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Revealing Secrets

Bonus Chapter Added :::::Sequel to my most anticipated story HeartBreak:::::4 years later: Bella has been created into a vampire and she has been happily married to Edward for four years, but when Bella's daughter Alice, now 14, starts dating the son of an old family friend she begins to uncover secrets from her mother and the rest of the Cullens, and Anthony, now 17, is becoming just like his father, a werewolf. What will happen when the secret is revealed? [[many thanks to Vatina for a wonderful banner!]]


18. Epilogue: Goodbye

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Author’s notes: Ok guys, this is the last chapter of this story, hope you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy this epilogue, its kinda lengthy so bare with it. xD

Epilogue: Goodbye

By: Eternitys_Charm

“I’ll be back mom, I will…wait for me,” she said before she disappeared out of my life those forty years ago.

I did wait. Everyday I would wait on the front porch just wondering if she would return. Everyday, even after our departure from the house, I would come back and sit there for hours to see if she finally decided to come… but nothing.

She never came.

I tried looking for her at the reservation, but the wolves denied my entry.

I hadn’t had any contact with her for the last forty years. I knew nothing about her life, I knew nothing about what she became.

I looked out into the vast ocean, sitting on the rocks of First Beach. The sun was beginning to rise in the horizon across the overcast sky. The soft waves crashed against the rocks, I sniffed in the cool salty air. The smell reminded me of the times Jacob, Aly, Anthony, and I would come to First Beach for picnics and hiking.

I smiled to myself as the wonderful memories played in my head.

“Bella,” an old voice called for me. I turned; it was my dear old friend, Seth. “It’s time.” Seth said and gave me a soft, caring smile. His eyes were sad, I couldn’t blame him after what happened, but he was tough for an old man.

I joined the group of people all gathered. I sighed and looked around at each face, they all looked heartbroken, even the young ones. Sam, Quil, Embry, Jared, Paul, Leah, and Emily all came towards me and hugged me. Then they all passed on to Seth and his wife. Seth tried to fight away the tears but he couldn’t, he wept in his wife’s arms.

I wrapped my arms around Edward’s neck; he kissed my forehead gently. My vampire family all went and gave their remorse to Seth, he thanked them all heatedly.

“Everything is set up.” Someone said appearing from the forest. I recognized the voice; it was my daughter’s son.

I turned to my grandson and I was always captivated in how like his father he looked, he looked so much like John it was no wonder Aly named him after his father.

Three howls came from inside the forest; then shreds of clothing were all you could hear. Once the werewolves were all formed we all began to run. Deep into the mossy forest we all ran, the pack leader, John, was guiding the wolves through the forest, us vampires ran tightly behind.

The humans that could not transform into werewolves were all riding on a wolf. Sam, as old as he was, kept a moderately fast speed, as well as the other old werewolves.

We passed through miles and miles of deep thick forest, the scent of humans left behind us. We were near a creek; I could hear the water trickling and the deer licking at the water.

Moments later we had reached the destination.

My stomach plummeted as I saw what was nestled upon a bed of roses.

The werewolves disappeared back into the forest, moments later their human forms appeared, clothed.

“Grams.” John said to me, it gave me a nice feeling in my stomach that he called me that. I turned to him, his eyes sad, too. He hugged me again, for the hundredth time that day. “Come sit with me, please.”

John tugged my hand and I went to go sit next to him in front of the caskets.

I looked at two beautiful identical cherry wood caskets lying in front of me. On the side there was an etching, much like Jacob’s casket had, but on these ones, it had the persons’ name on the side along with a wolf. ‘Alice Bella Clearwater Black’ one read, the name made my heart wrench, I tried so hard to not fall into pieces in front of all these people. The other read ‘John Michael Clearwater’.

I leaned my head on my grandson’s shoulder and cried tearlessly. He patted my back slowly, tears forming in his chocolate brown eyes.

Edward reached me then, I grabbed his hand and pulled him close to me. The rest of our vampire clan sat in the back, where they felt most comfortable — even though all the wolves didn’t seem to mind with the fact they were vampires.

Mid-tear that John had and four other people came through the woods. Everyone turned too look at them, some had a hard face, others had a sad face on them.

My face could have shown many things; happiness, sadness, hurt, betrayal. I felt more nervous than anything, though.

Anthony crossed without interested on what was around him; he only focused on the two caskets in the far end of the secret werewolf meadow. He ran his fingers across the first casket, then the next. I couldn’t tell if my son was crying or not, his grown hair covered most of his face.

I could almost recognize his wife, she looked so much like Aly’s old friend Madison. Their twins — as I learned— were now adults, one a woman and the other a man.

Madison took a seat in the far left corner, not bothering to talk to anyone, along with the rest of the small family.

Anthony didn’t seem to notice whoever was at the reception, until he turned his head a fraction of the way and I locked eyes with him momentarily.

His hand clenched into a tight ball, his eyes shut tight, and his breathing became heavy.

He turned towards me, not noticing my grandson John or Edward next to me, his eyes full of hatred. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“She has much right being here as you do, Anthony,” John responded for me as I seemed to be a lost for words. “Mom was Grandma Bella’s daughter,” He spat at his uncle with the same hatred Anthony had talked to me.

“Who invited her?” Anthony asked, his nostrils flaring.

“We all did,” Seth said in a raspy old voice, “with the rest of the Cullen family.”

Anthony finally looked around, he finally noticed the other seven vampires around.

“They don’t belong here!” Anthony bellowed.

“Yes they do.” John said standing up, his face inches away from my son’s.

