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High Noon

The sun burns its brightest and fiercest at noon; warming everything it touches, and fighting off clouds, storms and the rain. Werewolves. Vampires. Brothers. The Cullens. Newborns. Victoria. Bella...This is Eclipse, in Jacob Black's point of view.


1. Prologue

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High Noon



x x x

I felt like I was stuck in the middle in one of those clichéd war movies. The kind where the good guys always win the fight, but have their celebrations abruptly cut short when the bad guy - who you thought was dead - suddenly jumps out of nowhere, surprising everybody and killing one of the heroes in a bloody, slow-motion display of pure agony before anyone else can even take a step. I was already running, though; but my legs were moving sluggishly - too slow - beneath my huge body. I wasn't going to make it and as a result, one of us was going to die.

The small, incredibly angry part of my mind that hadn't been completely overtaken by instinct - the part that was still holding a grudge - toyed briefly with the idea of letting the bloodsucker get its hands on her first (it would teach her a lesson, the cocky idiot), and then stepping in and saving the day. I quickly dismissed the idea; Sam's warning growls were already echoing loudly in my head. He was about to tell me off, I knew, but his voice cut off in a weird, strangled howl as I rammed as hard as I could into Leah, shoving her roughly out of the filthy parasite's way. Ugh. I was going to give her hell for this when it was all over.

Look out!

My head instantly sprang up in response to Embry's voice, and there it was - the leech was right there in my face. How did it get so close? Its lips pulled back over its freakishly sharp teeth in a vicious growl, its blood red eyes wheeling, completely out of control. It breathed out, the sickly sweet smell making my nose burn and every, single hair stand on end. I snarled, cursing Leah to the deepest pit of hell where she belonged for getting me into this mess. My muscles bunched, ready to pounce; but before I could even move, I felt something cold and hard tightening painfully around my torso, squeezing the oxygen straight from my lungs. I yelped, suddenly unable to breathe...

And that was when I realized it was too late.