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the death of a dear one...

during a normal day, Edward meets Jacob and things goes dreadfully wrong...

disclaimer: the original plot, characters etc. belongs to Stephenie Meyer PLEASE review it !

3. Chapter 3

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Bella’s pov I woke up the next day with Edward’s hand on my waist. Without even realizing, I shivered and pulled away. For the first time since I had met him, I was pushing him away from me.

He stood on his elbow to look at me, with an unexpected pain in his eyes.

“You don’t want me anymore. Do you?” He whispered his voice cracking. “I would understand. You know that…”

I turned away from him, not standing to see his eyes that were so desperate. Tears filled my eyes.

I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. He had killed my best friend after all…Without Jake, when Edward left, I wouldn’t have survived. He was important in my life. Maybe as important as Edward.

Sobs escaped from me and I felt him wrap his cold stone arms around me. I shivered once again. I didn’t want to hurt him, it was just a reflex. This time, he stood up from the bed, took his shoes and began to put them on. I looked at him doing it. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted him to stay but I also knew that things would never be the same between us.

I stood from the bed too and went slowly to him. I could swear he was whiter than usual and his movements were fast and frustrated. One minute later, he was finished and he walked to the door. I followed him, biting my lower lip.

He turned his head to me and looked at me intensely. “Do you really want me to leave ?”

I nodded and hugged myself. He slowly cupped my face in his hands and kissed passionately my lips. I knew that this could be our last kiss so, I kissed him back . Tears were falling from my eyes to his hands. He pulled off , took a last look at me, moaned as if he was in pain and rushed out of my room.

I fell on the floor, hugging myself. I began to wail louder and louder. I didn’t really wanted him to leave me , I just wanted to stay alone for a moment. But, I knew that he wouldn’t come back. He wouldn’t want me to be hurt.

A moment later, I felt someone hugging me. I opened my eyes and saw Charlie, his eyes full of compassion for me. I threw my arms around his neck and cried louder. He stroked my back and whispered things in my ears. I couldn’t even understand them. The two most important people for me were out of my life. The was really no point in living.

I pushed Charlie away and stood up.

“Where are you going , honey ?” he asked me , worried that I would do something reckless and stupid.

He had no idea how he was right about me.

“To Angela's house.” I lied.

I flinched when I saw his shine silver Volvo, it was as stunning as him. I knew that what I was going to do would kill him. But, I couldn’t stand to live anymore. It wasn’t like last time when I threw myself off the cliff since this time, no one would come save me. I didn’t have a knight in shining armour anymore. I would face my fate alone.

I opened the driver’s door and stepped in the car. His scent overwhelmed, it was everywhere. The pain from my chest came back and I found myself gasping for air. His scent filled me again and I wanted to puke just to get it out from me. I was amazed at how I loved that scent before. Every breath reminded me of him.

I knew that Charlie was looking at me from my bedroom’s window. I had to get a move on but my mind was filled of his face. I wanted to scream, to shoot myself, to do anything… Just to get him away from my mind because every time I thought about him it was like someone was stabbing me in the chest.

Luckily, he had left the keys on the steering wheel. I turned the engine on and pulled away from the driveway. Maybe, a little of me wanted to die making him a little responsible, kill a little of him like he did to me when he killed Jacob. So killing myself with his car, would do well.

I drove at full speed. I never experienced it before. It was exhilarating and I thought about how Edward drove. Sobs escaped from me again, the pain from my chest was back and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I hugged myself, my hands leaving the steering wheel. I cried and cried waiting for my end to come. I was happily welcoming it.

I opened my eyes and nearly had a heart attack when I saw what was in front of me. Edward’s pov

As soon as I walked out of my angel’s room, I felt myself beginning to be empty. As if all the remaining of my life had disappear. I was walking down the stairs when I first heard the sobs. I knew that if I listened to them I wouldn’t be able to leave. Even if I wasn’t Jasper and couldn’t really feel emotions, I knew that she was in pain.

When I was out of the house, I began to run at vampire speed to my house. I left my car there but, I didn’t care. I could leave it to Bella as a last gift. I threw the door open and walked in. Everyone was laughing and screaming as always. Well, except for Rose, who was sitting on the couch and doing a manicure while listening to her I Pod.

Jasper and Emmett were wrestling on the floor, the coffee table and one of the couches had been pushed. It seems that Jasper was winning because Alice was ecstatic; she was jumping everywhere and was laughing. Emmett and Jasper were growling at each other.

Esme was sitting in Carlisle’s lap on the couch who had been pushed. He was kissing her everywhere and she was laughing hysterically. It’s been long since they had time to do that kind of things.

I looked at them all and sighed; I was going to left them soon. Alice must have heard me sigh because she looked at me and smiled.

“Jazz’s winning for once! Can you believe it! “She screamed, to cover all the noise.

I smiled shyly. She must have guessed something was wrong since her happiness disappeared and she became worried.

“Is something wrong?” she asked .

I nodded. “Bella…”

I had no time to finish my sentence because suddenly she straightened and her eyes became fixed. She was having a vision. Suddenly, a blood curling scream escaped from her and she fell to the floor. In a fraction of second Jasper had caught her. Emmett, Esme and Carlisle stood up on a cue. However, Rosalie sighed and turned off her I Pod.

“What is it again!? Can’t I just relax?!”

We all shot a dirty look at her and turned to Alice.

“ Bella died in a car crash.” Bella’s pov

I gripped the steering wheel and turned abruptly to the left; missing Edward from one inch. However, clumsy as I am, I ran into a tree. The air bag exploded and that’s the last thing I saw before I passed out.