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Dream Boat

Growing up around vampires sounds tough right? How about growing up with them as your parents? Trust me even tougher. Then a shred of hope. A boy that I immediately fall for and with the same problem I've grown up with. However, is he hiding something...something he's ashamed of? Let's only hope that this dream boat can stay afloat...

Nothing is mine (of course) except the character (well some of the characters). I thought of this just a little bit ago and I hope you like it.

6. Torn Up Inside

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Like any girl, at first I panicked when I didn't feel his heart beat next mine. I tried to listen closer, thinking that maybe I was to caught up in the moment. Trying not to pay attention then I couldn't hold it back. Not feeling his heart next to mine made me feel like he was keeping something from me. Suddenly Nick pulled up from the kiss and looked down at me thoughtfully.

"What's wrong Emma?" He asked,rolling over to lay on his side next to me, "Was my kissing not up to par?"

"No, it's not that," I said, smiling at his answer. I looked up at him and his electric blue eyes met with mine and I felt my heart melt for the hundredth time, "You're heart beat...it's...it's not there."

Immediately his face fell from the smile and I felt his eyes grow hard as they gazed into mine. For the first time around him, I felt frightened. Every time I was with him I felt a safe, secure comfort but with his harsh eyes staring at me I began to grow uneasy. His mouth flickered from a straight line to a frown many times before he actually spoke.

"Emma..." He began but his voice faltered and he trailed off, "It's torn me up inside because I haven't told you..."

"Haven't told me what? Nick, what are you talking about?" I said and Nick could sense the worried, panicked tone in my voice.

"Please don't get upset. It hurts me more then you could imagine when you're upset..." Nick said, looking at me with his eyes that were now calm and serene unlike earlier.

"Just tell me what's going on!" I shouted, holding back the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

"Emma...I'm half vampire...well mostly vampire...well only half vampire..." He said, correcting himself as he went along. "Please Emma don't cry!" Nick said as I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest.

Honestly I had never admitted the fear I have for my parents. For some reason this exact moment took me back to the one where my parents told me what they were. It was like my whole world was crashing down around me. They had lied to me for more of my life. Now Nick had lied to me...even though I had only known him a short while I felt like I had known him a century.

"Emma please, please don't cry..."Nick pleaded, reaching for me but I smacked his arm away and my hand where I had touched his skin burned on the inside.

"You l-lied t-t-to me..."My voice shook but as I attempted to keep it even. Tears flowed down my cheeks and I felt my body start to shake, "You lied to me just like my parents!" I shouted in his face and I felt no remorse for his hurt eyes.

"Emma please...I never wanted you to find out like this...please Emma..." Nick begged as I stood up from the bed and he reached for me again, "Emma please don't go."

"You lied to me..." I repeated, but my voice caught on my tears, "Goodbye Nicholas Cullen."

"Emma..." Nick said, staring up into my eyes from his blue ones.

I felt my heart melt slightly and then the twinge of the word 'lies' sprang back into my head. I stormed out of the room, slammed the door, and then collapsed on the stairway. All I could think of was how he lied to me just as my parents had. I rubbed my eyes trying to rid them of tears but the more I pushed away the more they flooded my eyes.

"Emma, come on your parents are here to pick you up." Carlisle had walked up the stairs and was now holding his hand out to me, "Come on Emma I won't hurt you."

Grabbing his hand, he pulled me up straight, and then led me down the spiral stairs and into the living room. My parents smiled at me with sympathy. The Cullen family smiled at me and waved as I left. I saw Alice blow a kiss and I grinned at her. Then my eyes shifted to Edward whose eyes were staring straight ahead, blank as I had ever seen them.

The ride home was quiet and I could feel the questions from my parents wave through the energy in the car. Questions were the last thing I needed. Crying was one thing I needed though. Nick had lied I could not believe it. The tears were welling up in my eyes but I just ignored them, staring out into the dark forest.

Finally, my dad came to a smooth stop at our house, and I got out, walked up the stairs, then locked the door before my parents could have the chance to talk to me. Of course I knew both my parents could break the door down with one slap of the hand but I didn't care, maybe they would get the point if I did lock it. However, after I few minutes neither of them attempted to talk to me and I sighed with relief. Talking was something I didn't want either.

