to the other side it read 'Call me tomorrow or tonight we'll to something together! Spend the day in Port Angeles? -Nicholas'. I smiled down at the crumpled piece of paper and put it down on my night stand by my bed.

One thing I decided that I liked about Forks was they had their first day of school on a Friday. Maybe Fork's wasn't as bad as I thought...

As I lied in bed thinking about Nicholas (of course), I heard the sound of my ring tone coming from across the room and quickly picked it up.

"Hello?" I asked, suppressing a yawn. "Hello?" I asked again after a pause.

"Emmaline?" Said a boyish voice hesitantly.

"Yes, this is she." I said, chuckling to myself.

"Well, hey this is Trevor," Said the person.

"Trevor?" I said then my mind clicked on, "Oh, Trevor hi. How are you?"

"Oh, you know. I'm great actually. I was just wondering something..." He said nervously.

"What were you wondering?" I asked, "Wait...how did you get my number?"

"Nicholas Cullen, I had his number when we did a project together in sixth grade." He said quickly, as if he was hoping that because he knew Nicholas' number that I would suddenly fall for him.

"Of course..." I mumbled, then turned my fake happy switch on, "So what were you wondering?"

"Well...since your new at the school and knew in town I thought I you would like to go to Port Angeles with my tomorrow. Catch a movie maybe?" He said almost to fast for me to catch.

"Trevor, I'm sorry my parents and I are doing something tomorrow. You know family crap!" I said then giggled nervously, "Maybe next time."

"Yeah...m-maybe n-n-next time." He stammered, "I have to go bye!"

"Bye," I said, but before I could say anything else he had hung up on me.

I shook my head, set my phone down and then picked it up again. I clicked the text message button and typed in Nicholas' number.

'I cant believe u!! :(" I typed quickly and almost immediately received one back. "LOL!! Mom gave me the #! Thought u wuld enjoy a call frm him!! I'll pck u up 2morrow at 10! Love ya!!!"

I stared down at the text, especially the last part of the message, and smiled brightly. I reached over and set my alarm for nine o'clock so I would have plenty of time to get ready. That night I fell asleep quickly, dreaming of Nicholas Cullen.

The next morning, because of my not so organized room, was a hurricane of shirts and jeans. I pulled on one shirt after another and couldn't find one until I found my black sweater and a plaid zip up sweatshirt with my favorite jeans and my cute flats my mom had bought me last Christmas. Smiling at myself in the mirror I noticed that it was nine forty-five that meant I fifteen minutes to do my make-up and straighten my hair. In record time I stood at the door awaiting Nicholas who arrived at 10:01 in a shiny silver Volvo and a smile on his face.

"You know you're the biggest jerk ever." I said, once my parents told me to be back by eleven and we were in the nice, warm car.

"Why is that?" He asked, smirking. "I didn't do anything wrong! I'm innocent!"

"Innocent?" I asked, "You mister are far from innocent!"

"I take it Trevor called you?" He asked, grinning now as he pulled onto Forks' main road toward Port Angeles. "I still cannot believe that kid had my number. We did a science project together in sixth grade!" Nicholas shook his head and laughed. "He's so annoying."

"It's much worse when you break the kids heart because I really didn't want to do something with him." I said, staring out the window, happy for the normal speed he was driving.

"Aw why didn't you want to hang out with Trevor he's such a great guy." He said, shooting a crooked grin at me.

"Oh you know...I had better plans," I said, shrugging but then smiling back at him when he smiled at me.

"Well I promise you it will not be a boring day," Nicholas said, as he pulled onto the main highway that was a straight shot to Port Angeles. "I promise you that."

"I will trust and believe in you," I said, as he flicked on the radio and then put in a CD when that was nothing good on.

"Anything you really want to listen to?" He asked, as he grabbed a stack of Cd's from under his seat and placed him in my lap. "How about some of The Used."

Though I didn't like The Used I grew to love them as we drove farther and heard Nicholas sometimes singing or humming along. Sometimes during the somewhat long drive I would catch him stealing glances at me as he sang a sweet part of the song or stop singing when a bad part of the song came on. I'm sure he caught my glances at him. However, by the time we were in Port Angeles the Cd was over, it was almost noon, and we were talking about our favorite bands.

