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Revealing Secrets

Bonus Chapter Added :::::Sequel to my most anticipated story HeartBreak:::::4 years later: Bella has been created into a vampire and she has been happily married to Edward for four years, but when Bella's daughter Alice, now 14, starts dating the son of an old family friend she begins to uncover secrets from her mother and the rest of the Cullens, and Anthony, now 17, is becoming just like his father, a werewolf. What will happen when the secret is revealed? [[many thanks to Vatina for a wonderful banner!]]


15. Missing

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Chapter Notes:

I think this site officially hates me :| or my internet. I've been updating basically everyday for the last two weeks and nothing....just the error message pops up and it never updates. so im trying ONE more time...hopefully it works. anyway enough of my rant, onto the story.

Chapter 15: Missing

By: Eternitys_Charm

I paced up and down the corridors, waiting for my family to arrive. I had cleaned Anthony’s room when I knew I wouldn’t be able to get answers for myself, it was a mess! It was like someone had trashed the room in a huge fight. The lamp had been knocked down and the bed sheets were all over the floor, papers were flung out across the room, and there were weird dents on the walls. I knew why nobody wanted to clean Anthony's room, and why no one had dared entered it in the two weeks he had been gone. My family would have to pay up for the mess I cleaned up. I paced for another twenty minutes before looking at the clock again; 10:30. I sighed and sunk down to the floor, resting my head on the wall, I'd wait for them right there. No longer than five minutes did I sink into a deep sleep. When I awoke it was early in the morning, I heard the chirping of the birds outside my window. I looked at the clock, I still had two hours before school started. I took in a deep breath and stretched out, curling and extending my limbs. When I was fully awake I wondered how I had gotten to my bed from the hall, but I knew either my father or someone else in the family had carried me to my bed. I took in another deep breath before getting out of bed. I walked into the bathroom, quickly brushed and rinsed my teeth and walked down into the kitchen. I called out to see if anyone was home, but there was no answer. I walked over to the fridge to grab myself a glass of orange juice. As I opened the fridge door I noticed a paper clung to it with a magnet. I snatched the paper and orange juice inside , poured myself the juice in a glass and read the note. I immediately recognized the script as my mother's. "Aly, we all had an emergency to attend to, don't worry honey its fine. Nothing much to worry about. We'll be back before you come back from school. I called your friend to see if she could give you a ride to school, so be ready. There's a breakfast ready for you in the microwave.Love you,Bella."I wondered what the emergency was. I gulped half of my orange juice and made a face, orange juice and toothpaste did not mix well. I chugged down the rest of the juice and went over to the microwave to find three pancakes, two sausages, two French toast, 3 eggs sunny side up, and Edward's fabulous homemade syrup and jam. I grabbed the plate and settled down on the empty table. I chewed by breakfast without much interest, though it was amazing. When I was done I washed my plate and then went up to my room to shower. I took a quick shower, unable to focus much but on the pictures I found last night. I had to wait until the afternoon to find out about them. Grabbing the towel and draping it over myself, I made my way to my room. I searched for something to wear but then I settled for a simple red t-shirt and dark jeans. Once I had my clothes on and my hair was done I decided to wait for my friend to come and pick me up to go to school. Lucky Anthony didn't have to go back to school, he was still in Hawaii. The rain still poured like buckets outside, I could hear the drops hitting the pavement. Then I heard wheels riding up our driveway. I got up and grabbed my backpack and jacket and headed outside. Maddie's mother was waiting for me, with Maddie in the backseat. She smiled warmly at me as I got into her car, "Hello Alice." "Hi Mrs. Forbes." "Hey Al." Maddie said, I made a face, "sorry, Aly." I laughed, "her Mad." She giggled and with that her mother drove down to the street. School seemed to go by slower than usual, maybe because it was the first day back after two weeks of break. Or maybe it was the fact that I hadn't seen John the whole day. I searched for him during fifth period's passing period but I didn't find him. Was he sick? Maybe that’s why I hadn’t heard from him the whole time. Maybe he had gotten the chicken pox, or some weird disease. Either way I couldn’t find out, my parents wouldn’t let me use the phone to call him, so maybe he was sick. I sighed with relief as the final bell rang, releasing me from the prison school was. Maddie's mom waited for Maddie and I to arrive, as usual. When they dropped me off I noticed the four cars that were missing had returned, so that meant my family had too. I thanked Mrs. Forbes and ran up the wet steps, careful not to trip over them. "Hello?" I called out into the house. No one answered but I heard voices echo around the house, they sounded urgent and scared. Some of them even sounded troubled, I recognized the voice as my