Tears flowing freely down my face, I marched towards my bathroom, determined to at least try not to think about Nick for a little while. Then I felt my phone vibrate on my desk and I turned slowly to see I had four new text messages...all from Nick...all saying he was sorry and that he wanted to talk to me. I erased all of them and put my phone on silent. A shower was what I seriously needed.

Hot water seemed to make all the problems in my life go away. For Christmas this year I decided I was going to ask my parents for a hot tub. The steam in the room fogged my mind but not enough to where Nick's face didn't flash through my mind and every time it did I turned the cold water down more, letting the heat burn my skin. When I looked in the mirror after I got out my skin was bright pink and I imagined I looked like a sun burnt beach freak. For the first time since the Nick incident I smiled but I immediately regretted when tears started rolling down my cheeks. Nick always made me smile.

Smiling and laughing with him was one of the memories that hot water couldn't wash away.

I walked out into my bedroom, hair dripping, and towel draped around me to find Nick sitting on my bed. I yelped and nearly dropped my towel as I backed against the wall. This was another thing I really didn't want to deal with.

"What the HECK are you doing here?" I shouted, and I saw Nick flinch. More tears flowed down my cheeks, soaking my already damp towel.

"Emma please..." Nick mumbled, not looking up at me, but staring down at something he was holding in his hands.

"Emma please what?" I asked, putting a nasty tang on the end of my voice. He flinched again and I felt my heart do the same. I hated hurting him but he hurt me.

"Please get dressed," He said and I saw caught a glimpse of a smile from what I could see of his face.

I ordered myself not to smile and stalked over to my vanity, grabbed my clothes, and stalked back into the bathroom. I tried to make my foot steps sound mad as I went and hoped Nick noticed. The bathroom was still foggy when I stepped in and the tears still fell but my heart pounded as I slipped into pajama pants and a tank top. Honestly, I tried not focus on the fact that Nick was in the room but I also focused on dressing quickly.

The room still had the same awkward energy as I stepped back into it with Nick still sitting on the bed, his eyes fixated on the object in his hands. The only sounds were of my computer humming and the random drips of water dropping on the hard wood floor from my hair. I didn't let my eyes leave the floor until Nick spoke.

"Emma please look at me," I heard him say, a sense of desperation in his voice, "Please, Emma I need to see your face."

I only lifted my eyes, peering at his from in between my wet locks of hair the hung in my face. His eyes met mine then his crooked smile played on his lips. With all my might I tried not to smile but when he grinned again, I felt my tough exterior break and a smile cracked my lips. As quickly as that the tension was broken and the anxiety in the pit of my stomach lifted.

Gently, after a moment, Nick walked over and lifted my chin so I was looking him in the face. He smiled again and I smiled back. Again gently, he placed a hand on my back and pulled me towards him that's when panic entered my mind and I pulled away.

"Nick, you lied to me about the most horrible thing you could lie about. My parents didn't tell me about them being vampires until I a freshman. It was as if I felt those feelings all over again..." I trailed off, not wanted to look at his hypnotic eyes any longer, I lowered my gaze to the floor again.

"I know," Nick spoke after a long moment, "that I hurt you in the worst way I could. If you give me a chance I promise I can explain...please just let me explain."

I nodded and then walked over to my bed, sitting down because my legs felt like jello again from nerves. Nick followed, sitting down and leaning against the head board.

"It's really complicated how this happened to me. Carlisle can't even comprehend it..." Nick trailed off and I waited, I could tell this was hard for him so I was patient. "Some how when my parents...well you know, my mother got pregnant. It baffled Carlisle because she had been turned so long ago. Carlisle tried to think of many ways to prevent the birth because he thought most likely I would be dead but I wasn't when my mom had me I was breathing and everything. Then Carlisle noticed that my heart wasn't beating, yet I had blood...the whole family was baffled and are still baffled. The Volturi almost got involved, saying they wanted me to be apart of their clan but my parents refused. We still don't know how my body works but my parents said that someday I will have to be turned into a vampire because my body will run out of blood. They said it would be soon but they decided until after high school.

