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Dream Boat

Growing up around vampires sounds tough right? How about growing up with them as your parents? Trust me even tougher. Then a shred of hope. A boy that I immediately fall for and with the same problem I've grown up with. However, is he hiding something...something he's ashamed of? Let's only hope that this dream boat can stay afloat...

Nothing is mine (of course) except the character (well some of the characters). I thought of this just a little bit ago and I hope you like it.

8. Living Through the Pain

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I wouldn't call the feeling that was coursing through my body pain. The word to describe it would be more like hell. It was emotions running through my veins anger, sadness, agony...but most of all fire. The feeling of the fire made me want to die of pain and misery. From what I could tell besides the fire was that my wrists hurt and when I tried to move the pain worsened. Finally, I gave up. The worst thing was I could not scream it was as if my vocal chords had locked up. Then I heard the voice.

The voice.

The voice I have heard my whole life. The voice that got me through good and bad times.

The voice.

Sweet and melodic, I heard the voice talking to someone. I must be dreaming I will wake up and Nick will be there and it'll all be gone. No more fire.

"What do you want me to do with the girl?" I was the familiar dark voice, the voice from the house. I squirmed, trying to get away from what (or who) that held me down. "She's waking up."

"Let her sleep. She'll need her rest." The voice from my head spoke softly and I felt a hand run along my forehead. The hand was cold and I felt my heart speed up. Cold hands meant cold vampire.

"Fire..." I croaked, my throat was burning but I had to make the fire stop, "Fire...put the fire out please..."

"Calm down honey," The voice comforted, "It'll be gone in a little while. I promise."

The voice was a women but I had to see her face. I had dreamed about this women my whole life. This women had guided me through everything. Though the pain was unbearable, I forced my eyes open slowly and looked up into the face of a beautiful women.

Beautiful was almost the wrong word. This women was stunningly amazing with long, brown, curly hair and dark red eyes that looked down at me lovingly. Her lips where turned up into a perfect smile, and her teeth sparkling white.

"Where-" I started to ask but she held a finger up to my lips.

"Darling you have to rest," The voice soothed me again, "You have such a life ahead of you."

"Nick...where's Nick...I want Nick..." I moaned, squirming again, "Please, just make the fire go away..."

"You don't want that anymore then I do," The women smiled down at me, brushing my hair away from my face, "You are more beautiful then I ever imagined. You're going to love being apart of us."

Another wave of pain came as she said this and I looked up to see a man holding my wrists down. He was tall, with broad shoulders, and a chiseled jaw. The women's eyes flashed with anger as she glanced up at the man then she returned to me with the pleasant eyes of before.

"Child you need to rest. Make sure you don't hurt her." The woman ordered to the man, who only nodded and continued the same position.

"Please, sir...the fire..." I started to say then more waves of fire hit me and I screamed in agony. I shook with pain, trying to squirm again from the man. Finally, I felt myself succumb and darkness took over me once again.

It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. With gardens so lavish they looked almost alive and breathing. It felt so real as if I was the only one around. Then the garden grew more perfect when I saw Nick on the horizon, purple lilacs surrounding him. I wanted to run to him, wrap my arms around his waist and hug him. However, my feet where stuck to the ground. No matter how hard I pulled, tugged, or yanked my feet where imprinted into the soil, surrounded by flowers. Then I saw another figure on the horizon and looked up it was her the stunning women that was the voice in my head. I looked back but Nick was gone...gone...go...

"Emma you have to wake up!" Suddenly a voice was shouting at me, shaking me out of my dream. The garden vanished and Alice's face replaced it, "Oh thank you! Emma come on get up we have to go!"

"Alice?" I questioned myself, as she wrenched me up onto my feet and I nearly stumbled over.

"Emma please, we have to hurry!" Alice moaned, slinging my arm around her neck so she could carry some of my weight, "Emma we have to get you to Carlisle!"

"Alice it hurts!" I shrieked, when the feeling of fire hit me again, and closing my eyes shut tight.

