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the death of a dear one...

during a normal day, Edward meets Jacob and things goes dreadfully wrong...

disclaimer: the original plot, characters etc. belongs to Stephenie Meyer PLEASE review it !

2. Chapter 2

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I didn’t know where I was and what time it was. I had lost count of time many hours or day before. Everything seemed blank to me . Like a white sheet of paper. I knew someone was sitting on a chair next to the bed, where I was laying. Maybe two, I had no idea because my eyes were close. I knew also that someone was trying to make me open my eyes. Telling me that everything’s okay and that he is sorry for what he did.

Sorry for what? I don’t really remember…Oh yes! Now I remember. Jake is dead.Jake is dead. Jake is dead. Jake is dead. Jake is dead.I moaned, trying to get that thought out of my head. Tears streamed down my cheeks but someone was taking them away. “I love you. Forgive me.” That someone near me is whispering.

Can’t he understand that I don’t want to speak with him right now? My best friend just died. There’s a knock on the door and that person near me stood up, kissing me lightly on my cheek. He opened the door and I heard someone else talk.

“ Is she okay ? Has she been opening her eyes lately? “ That person asked, worried.That other someone sighed.

“ I’m afraid not, sir. Maybe it would be time to call a doctor. It’s been two days…’’“ Yes, you’re right...”

“ Are you going to the funeral ?”

“ Yes. With Billy, he’s devastated. “

What ? They goes to Jake’s funeral without me? NO! A scream escaped me, tears and loud sobbing came after.

The two people hurried to my bedside. Someone is shaking my shoulders, calling my name and asking if everything’s okay.No, I’m not okay. Then, I went limb under his grasp.

He continued to call me and then asked to the other peole :“ Call my father right now ! I don’t know what’s wrong with her! “ I heard hurried running and then nothing.


I opened my eyes two weeks later. Someone was stroking my hair. I lifted my head to look at that someone and recognized that someone by his supernatural beauty. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

“ You opened your eyes…” He said matter-of-factly, brushing his hand on my cheek. I could not really look in his eyes. I turned my head.

When I looked at time after all that time, all I could see was a monster, a real vampire. It pained me and tears streaked down my face.

“I’m sorry Bella, I-“

His voice broke down and I knew that if he could really cry, there would have been real tears in his eyes.

“ I really didn’t want to…but, he pushed me and I thought you were in danger-“

I turned suddenly, facing him and shouted in his face.

“ WHAT ? How the HELL would you know ? You don’t see the future as far as I know !”

I stood on the bed but, I guess I wasn’t ready, I nearly fainted. As you would guess, Edward caught me in his arms just in time. I pushed him hard on the chest, he freed me, surprised.

“ DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME ! “ I screamed suddenly angry.Real pain washed his face. His eyes went sad; his beautiful lips tightened.

“ I…I understand perfectly.” He looked at his feet, not able to look at me. He stood up, brushed his hair with his hand, sighed and turn to me his stunning face.

“ Don’t worry…I’ll won’t hurt you anymore…” he walked to the door .“ NO ! “ I heard myself saying. I stood up quickly and grabbed his marble arm.

“Don’t leave me now ! I wouldn’t survive !”

His eyes looked pained, he sighed and wrapped his arms around my waist. I was so desperate that I let him. I put my head on his shoulders and let out a sob. I would never see my best friend again.

“An angel shouldn’t cry…”he whispered to me, gently stroking my hair. That made me cry harder. My lover was Jacob’s killer. I went limp in his arms and he scooped me up, kissing me slightly on the forehead.

“I’m sorry, my angel, I love you so much. I shouldn’t have done this to you. I knew you would be hurt. I ‘m a monster, you have to forgive me. ” He whispered in my ears. I was suddenly on my bed and he was putting a blanket on me , like you would do for a little child.

“You’re no monster…” I said , my voice cracking.

He lied next to me, not answering.