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Revealing Secrets

Bonus Chapter Added :::::Sequel to my most anticipated story HeartBreak:::::4 years later: Bella has been created into a vampire and she has been happily married to Edward for four years, but when Bella's daughter Alice, now 14, starts dating the son of an old family friend she begins to uncover secrets from her mother and the rest of the Cullens, and Anthony, now 17, is becoming just like his father, a werewolf. What will happen when the secret is revealed? [[many thanks to Vatina for a wonderful banner!]]


14. Discovery

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Chapter Notes: Sorry again. But I'm done writting the story, updates will come every other day or so. :]]

Chapter: Discovery

By: Eternitys_Charm

I walked through the mansion’s corridors for the fiftieth time that day, I memorized the patterns I had seen a million times before but never really looked at them. My room, twenty feet down and across the hall was a table and vase sitting up on it, two feet down was a dent on the wall, walking straight forward another ten feet was Anthony’s room. The west top wing belonged to Anthony and I.

I walked down the three steps across the hall crossing across the main staircase and Carlisle’s study, onto the East wing where my father and mother stayed. Down to the lower west wing that had the sitting room, and a bedroom belonging to Jasper and Alice. I walked over to the lower East wing to the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom that belonged to Rosalie and Emmett.

I didn’t go up to the third story, which belonged to Carlisle or Esme, like always, because I thought my grandparents had enough about me the whole day.

After memorizing each pattern on the walls of the West wing, I slouched down into the sofa in the sitting room and started flipping through the channels. I settled for some lame music videos where most girls were dancing half naked on the rapper or singer. I tuned out after the first song.

The house was boring without Anthony; everyone else would have been fun to hang out with, too, if they weren’t so preoccupied doing something else. I scowled, why didn’t I get invited to go with Anthony and his best friend to Hawaii? I thought his best friend liked me.

But I didn’t get invited, I had to be stuck in the house with the busy family while Anthony was surfing the beaches of Hawaii for three weeks. It was a good thing we re-entered the next day, that way I would be able to see my friends and get out of this stressed out place.

I snorted at the TV when another music video popped on the screen. This time the girls were wearing the shortest skirts ever and the smallest tube tops made. What a degrading thing towards women.

Esme walked into the room and made a face to what I was watching on TV. I shrugged and changed the channel before she thought I was becoming one of those girls on the TV.

I skimmed through the TV guide to see if there was anything on at that time of the morning. I sighed resigned when all I found was children's shows and lame talk shows.

I looked out the window, hoping for a small ray of the sun to brighten up my day. All I saw were big gray clouds that looked like they wouldn’t disappear all day.

Esme walked through the room again with the anxious face everyone was carrying these last few days. She gave me a warm smile before disappearing into the other room.

When I was bored of just sitting on the couch, staring at the gloomy sky, I got up and settled to walking through the halls, once again.

I grabbed my iPod from the coffee table, turned it up full volume and began walking around in the big house.

I saw Alice talking to Jasper in a quiet tone, she silenced when I walked by, I wanted to ask what they were talking about but by the sound of her tone it wasn't something they were going to tell a 14 year old.

I continued to walk by, pretending I hadn’t seen them or heard them talking to each other.

I walked the whole lower part of the house, including the indoor garden Esme had been working on. I began to walk back up the main stairway u to the second story.

I sighed when I went back to the hallway that headed down to my room; I turned around and headed toward my parents' room.

I began with something new: skipping. I felt silly skipping down the halls but it was a fun release jumping around rather than sitting around looking for something to do.

I saw my parents sitting on their couch, my mother reading a book and my stepfather working on something on his laptop.

I coughed, alerting my appearance. Both of them looked up at the same time.

My mom spoke first, "Hello Aly, is everything all right?" She asked me with a curious look.

I could have asked her and everyone else in this house the same question, but I didn’t, instead I said, "I'm bored."

My stepfather chuckled, "I can tell." He said.

I laughed; my face must have looked dead of boredom.

"You can help Edward with something," my mom suggested.

He looked at me and nodded once, signaling me over to his side. I walked over to his side, sitting on the armrest on the couch. "What can I do?" I asked him, curiously looking at the laptop. I saw he had opened up his E-mail and was writing to someone named "Sam".

He saw me looking at the e-mail and he swiftly closed his laptop ands set it on the coffee table in front of him.

I blinked at him.

"All of us are going out of the house for a while, we'll be back tonight." He paused to take a deep breath, I noticed how tired he looked, the purple bags under his eyes were deep, along with my mother's.

"Ok." I said still looking at how tired they both looked.

My stepfather smiled warmly, "all I ask of you to do is if you can organize Anthony's room." He paused to see if I didn't object, when I didn't he continued, "Everyone else would do it...but." he made a face, I didn't ask why, but it seemed like he was smelling something bad, "..we're all busy." He added.

I knew they were all busy, all of them spent tremendous amounts of time either at work or doing something on the computer, talking on the phone with business stuff and other adult type things.

I nodded, "yeah, no problem, I'll do it."

"Thanks." Edward said flashing me another tired smile.

He and my mom both got up from the couch, "we'll be back by 11 or so," my mother told me as she and my step-dad walked out of the room.

I waited until I heard everyone in the house shuffle out and close the door. Their engines on the cars started and the wheels of their cars traveled down the pavement.

I sighed and walked a little around my parent’s room, I hardly went in there because I never liked to interrupt them. But since they weren't there I took the liberty of looking at the pictures they had on the walls.

There was one of my real father and my mother huddling around in a camp fire with many other people I didn't recognize, I smiled at how happy they looked, not that my mother wasn't happy with Edward. I looked at a baby picture of Anthony and I, Anthony no more than 3 and I was barely a newborn.

I looked at all the pictures for at least twenty minutes, digesting all the memories and faces from my mother, father, and stepfather's family.

When I was done I skipped my way toward the exit. As I skipped I felt a floor board rise up slightly, I wouldn't had been able to tell if I wasn't barefoot and if I hadn't tripped slightly.

I studied the floorboards until I found the one that had risen up. I hadn't noticed it before. I put my foot on it again but nothing happened, it didn't wiggle nor budge. I sighed and got up, as I did I stepped on the board next to the one I had examined, it rose up once again.

I gasped and picked it up.

I tried to put it back into its place, but as I was doing so I noticed a paper bag in the whole of the floorboard.

I argued whether I should pick it up and see what was inside, or just leave it alone and ask my parents about it.

My curiosity got the better of me so I grabbed the bag in my hands and opened it up. Inside were old looking pictures. I took out the small pile of pictures out of the crumpled bag and looked at them.

My jaw dropped when I saw what the pictures held.

It was my mother and my stepfather, more than 20 years ago. I gasped at the picture, Edward didn't seem to have changed at all, but my mother looked younger, only slightly younger.

I looked at the date, it was five years before my mother and real father had gotten married.

My mother knew Edward before she married my father?

I couldn’t stop gaping at the pictures in front of me; it was like I was looking at them how they were now, and not 20 years ago.

I always wondered why all of the Cullens didn't seem to look older than 23. I thought it was just because they were freakishly rich and could get the weirdest and most expensive of all botox. But this was beyond anything because they hadn't changed at all.

I replaced the floorboard and took the paper bag and pictures to my room. I sat on my bed and began flipping through the old pictures, stunned by each one.

I ignored cleaning up Anthony's mess and settled for trying to figure out the reason for how they knew each other and why they hadn’t changed at all.

When I couldn’t find a single reason for the lack of aging, my head hurt even more.

When my parents got home, I would ask them for an explanation.

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