"I know it hurts Emma but we have to go NOW!" Alice said, finally getting annoyed, she scooped me up off my feet and ran out the door.

"Alice...it...hurts..." I moaned in agony again, her moving me around as she ran along wasn't helping me either.

"Please Emma stay with me. I know it hurts. Trust me I know! I've lived through the pain too." Alice said, nearly ramming my head into a wall as she turned.

"ALICE!" I heard the familiar voice of Emmett as we ran along a hall. I opened my eyes to see Emmett running towards Alice and I, his arms extended, "Alice I'll go take her to Carlisle, you go make sure Carmen doesn't track Emma!" He yelled, taking my limp body in his arms and quickly began running again.

"Emmett..." I muttered and I heard him chuckle.

"I know Emma it hurts...I know more then you think I do." Emmett said, not looking down at me as he talked but kept his eyes on where he was going, "Emma I have to get you to Carlisle and everything will be better OK? You have to stay awake though OK?"

I nodded and Emmett smiled down at me.

"It'll be alright Emma I promise."

"That's what Alice said." I said, and let out a small, weak laugh.

"I cannot believe you are laughing in a time like this," Emmett mumbled but I ignored him as I looked around.

It was dark, with high ceilings and wet floor (or at least it sounded like it as Emmett sprinted along). However, even though the fire seemed to be eating away at my skin I still felt the cold, icy air hitting my face as he ran. It felt good against my fiery skin but Emmett looked down in concern and I felt him run faster. Then, suddenly, the icy cold was replaced by warm, dry heat and fire increased making me scream helplessly.

"CARLISLE!" Emmett shouted, into the distance. I heard footsteps and finally another set of arms grabbing me. This time I was met with the young face of Carlisle Cullen, smiling down at me as well. "I have to go back for Alice!"

Carlisle only nodded and began to sprint in the opposite direction. I looked up at the dark and cloudy sky and I nearly screamed again as a wave of heat drove through my body.

"Emma it'll be alright. We're going to fix you. You have to stay awake though Emma. Promise me you will stay awake?" Carlisle asked, looking down me with serious eyes. I only had the energy to nod once. Carlisle took that as an obvious bad sign, gave me another concerned look, and sped up.

Finally, I felt the cool air again though my skin still burnt but was subsiding slowly. Carlisle laid me down on a cool surface and shut my eyes but I didn't let myself go to sleep. Then I heard the door bang open against the wall.

"EMMA?" It was Nick's voice, a voice that seemed to soothe me oven more, "Oh, Emma please wake up Emma." I pealed my eyes open and saw Nick's beautiful face staring back at me, "Thank you!" He went to touch my skin but Carlisle spatted him away.

"Don't touch her..." Carlisle ordered, giving Nick a concerned look and I saw Nick's eyes grow wide with worry, "She's been bitten and I'm not sure If I can save her from it. She was bitten pretty deep, deeper then I could have penetrated. Alice saw the vision this morning and realized that the Volturi were going to turn her. Oh no!" Carlisle suddenly pulled out his cellphone and flipped it open.

The fire began to subside even more now and I could barely comprehend the words that Carlisle and Nick were saying. I caught glimpses of words like Volturi, Carmen, and vampire but that was it. I had know idea what they were talking about. As quickly as he had flipped it open he flipped it shut and began to look at my neck.

"The Volturi haven't decided to let her go or not." Nick gave Carlisle a look, "Don't worry I will talk to them. I'm not sure if I can fix this. Carmen bit her fairly hard." He frowned and began to rustle around in his bag.

"Emma? Please stay awake Emma..." Nick said and for the first time he peered over me and I gasped.

His eyes.

His beautiful blue, dazzling eyes were not looking down at me. Instead a pair of topaz gemstones stood in their place...the same as my parents, his parents, Carlisle, Emmett...Alice. All of them.

However, Nick was looking down at me with the same concern as always when another sting of heat hit me. Then everything started to fade into black, hovering in and out of darkness. I felt my eyes close and Carlisle and Nick both trying to tell me to open my eyes but the pull was to strong. I felt my eyes close and the icy cold fill my skin.