"What do you want to do first?" He asked, as he pulled into a spot in the malls parking lot. "Shop a little?"

"Sure, let's do this!" I said, laughing as he held open the door for me and followed me into the brightly lit mall. "Where do you want to go first?"

"Let's go eat I'm starving," He said, and began to lead me toward the center of the mall and the food court. I laughed as we passed an ice cream shop and he licked his lips. "What? I love ice cream and you're a girl you have to love ice cream!" He chuckled when I smacked him on the arm.

"I do love icecream but it's not because I'm a girl. It's because it's delicious and irresistible!" I said, and wanted to finish with 'just like you' but I held myself back. I'm that outgoing.

The food court was packed with people shopping, bags in hand, and cellphones plastered to their faces. Quickly, I spot a Chinese restaurant and went stood in line, ordering and then setting down by Nicholas at a table for two.

"That looks good," Nicholas said as I sat down and started to spin the noodles around my fork. Then, suddenly his fork shot out and stabbed a piece of chicken, shoving it in his mouth before I could take it away from him.

"You jerk!" I yelped, using my fork to stab a French fry from where he had gone, and putting it into my mouth, "Stole you're French fry!"

"Jerk..." I heard him mumble and then smile sheepishly at me.

I could tell from the way every person stared at us that they thought we were on a date and we were acted like we were too. He would shove me, smile at me and call me cute, or drag me off into the store if I said I liked one thing in the window. Honestly, I had never had so much fun in a mall before. Nicholas and I just seemed to...click and I liked it that way.

Once back inside the car after a full two hours of walking around the mall and trying on big sunglasses and hats we decided that a movie sounded great and Nicholas began to drive in that direction.

"I got to pick the music on the way here so why don't you pick our in town music?" He said, pulling out the Cd's again and ejecting the other one. I decided on Relient K's old Cd and popped it into the Cd player and Sadie Hawkens Dance blasted through the speakers and Nicholas smiled at me. "I love these guys and I love this song too."

At the top of our lungs, we started singing the lyrics and getting strange looks from people whom I'm sure thought we were drunk in the middle of the day. We stumbled out of the car as we pulled up to the movie theater. Both of us were still laughing as we stumbled even more up to the counter to buy the tickets. Finally deciding on a funny chick flick ,that he didn't mind seeing, we bought our tickets and headed for the snack counter. That's when I saw the worst possible thing...Trevor Adler.

"Is that Trevor Adler?" Nicholas whispered as he walked into the movie theater with two other boys that I recognized from school. I nodded and we both snickered. "Their probably going to go see that new action movie that's out now I'm positive we won't see them."

As quickly as we could we bought a large popcorn, a drink to share and shuffled into the movie theater, sitting in the top row. But before the house lights went out we saw Trevor Adler and the two others walk into the movie theater and Trevor immediately spotted me like he was trained to and I saw his face fall.

"Oh...hey Emma." He mumbled, shuffling his feet a little as his friends chose the seats only a few seats down from ours. "What happened to hanging out with your parents?" I opened my mouth to answer but Nicholas interrupted me.

"Her parents are over at the antique store's auction. Her parents are good friends with my parents and they invited us along. She and I decided to come here instead of sitting there bored." Nicholas explained quickly, then smiled politely at Trevor and Trevor's face lit up with delight.

"I wouldn't blame you guys for doing that. I'm sure I would have done the same thing." He said, not looking as nervous but still fidgeting, "Well see you two at school on Monday." Nicholas and I both nodded and Trevor walked away.

"You are just my knight in shining armor!" I whispered as the house lights went down and the previews started.

"I told you I would always rescue you." Nicholas said and gave me his perfect crooked smile.

For most of the movie Nicholas and I made fun of the characters and the freaky plot line about vampires amazingly. Once out of the movie we got back in the car and Nicholas just started driving with a grin on his face.

"What are you grinning at?" I asked, cocking my head at him.

