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Dream Boat

Growing up around vampires sounds tough right? How about growing up with them as your parents? Trust me even tougher. Then a shred of hope. A boy that I immediately fall for and with the same problem I've grown up with. However, is he hiding something...something he's ashamed of? Let's only hope that this dream boat can stay afloat...

Nothing is mine (of course) except the character (well some of the characters). I thought of this just a little bit ago and I hope you like it.

5. Scaring Surprise

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"Emma it's time to get up..." My mother said into my ear, "Emma come on!" I groaned as she threw the blankets off of me and the cold, iciness of the room hit my legs, arms, and face.

"Alright I'm up," I said, sitting up against the headboard and pulling the blankets over my legs. "Now what is it?"

"Your father and I have to go hunting today so we're going to take you to the Cullen's to stay alright?" She asked but I knew I couldn't protest. It would only be as if I was talking to a brick wall...a stubborn brick wall.

I nodded and started to get up from the bed when my father came to the door, "Are you ready to go Elizabeth? The Cullens are waiting for us to drop her off."

"I hate it when you talk about me like I'm not here." I pouted, grabbing a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt and headed towards my bathroom.

"Get ready fast! I'm serious Emmaline, you have five minutes." My mother yelled up the stairs, "We'll be waiting in the car."

I groaned and started to pull off my shorts when I heard a snicker come from the bathroom closet. Quickly, I pulled my shorts back up and pulled open the closet door and there stood...a boy. It was a boy that had to be a few years older then me, with curly brown hair and muscles that protruded out of his shirt. I yelped then jumped back, trying to find a place to hide but there were none.

Then the boy started laughing so I stopped my frantic search for a place to hide and looked back to see him smiling at me. His laugh reverberated off the walls and made me wince because of the pressure in my ears.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. My nephew wanted me to come and find out what time you were coming over to there house." He explained quickly and I let my panicked shoulders drop. "I really am sorry."

"What is going on in here?" My father had heard my yelp and came rushing up the stepped, "I thought you found a spider but instead you found Emmett!" My father shook his head, "What are you doing in here?"

"Nicholas wanted me to come and find out what time she was coming over. I came in but I didn't want to scare her so I hid in the closet, then she started to change and I couldn't help but laugh...that's when she found me." He said, chuckling after he was done with his explanation.

"We're heading over there right now, get in the car we'll drive you over." My father ordered and led Emmett out of the bathroom, "Emmaline hurry it up!"

I shook my head in disbelief. I find a strange boy in my bathroom closet and I still get in trouble for being slow. I changed quickly and grabbed my jacket then I walked downstairs, and headed out the door. The car ride over all Emmett did was ask me questions like what's my middle name, do I die my hair, and once he pulled my face towards his so he could see my eye color. Finally we arrived at the Cullen's house...but it wasn't the Cullen's house it was different.

The house still was far back in the woods and still was large, white and vast but the lay out was different and there were more cars in the driveway. I got out of the car and followed Emmett up to the house when my parents had driven off quickly because they almost couldn't stand my smell they were so thirsty. The wind was strong and I had to jog to keep up with Emmett but the house was warm once we reached the door and got inside.

"You must be Emmaline!" I heard a voice coo as I stepped inside and kicked my shoes off as Emmett did. I looked up to find a short, petite girl smiling at me. "Hello, I'm Alice."

"Ummm...Hi..." I said hesitantly. Smiling at her as she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the living room where a group of people sat, including Nick.

"Hey Emma." Nick greeted me as I was getting my arm pulled out of the socket. "This is my second family."

"Hello Emma, I'm Carlisle," A handsome man who was sitting on a love seat with another young women. "This is my wife Esme."

"Hi...it's nice to meet you?" I said but it came out as more of a question, "I mean it really is nice to meet you."

"This is Rosalie and of course you know Emmett!" Alice introduced a girl who sat next to the boy from the closet, "And this is my husband Jasper." She said pointing down at the seat next to her where a young man sat smiling at me.

"It's really great to meet you all..." I said but trailed off not knowing what else to say.

"It's nice to meet you too Emma." Rosalie said flatly, not looking at me as she did so and I smiled hesitantly at her.

"Come on Emma I'll show you the rest of the house." Nick said, getting up from his seat, walking passed me and up the stairs.

The house was vast and open. The living room itself made you want to live here with it's openness and a wall of windows that made you feel like you were outside. Nick led me up the spiral stairs and to a smaller hallway.

He began to point at random doors and say the name of who lived in them and I smiled when I saw Alice's door was bright pink with purple chiffon all around it. Then he came to a door and stopped.

"This is my mom and dad's old room. Now I stay here when they go hunting." He said, opening the door to a room flooded with sunlight.

The room was big but not too big. I saw that it had a walk-in closet and a bathroom. What really caught my eye was the wall that also was floor to ceiling windows, showing the forest below. A large bed sat in the middle of the room as if had just been put there and someone had been too lazy to move it. A stereo was against one wall and a soft, brown leather couch against the other.

"It's not much but it's nice," Nick said, smiling as I flopped onto the bed.

"Well I love this bed," I said, rolling over onto my stomach to look at Nick's face.

He laughed at me then his smile fell and his eyes locked with mine. In two stride he was at the bed, rolling me onto my back, and hovering over my body. My heart rate was speeding up and the red in my face increased. Nick smiled down at me and bent his head down, brushing his lips against mine. My breath came out shakily and Nick gave me a crooked grin. Again, he bent his head down, but this time lowered his body as well, giving me a gentle kiss. I kissed back but my body seemed paralyzed except for the movement in my lips. Deeper this time, he pressed body down on mine and kissed me eagerly.

Then I noticed something I hadn't before. My heart was pounded in my chest but Nick's wasn't...there was only silence coming from his chest.