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the death of a dear one...

during a normal day, Edward meets Jacob and things goes dreadfully wrong...

disclaimer: the original plot, characters etc. belongs to Stephenie Meyer PLEASE review it !

1. Chapter 1

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One thing you have to know when you date a vampire is that , when you are in their arms, it's not very confortable, you absolutely have to get a pillow between the two of you. Another thing is that they are as cold as ice. Really, nearly at the freezing point in winter !

That's why my vampire boyfriend, Edward, always have a blanket and a pillow in the back of his shiny black mercedes.

I was in heaven, maybe with a monster, but if the monster is the love of your life then, it's paradise. Every moment I pass in company of him is like water to a fish. The fish would not be able to breathe normally if there was a lack of water.

In that case, I was the fish and I guess he was the water.

So, I was sitting in the lap of my angel, a cachemire (it has to be cachemire with Edward, ah ...the joy of being rich ) blanket on my shoulders and a pillow between the two of us.

I sighed of happiness. At that moment, sitting with him and looking at the sea in front of us, I was truly happy.

What I love in being with Edward is that you do not need to always have a conversation. He is the silent, the mysterious kind of guy.

He was silently stroking my hair, lost in his thought that were certainly concerning me .I slowly turned my head to face him and , as always he took my breath away with his flawless face.

'' What are you thinking ?'' I asked him, biting my lips.

He smiled. '' You.''

''Oh.'' it was my turn to smile. '' About what ?''

He seemed to think about it during a second. ''Well, I was thinking about the consequences of turning you into a monster and condemn you into an eternity of torture.''

I sighed. '' You know perfectly that I do not see it like that. I want to be with you all eternity. I love you Edward.''

He took a tortured look. '' I do love you to. That's why I don't want to do that to you. '' He looked in my eyes, seriously.'' I don't want to hurt my angel, my savior. My love and my life.''

I looked away, tears coming to my eyes. I never heard something so beautiful said to me. He took my face in his marble hands and turned it to face his. He slowly pressed his lips on mine. I stopped breathing.

Realizing that I was beginning to hyperventilate, he stopped. He looked at me and, to my embarrassment, saw my tears falling. His tortured look came back. He touched the corner of my eye and trapped one of my tears.

'' Don't cry, my love.''

I smiled shyly and threw myself to him, hugging him. He suddenly seemed tense. His body went more rigid than always. I quickly pulled away.

" What is it ?"He sniffed in the air and growled.

'' Dogs."

I turned my head and looked everywhere.

Suddenly, he moaned and mouthed a 'Oh no'. I was sure he read Jacob's thought.I became suddenly alarmed, seeing Edward that worried did no good to my stress level.

He suddenly stood up and without even having the time to say a word, he had put me on his back and was running through the forest that lead to my house.

We were to my door three seconds later. He quickly took my keys from the back pocket of my jeans and opened my door. He pushed me inside and quickly said, with stress in his voice:

'' Bella, you have to lock yourself in your room! Do you under-''

I quickly cut him mid-sentence. '' What is it, Edward? I'm scared to death! What have you read in Jacob's head?'' I nearly screamed, scared.

He shook his head and came inside with me. He kicked the door close and whispered:'' Bella, sweetheart, trust me, you'll be in great danger near me! You have to do exactly what I'm telling you, OK? »

I nodded.

" Now, lock yourself in your room and do not get out of it until I come to you window ! Do you understand? Even if Jacob tells you to, do not trust him! Charlie must not be here until two hours, it must have been taken care of until that time! Ok?»

I nodded again.

He quickly pressed his lips on mine and stormed out of the house. I immediately ran to my room, totally thrusting him. I closed my door and pressed my back on it, taking a deep breath. I was not going to lock myself here. What if one of them died? I would die too. I could never live after that.

I took another deep breath and stepped out of my room. Already, the screaming had started.

"...see her...Never !... you cannot stop me !''

Something went suddenly hit the front door and without thinking, I shoved it open without thinking.Edward, to my surprise, was the one who had been hit. They both raised their heads in unison. Jake smiled but Edward had an horrified look on his face , he shook his head.

'' Oh no , Bella ..."

Jacob was suddenly at my side. He took my right hand in his and said:" I just wanted to-"He had no time to finish his sentence because Edward's fist suddenly crashed into his face. He released my hand and fell on his back. Edward quickly pushed me behind him.


I was too shocked to protest.He turned to me with a scared look on his face.'' Bella, you must go inside now !"

I could not even move. He tried to push me inside but I wouldn't move an inch, my eyes were locked on Jacob who was writhing in pain on the ground. His nose was bleeding to death. Edward sighed, he scooped me up, shoved me inside and closed the door.

I heard growls and screams of pains again, behind the door.I sat down , my back pressed on the wall next to the door and put my hands on my ears, trying to do what Edward asked me but, even through my ears I could hear the screams.

That's when I began to cry.

Louder every minute, until I was screaming too.I was literally falling into pieces. Remembering Jake's happy look when he saw me and the pressure of his hand in mine.I was not afraid for Edward because, I knew he would win. Jacob has no chances against him, even if he is a werewolf.

I stood up, crying and shaking all over , when the screaming came suddenly to a stop. I knew something was wrong. I slowly opened the door and take a look inside.

" They fight. Paris falls..."

My worst vision came true. My angel was standing in front of my best friend, who was lying dead at his feet.

Soaked in blood.

My heart exploded in million pieces.I could not breath anymore.My angel turned his face to me, with excruciating pain on his face.My vision became dark and my legs could not hold me anymore, I felt myself falling.Two strong arms caught me just in time.