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Revealing Secrets

Bonus Chapter Added :::::Sequel to my most anticipated story HeartBreak:::::4 years later: Bella has been created into a vampire and she has been happily married to Edward for four years, but when Bella's daughter Alice, now 14, starts dating the son of an old family friend she begins to uncover secrets from her mother and the rest of the Cullens, and Anthony, now 17, is becoming just like his father, a werewolf. What will happen when the secret is revealed? [[many thanks to Vatina for a wonderful banner!]]


16. Impossible

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Chapter Notes: Again sorry for the long wait, but the site honestly doesnt like me much, i keep trying but an error message appears :|

Chapter16 : Impossible

By: Eternitys_Charm

“How did you find me, Aly?” he asked in deep wonder as I squeezed my way down the hole.

I landed safely on my feet and with a relieved sigh I answered his question, “I just knew you would be here.” I said simply, looking around the cave I hadn’t been into for years.

“How?” Anthony asked again, he sat down on the dusty old wooden chair we had brought in when we were kids.

I leaned casually against the stone wall, “you always use to come here, to think, or when something was bothering you. This was your one place where you said you could always come and think things through and get a new perspective. Even as a kid you were full of thoughts, and this is the place you came to.” I said thinking back on the countless times I had found him here, deep in thought, whether it was his homework, a crush, video games, or sports.

“You’re much smarter than I give you credit for Als.” He said with a smirk.

I made a face a the name he called me but waked over to give the brother I had missed the last few weeks so much.

He snorted as my body made contact with his, I thought he was going to make some silly remark to gag on me, but he pushed me off with extreme force, making me lose my balance and land on my butt on the hard rock floor.

“You stink!” He said repelling away from me to the far wall of the cave.

I inconspicuously sniffed myself. I smelled like pine trees from the hike up and the sweet smell that always seemed to cling to my clothes that was around the house. I did not stink.

“Ugh!” He exclaimed, “its hurting my nose!”

“Not funny Anthony, I don’t smell bad.” I said in my defense.

He looked at me incredulously, keeping is distance he answered, “No…you smell…good! That’s the problem, you smell too good, too sweet, it hurts.” He pinched his nostrils and his body began to shake just like I had seen it do before.


I began walking forward but just as I was a few feet away from him; he dodged my body and leaped back up from the hole to the surface.

I followed him out as quickly as I could. As I made it to the exterior I found nothing there.

I pulled my body all the way to the surface and all I found were a pair of shorts lying down on the ground a few feet away from the hole.

I picked them up and noticed they were the same ones Anthony was wearing.

A few feet away I noticed white fabric, I noticed that what his t-shirt.

Would Anthony be running around in the nude?

“Anthony!” I called out but no response came from the lonely mountain. I called again, louder, and this time my call was returned by my echo traveling down the valley.

I waited a few more minutes, looking in every direction, wondering where my brother could have gone in such angst.

“Anthony.” I whispered and at that second I heard something in the forest behind me. I turned rapidly but I couldn’t see anything deeper than 5 feet into the forest.

The noise was loud, too loud for a human to be making it.

My knees weakened beneath me and with one step I took backwards I fell to the rocky earth.

I shut my eyes, wondering if I was about to be mauled by a bear or wolf.

The sound stopped just then. I heard something else, this time it sounded like human feet pressing on twigs.

“Aly.” I heard my brother’s voice call from within the forest.

“Anthony!” I shrieked and bounced up to my feet and began bolting toward him.

“Wait!” He called out, stopping me dead on my tracks. “Hand me my clothes.”

I walked back to where the clothes were.

“Throw them behind this boulder!” He said and he peeked his head behind a massive rock.

“Um…” I said before launching his clothes towards him.

I heard him ruffle with the fabric and zip up his pants. Moments later he walked out barefooted behind the rock.

“Anthony….what is going on? Why were you naked?”

“Say something.” He edged on when I couldn’t even utter a noise.

I scoffed mildly. “What do you want me to say?”

He shrugged his now massive shoulders. “I don’t know. Anything.”

I sighed, “are you sure you didn’t hit your head on the way over here, Anthony?”

“I’m not lying about this, Aly.” He said staring deep into my eyes.

“H-how can this be possible?” I asked, still racking my brain for anything that made sense, because Anthony’s story only proved him to have neurological problems.

“I explained to you already.” He said exhausted.

“Moms not a…. because we’re human. And dad wasn’t a… because I’m not one, and you’re not one either. And the Cullens aren’t… because there’s no sign of them being…that.” I struggled for words.

“Aly, mom is a vampire, she had us when we were human, then Edward changed her because she wanted to be changed, dad was a werewolf because where he was born they believe to be decended from wolves. You’re not because most girls aren’t. Leah and maybe two more are, but eighty percent of the girls are not werewolves. The Cullens are vampires, and that’s the very reason why I became this.” He said calmly.

I shook my head stubbornly, “its not possible, Anthony.” I choked out.

He sighed and got up from the rock we were sitting in. “okay.” He said and lifted his head up onto the moonlight.

Trembles began erupting through his body, this time I didn’t move, I wanted to see what would happen.

Anthony growled loudly before his body began to alter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing before my eyes, Anthony seemed to be changing into a wolf.

His clothes shredded from his body and the clothing was replaced my fur, all I could do was stare wide-eyed and petrified.

Moments later his whole body had transformed before me.

I kept shaking my head, tears running down my cheeks, and my voice making incoherent mumbles.


The horse sized wolf erupted in a howl and charged towards me.

Closing my eyes, I screamed as loud as I could. I felt my body being thrown up in the air and land on something warm and soft. I opened my eyes and noticed I was on the back of the creature.

The animal huffed, almost as if to scoff and began running wildly down the mountain. I clung on to its fur with fright.

A while later the massive beast slowed down and shook me off its body. I landed on the wet floor with a thud.

I looked up and noticed the animal had taken me to my house.

The animal escaped into the forest and minutes later Anthony came out with new pants.

“We need to have a talk with them.” Anthony said looking at the house, I knew who he was referring to.

“Do they know you’re…?”

“A werewolf…yes. And they know we’re out here. They can hear us, like I can hear them.”