I could feel the hatred John had for Anthony, along with Anthony towards him. I wasn’t sure why they loathed each other so much; I was guessing Aly had told John about what happened so long ago. I wasn’t certain though, and this wasn’t the time to ask them about it.

“This isn’t the time,” Seth’s oldest son said getting up. He glared at the two quarrelling men.

John nodded and sat back down next to me, grabbing my hand in his. Anthony scoffed and went to the back with his wife and kids.

The whole time I had said nothing, I just sat there, stupidly, while two beloved people of mine fought.

Edward kissed my forehead as soon as Anthony left.

“Stupid vampires wrecking my sister and my brother-in-law’s funeral.” Anthony whispered to his wife. She scoffed and nodded.

“You know we all hear you perfectly, no matter if you do whisper, Anthony,” Sam said, with some annoyance in his voice, to Anthony.

“I know, Sam, I just feel like whispering is less rude.” Anthony said with a mocking smile in my direction.

My heart wrenched as I saw the hatred that still lingered in my son’s eyes.


It was over. They had buried my daughter and my son-in-law together. I could hardly watch as the caskets were brought under the earth.

I clutched onto Edward the entire time, crying tearlessly.

“Hey grams.” John said giving me another hug as soon as it was over.

Edward let go of my waist, “I’ll be back a little later, Bella. I need to help out Seth right now.” He whispered and gave me a small peck on the lips.

John smiled towards him with kindness. “He’s great, grandma.” He said about Edward.

“Yes he is.” I said to him.

“It’s too bad about my uncle Anthony. He shouldn’t have acted that way, grandma. It wasn’t right.” He said, his eyes getting angry.

“It’s all right, John. I pretty much knew he would act that way if he saw me again.” I said to him, not trying to show the sadness in my voice.

“I just don’t get why he has such anger in him.” John said shaking his head, “I mean yeah you lied — big deal— to protect him and mom.” He winced a little when he said mom. My heart did a small flip, too. “Mom told me what happened, the reason they wound up here in La Push and didn’t stay any longer with you.

“She said there was always this anger between them two. Uncle Anthony always kept badmouthing you Cullens and mom always defended you. Some of us here in La Push agreed with my uncle, while others apposed him, not until recently did everyone think Anthony was wrong about all of this.

“I agree with mom. It wasn’t totally wrong of you to do that to them. You loved them, you still do. I know uncle Anthony does, too, somewhere deep inside. It’s just being hidden under all that anger.” John said to me. His eyes locked onto mine the whole time.

“I hope you’re right.” I said to him, my heart breaking once more for the hundredth time that day.

“Mom wanted to contact you.” He said after a short moment of silence. “But Anthony had bribed some of the families around here so she couldn’t. She almost managed to escape one day, until one of my uncle’s accomplices caught her.

“She really wanted to see you, again.” John said with sadness in his voice. I could see the tears forming in his already swollen eyes.

“And now I won’t ever see her again.” I said staring out into the deep forest. We were left alone, everyone had picked up everything and left back to First Beach, I noted. “The last memory I’ll have of her was leaving me.” I said collapsing to the floor.

“She loved you, grandma.” He patted my hair.

He gasped softly and stood up immediately.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, still on the floor.

“Wait here.” He said disappearing in the forest. Moments later a giant wolf appeared from the dark forest. John carried his clothes in between his teeth. He signaled me to get on.

I blinked rapidly but obliged. I got on the massive brown wolf— it felt so strange.

I could have ran my way there to wherever John was taking me, but I felt exhausted. I put my head down on the neck of the wolf; he was so warm.

When we arrived I noticed it was Aly’s house. I hopped off of John and he escaped back into the woods to put on his clothes. He reappeared moments later, fully dressed.

He grabbed my hand and brought me into the master bedroom of the small cottage-type house.

I took in a deep breath; it smelled like her in the room. I walked over to pictures that were on the dressers, one of when she and John got married, another where she was in the hospital carrying little John in her hands, and the last one on the dresser was one of them three, the picture seemed only a couple of years old.

My daughter was so beautiful.

“Here we are.” John said appearing out of the closet with a box.

I walked over to him as he placed the box on the bed. He opened it, inside were many sealed envelopes. I picked one up, and noticed they were addressed to me from Aly.

I opened one and read it aloud to both of us. “Mom, I really hope this letter arrives to you and that you write back. If you have read my other letters you would know that John jr. is finally learning how to walk. You should see him mom, well you will, here’s a picture of him. He’s 13 months now mom! He’s adorable. He has your eyes, isn’t that wonderful! I can’t write much, mom, Johnny is crying, I’m guessing he’s hungry.

I love you, mom forever and ever. John and Johnny, they send their love as well.”

My voice broke by the end of the letter. I noticed John’s eyes were filled with tears. I looked at the picture, it was one of them three, Johnny was sitting on Aly’s lap and John was hugging them both. I smiled, they looked so happy.

“You can take the, box. The letters are yours.”

“Thank you.” I said to him giving him a hug.


“Goodbye.” I said to them all. I gave another hug to Seth and his wife.

“We’ll miss you, Bella.” Seth said to me.

“You can come back, though, right?” John asked me.

I looked at Seth in question.

“Of course you can, Bella. There’s nothing stopping you now that Anthony has left La Push.”

I half smiled at that, “thank you for everything.” I gave them all one last hug.

I walked over to Edward and grabbed his hand. “We’ll be back, don’t worry.” He whispered to me. I nodded and smiled.

I got in our car and we drove off in the sunset away from La Push. My new home.

End Notes: Thank you so much for reading my story, everyone! And thanks so much for the reviews!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writting it :DD Thank you again!!