mother's. I called again, maybe they hadn’t heard me. Alice appeared behind me, "oh, hello Aly, it's 3 already?" She asked looking up at the clock hanging from the wall. “Um…yeah.” I said, I was curious as to know why Alice was acting so strange, I had never seen her like this, she was always in control, but now she seemed to have lost it. Her eyes were wide with caution, and she kept looking out the window every minute or so. “Hmm…seem to have lost track of time.” She said, sounding like she was mostly talking to herself. “Excuse me.” She said and stalked past me into the dining room everyone were huddled in, she closed the sliding doors behind her and I could hear no more of the conversation. I scowled; my snooping had been foiled. I continued to look at the door for a couple of more minutes until I realized no one was coming out of there any time soon, I walked up to my room wandering mindlessly through the hallway. Once I reached my room I began to hear the low murmurs of my family once again and I remembered the heating vent in the hall that was connected to the bottom living room and dining room. I smiled widely, tossed my backpack across my room, and huddled next to the vent. Luckily, it wasn’t turned on, so there was no hot air blowing at my face. I pressed my ear onto the bars and listened closely. “What are we suppose to do?” I heard someone murmur, it sounded like Rosalie, I recognized the annoyed edge she usually had on her voice when something was really bugging her. “Tell him everything.” A calmer voice answered her, Carlisle’s. “I suppose.” A smoother voice commented, I knew that was Edward’s. “He knows everything, what will we explain.” I heard a harder voice ask, it sounded either like Emmett or Jasper. He sighed. The sigh pointed him out to be Jasper. “Why I’ve kept it from him and why I’d lied to him.” My mom said, her voice sad. “I know he’ll take it bad.” “I don’t need my visions to tell me that,” I recognized the high-pitched voice as Alice. Visions? What did she mean by that?“Shh.” I heard someone say. I pressed my ear harder on the vent’s opening. There was a fast and low murmur; I couldn’t quite understand the words. “What are you doing?” I heard a voice ask from behind me. I jumped up, tripping over my shoelace. I steadied myself and blushed up, looking at the intimidating face above mine. “Umm….nothing.” I said childishly. Uncle Emmett raised one of his eyebrows, eyeing the vent near the floor. “It’s not nice to eavesdrop, young lady.” He said in his authoritative voice. “I-I’m sorry, curiosity got the best of me.” I said looking down, the blush covering my cheeks. He chuckled, I wanted to ask what was so funny but I kept my head down, uncle Emmett was so intimidating, with him being a police officer and all. “What did you hear?” He asked. “Not much.” I said, “I didn’t understand any of it, actually.” “Good.” He began to walk away. “Uncle Emmett?” “Yes?” “Who has my mom lied to?” I asked thinking back to my mother’s sad tone of voice. “Nobo-” He was cut off by my step-dad who appeared behind him. “It’s okay Emmett, we’ll explain to her.” He said keeping his eyes on me. He gestured for me to follow him and I did unwillingly. He guided me to his and my mom’s room. My mother was already there, sitting on the sofa they had in their room. “What’s going on?” I asked to them, their serious faces had me more confused than Alice’s exasperated one. “Anthony’s missing.” I knew where Anthony was, if he had escaped from that Indian reservoir my parents claimed he was in, instead of Hawaii with his friends, then I knew where he would be at. If Anthony had fled that place because of all the stress it was like being in my real father’s territory, then I knew he would want somewhere safe to think and be alone. And I knew just the place. I took the liberty of escaping out the house while my family were all out searching for him with their cars. I ran towards the small trail in our backyards. Anthony and I hadn’t followed the path in years, so the weeds and grass had filled in, making the trail nearly impossible to see. But I knew my way around. I began walking slower once I got out of the house’s view. I looked in front of me, searching if the I could see anything that would trigger my memory of which way to go. I thought back to nearly seven years ago, when we had arrived to the house with Esme and Carlisle. Anthony and I had found the trail the very first day, it was like how it was now, the grass and weeds had made it nearly invisible. We had walked for a while, following the snaking path, up to a near mountain, then we followed another path of rocks, and up to a steep peak of the mountain where we could overlook everything. I remember finding the room sized hole in the earth, I had fallen in, tripping over a rock. Luckily nothing had happened to me. And that had been our spot ever since. I remember how much we had to walk everyday to get to our secret hiding place, the spot must have been miles from the house. But I was willing to find it again. For what seemed like hours later, I had found the steep peak of the mountain. All I had to do was find the hole. I had a better idea, “Anthony!” I called out. My voice echoed all over the mountain. I called again when I heard no answer and waited. Seconds later I heard coughing coming from the ground beneath my feet. I stepped off the giant rock I was standing on and looked at it move out of the way. A dirty face greeted me from the hole on the ground.