"Me?" He asked, pointing a finger at himself in question and I nodded, "I'm not grinning!"

"Yes you are!" I said, "It's this goofy, star-struck grin. It's cute don't worry."

"I bet it's not as cute as you are!" Nicholas said, giving me another crooked smile. "Do you want some ice cream? I know you think it's delicious and irresistible!"

I laughed again, "I would love some icecream!"

Even though it was only around five we sat in his car, eating icecream, and shivering. We laughed when we turned on a talk show on the radio about finding single men and women in the area and we laughed when a lady tripping over the curb and then when she hit a shopping cart when she was backing out of her horribly done parking job. That seemed to be what Nicholas and I did best...laugh.

After sitting there until 5:30ish Nicholas decided that he had to have some food or we were going to die in a car accident because he was going to pass out at the wheel. We went cheap and went through the drive through at a fast food restaurant ordering enough food from the dollar menu as possible. Together we sat in his car talking about our parents and life...then the love life issue came up and I turned red.

"What no love life?" He asked as he stuffed some fries into his mouth. I shook my head no and he looked shocked, "I find that hard to believe."

"It's the honestly truth. We've moved around so much that I could keep a decent relationship if I wanted to." I said, trying not to sound bitter but I was and it showed. One thing I couldn't do was hide my emotions, they read through my face and voice too easily. "How about you? You've lived in one place your whole life why hasn't someone scooped you up?"

"Oh trust and believe they really have tried. Girls around here are so weird and different..."He trailed off and took a drink of his soda.

"Different from what?" I asked, trying not to get too nervous and start my nervous laugh.

"You..." He said instantly, "You're truly are like no girl I have ever met."

"Thank you?" I said, laughing again, "Where I come from being 'different' means you ride the short bus."

"Where I come from being 'different'...means you like them." He said, giving me another crooked smile.

"What planet do you come from?" I asked, trying not to sound nervous again.

"The planet where guys like me like girls like you." He whispered, then looked up at me with his electric blue eyes and I felt my heart melt under his stare, "I truly like you Emmaline Atwood."

"I truly like you Nicholas Cullen." I whispered back.

Before I could think of what to do he had my head in his hands and our face an inch apart. I was breathing heavily and my heart was thumping in my ears.

"You're cute when you're nervous." He said, smiling crookedly again.

"I try," I said, chuckling a little.

"I like it." He said, his eyes not leaving mine and out faces still an inch apart.

Then in an instant our lips met, I felt the heat from his lips, and my heart melted to the bottom of my stomach making my whole body lurch. He started to move his lips and I moved mine with his, letting the rhythm of our lips match. Trying to control my breathing totally failed as he pulled his lips back and stared into my eyes, letting his hands drop to my shoulders and rest there.

"You are to cute." He said, grinning crookedly at me.

We sat in the car for a long time, either kissing or talking. Finally we ended up in the back seat, Dashboard Confessional playing in the background and me half asleep, my head resting on his chest.

"Emma?" Nicholas' voice came low and soft, "I think it's time I got you home ok?"

Groggily I nodded and let him lead to the front seat and then buckle me in . The car ride home was a blur and I found myself dozing off, leaning against the window. Finally, Nicholas pulled down the driveway and I saw my parent's bedroom light on as Nicholas pulled to a stop. He walked to my side of the car and opened the door then escorted me to the door.

"Good night Emmaline," He said smiling down at me. He brushed his lips against mine and turned to walk away.

"Wait," I called quickly and he turned on his heals to stare at me, "You said you were going to think of something for me to call you instead of Nicholas. Did you think of something?"

"Just call me yours Emma..." He said, calling me by my preferred name for the first time, "Or just call me Nick. Good night Emma, get some rest. Call me in the morning."

"Good night Nick." I whispered as I opened the door and stepped into the foyer.

Then I walked into the living room and up the stairs to my room when I heard my mother's voice softly behind me.

"Did you have a good time tonight with Nicholas?" She asked, and I saw her smirk in the mirror as I took off my necklace.

"You have no idea." I said, she nodded then walked back to her bedroom.

That night I slept deeply, dreaming only of my dream boat boy.