"I never meant to hurt you Emma and I want you to know that..." Nick mumbled after his story was over. I nodded, again I was at a lost for words. Not for the first time in my life I knew I had misinterpreted things. "I know I should have told you but I didn't want to go through this conversation so soon. Please Emma I-"

"I know, I'm sorry too..." I finished his sentence, "It just scared me when I didn't hear a heart beat. I thought I was falling for a person that had lied to me just like my parents had. I'm so sorry Nick. I was just scared of what could happen..."

"Did the thought cross your mind tonight that maybe it was odd how I could bleed but not have a heartbeat." Nick said, smiling from ear to ear as he taunted me, "Or how I could eat or plain just be around you without going crazy?"

"No, that thought never did cross my mind. I was so insane with being upset and mad I totally didn't think of those things. How in the world is that possible?" I asked, confused as I was at the beginning of the day when my mother had pulled the covers off of me.

Nick shrugged, "I'm not sure. Carlisle's not even sure. But he does have a theory that maybe my blood is just stagnant because I have no heart beat. But then again when I do bleed my skin heals up quickly within a couple of days," He turned his hand over palm side up and I saw the place where the plate cut his hand was perfect. "Carlisle is pretty sure that someday I really will have to be turned. My blood can't stay in my body stagnant for my whole life."

That's when the wheels in my head started turning...Nicholas and I were born three days apart and we both had the same situations but my heart was beating and the blood in my veins pumped. How was that possible?

"Nick, how is it possible that we have the exact same scenarios but yet we're so different?" I asked, my mind working to fast, and the panic in my stomach building.

"What do you mean?" Nick said, and I noticed that he was still fiddling with the object in his hands but I just ignored it.

"We were born at the same time and place but yet...you have no heart beat and I do...you have stagnant blood and I don't..." I said, again my mind was reeling and I was trying so hard not to cry, afraid of what could happen.

"I never thought about that..." Nick said, lifting his head finally and meeting my eyes.

At the same instant we rose, walked out of my room, and down to my parents room. I didn't bother knocking and marched right in to find my mother reaching towards the door and my father sitting still as stone on the bed, his face blank.

"Emma..."My mother murmured, a pained look in her eyes as she reached to brush the hair out of my face, "Emma we are so sorry..."

"What is going on?" I asked, this time letting the panic rise in my voice, and my fists clench.

"We never meant to lie to you again..."My father said from where he sat on the bed, "We thought we could tell you when you were ready to be turned or if you ever wanted to be turned..." He trailed off again, his face still blank.

Tears now rolled down my cheeks as I asked what was going on again. I felt Nick's hand on my waist and the low sound of shushing, trying to calm me down.

"I guess it's time we told you the truth honey, please Nick come in too..."My father rose from the bed and patted the spot where he sat. I walked cautiously over to the bed and then sat down still afraid of what I might hear. Nick sat next to me, a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"Sixteen years ago, we moved to New York City. We found a clan, they welcomed experienced members with open arms and we were excepted. However the clan did have many, many young vampires. It was the largest clan in the city and was always recruiting new blood. One night something went wrong and we discovered and young woman drained in Central Park...not only did we discover a woman we found a baby as well..." I gasped, and the tears prickled my eyes. I had been expecting them just not this soon in the story. "Your mother and I took you in...the clan wanted to dispose of you but we knew we couldn't go through with it. We stayed in the city for another couple of years...trying to figure out ways to raise you and such...trying to figure out how to get over your scent. Then a member of the clan drained another person and we had to leave..."

Tears came in waves now as my parents finished their story. Somehow I knew the day would come when I found out the truth. Nothing was adding up lately but this was nothing what I expected. This was them lying to me again. I curled into Nick's chest, soaking his shirt. He shushed me as I felt his arms pick me like a baby and carry me back to my bedroom.

I welcomed the bed happily as Nick pulled the covers back and laid me down. Then I heard foot falls head towards the door and my eyes shot open to see Nick's back as he walked out the door.

"Please don't leave me," I croaked, pushing myself up on one elbow, and Nick turned around with a smile on his face.

"I will be right back OK?" He said and he turned to go again.

"Where are you going?" I asked, panic accidentally creeping into my voice.

"To get you some pain killer for the headache I am sure you're about to have from all this crying." He said, even though the statement was sad his voice some how made it funny and I grinned.

From the time Nick was back with pain killers I was in a deep sleep and tonight no dream boat boy ran through my mind. There was no need to dream when his arms where around me and his breath brushing my neck as we both slept.