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Revealing Secrets

Bonus Chapter Added :::::Sequel to my most anticipated story HeartBreak:::::4 years later: Bella has been created into a vampire and she has been happily married to Edward for four years, but when Bella's daughter Alice, now 14, starts dating the son of an old family friend she begins to uncover secrets from her mother and the rest of the Cullens, and Anthony, now 17, is becoming just like his father, a werewolf. What will happen when the secret is revealed? [[many thanks to Vatina for a wonderful banner!]]


5. Pain

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Chapter Notes: hey guys, sorry for not updating sooner, I had a major problem to what Bella's power should be, but it's fine now. And I'm happy with what Bella's power is, tell me what you think, okay. This chapter is kinda slow, but it has a meaning so ENJOY!!!

Chapter 5: Pain

By: Eternitys_CharmI have to hunt. I have to hunt. I need to hunt. Come on Bella go now before it comes back again and you won't be able to control it, the pain. I shivered. But I still couldn't bare myself to keep focus on attacking the animal. I had it just moments away but then a pain would struck me, like a jolt running down my spine and I'd fall in pain to the floor, groaning. It would scare off the animal and scare my family. They were worried, they had never seen something like this happen to any of them before.

Edward thought it was pain for not hunting sooner, even if my thirst was aching in me.He kept insisting on me to have something, he told me he sensed a mountain lion near. But not even that sounded very appealing to me. I doubted that, most of the Cullens have passed their hunting time by as much as I had and none of them had this type of pain running through them. So I shook my head to any offer Edward had and stayed sitting on the muddy ground awaiting for the sharp pain to arrive.

Carlisle thought it was a reason for me bottling something up, and my emotions affecting my power. My power didn't affect my emotions, it wasn't connected to my emotions in anyway, it was connected to my thoughts, the ability to enlighten or create thoughts in someone. So I doubted it was that also.

Everyone theorised something but I knew none of them were correct. I had my own theory but they wouldn't think it was possible. I knew it had to be true. I has began getting these pains since Alice realized Anthony would be a werewolf. If my own theory was correct, I was feeling these pains because of Anthony. I knew Anthony had to be beginning to phase, or be in his beginning of phasing, he's probably wondering what is happening to him. Like Jacob. Except with Anthony, he would have no one. Unless I help him.

I gasped once more as my body shook. I felt the same pain, electric shock, run through my body, curling my body on the ground, mud thickened my hair and bugs covered most of the part of my pants and shirt. I tried not to think about Anthony, I tried not to think about what might be happening to him. If I could escape this pain I could hunt and then get to him. I had to stop welcoming the pain by sitting motionless on the ground, I had to do something about it, I had to stop thinking of my son.

I shut my eyes and immediately the pain ceased and I stood up from the ground only to find, once again, my family looking worriedly at me. I sighed and this time I felt another type of agony. My thirst. I had neglected it for too long. But I found myself thinking of my son as soon as I found an animal and went for it, the animal ran away as I groaned and fell to the floor once again. This time instead of just pain, I felt frustration and anger.

I heard an animal close by and immediately chased after it and tackled it down to the ground in less than two seconds.

I tore the animal apart in deep anger and began to suck it's juicy red blood from it, so soon it began running dry. I growled and threw the legs and limb all over the place, I was getting savage. I tackled a small deer, it shivered with fear and I smiled in pleasure. Easy Prey.

"Bella?!" I heard a voice say behind me. Rough hands grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against a tree. It pulled me back into consciousness, back into reality.

I sobbed as I realized how monstrous I had been moments ago.

"Bella, what is wrong with you?" The voice kept telling me, I couldn’t see well, my vision barely coming back to view. I realized the strong hands were Edward’s. He shook me when I didn’t answer him, "Bella?" He asked in a whimper. I could see in his eyes two things; worry and fear.

I gasped and covered my face in my hands. My body shook because of the sobs I produced. "Edward, what happened to me?" I asked in shock. "I-I couldn't c-control myself. I felt so angry and frustrated. I-I could have been a danger to us all. W-what got over me?" I asked in a trembled voice as I sobbed in Edward’s grasp. "What came into me? I am so horrib--"

I was cut off my Edward cool lips on mine. He moved his lips furiously with mine, wiping away all thought from my mind and clearing all worried from thought. His hands let go of my arms and trailed down around me waist. He grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him, his stone chest pressed firmly against mine.

My hands fell limply to my side until the kiss got more passionate, as Edward’s lips moved slower but wider and his tongue trailed into my mouth, seeking my own. I put my hands around his neck and brought his body nearer to mine. Inhaling his sweet scent. Gasping as our lips parted.

He let go of my mouth and backed his face ten inches away from each other, Edward stared deep into my eyes. I stared back, his eyes were still full of worry, but all trace of fear had faded.

I sighed as he released my waist, "I needed that." I whispered.

He nodded stroking my cheek with his hand.

"What happened to you? You looked savage, you looked wild, you looked...evil." Edward asked. His tone light.

The only word. that came out of my words was, "Anthony." I said. I knew i sounded insane blaming my son even though he wasn't here.

Edward grew skeptic, "Anthony?" He asked bewildered.

I nodded, "It’s hard to explain, but, I think, I know, Anthony is becoming a werewolf. That pain and angriness I felt was him, I know it, it was him feeling the frustration of becoming something he is not familiar with. Something unexplainable. The pain were his shivers passing through his body, forcing him to transform into a werewolf. I felt fear, fear of what he is becoming. Edward I know it sounds weird but it’s like I feel what Anthony is feeling as he is going through this.

"But how could you be feeling what your son feels?" Edward asked still not comprehending.

"Mother’s intuition," Carlisle offered. "Only more since Bella has a mental power, Bella you might be connected to Anthony’s mind --and Aly-- than anyone else, so you not only control their mind but you might be able to sense what is happening with them by a mental connection. Not really mind reading or empathy as Edward and Jasper have, but more of a family connection. Even though, Bella, you are a vampire is a vampire. That might be what made the force stronger."

"So, kind of like twin telepathy?" I asked remembering that back in middle school there was a pair of twins, they could always know when one was in trouble or when the other needed help.

"Exactly." Carlisle said with a smile, "but stronger, you actually feel what is going through them. Maybe think like them too."

"Is that why I felt frustrated also, not just in pain?"


"Then we have to get to my son immediately."

End Notes: Next chapter will be up soon. promise!!but only if i get reviews!!!!!! =]