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Revealing Secrets

Bonus Chapter Added :::::Sequel to my most anticipated story HeartBreak:::::4 years later: Bella has been created into a vampire and she has been happily married to Edward for four years, but when Bella's daughter Alice, now 14, starts dating the son of an old family friend she begins to uncover secrets from her mother and the rest of the Cullens, and Anthony, now 17, is becoming just like his father, a werewolf. What will happen when the secret is revealed? [[many thanks to Vatina for a wonderful banner!]]


6. Kiss of Death

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Chapter Notes: Aly's date --well the begining of it. =] because you all know you want to know what happens. ENJOY!

Chapter 6: Kiss of Death

By: Eternitys_Charm

I sat on the bench waiting for the game to pass by. The cold air made my hair fly everywhere, I groaned, I knew I should have put it up in a ponytail instead of leaving my curls down. I looked up at the big clock on the scorer, two hours had flown by. But I wasn't paying much attention; I had another thing occupying my mind.

"I’m fine." Anthony had said, I looked directly in his eyes, they were serious. But there was something behind them that I knew he felt and I did too; fear. I had never seen anything like that, it was so bizarre, I hadn't heard of anything like that happening, well maybe a seizure, but that looked like no seizure. Anthony's expression and shaking body wasn't a seizure, it was something more. He seemed to get bigger every time that happened to him, like he was going to blow up any minute and burst into something.

I was worried for him, I accepted it. But he was my brother, even if he did pick on me now and then, but that's what brothers do. Even if he is a fathead sometimes doesn’t mean I don't love him....I was worried for him....I was--

"Aly?" A soft deep voice asked, taking me away from my train of thought.

I straightened up from the bench where I was sitting on, people where screaming and cheering all around me. I realized that the game was over and our side had won. Red and black streamers were flying everywhere, while the other side booed us. The cheerleaders where jumping and throwing their pompoms up in the air.

John stood smiling brightly in front of me, "oh, congrats!" I said getting up and giving him an awkward hug.

"Thanks," he said handing out his hand to me, I took it and he picked me up from the bench. I felt a tingle go down my spine, I thought it was the cold, but I realized it was of John’s touch.

"Congratulations Johnny!" Lilly, John’s sister, said barreling down the benches and crashed into John with a hug.

"Thanks sis." John said ruffling his sister’s dark hair.

Lilly took a swift look at me and smiled, "hi, you’re Aly, right, John talks a lot of you, it gets annoying really, I had to stuff a muffin in his mouth this morning to shut him up about you--"

John cut his little sister off, "Lilly, er, see you back at home." John said, I noticed he was slightly blushing, but you could hardly tell under his russet skin.

"Fine," Lilly said, "bye Aly, hope you have a nice lunch with John, he might chew loudly but he’s very polite, don’t let that bother you--"

"Bye." John said through his teeth, blushing deeper. I bit my lip to stifle a giggle.

"Congrats honey," a dark haired, round face, petite, woman said behind John. I noticed his mom smiling up at her son, she gave him a peck oh his cheek. She finally noticed me and took out her hand, "hello, Aly, right? I’m John’s mother." She smiled brightly.

"Hello," I said shyly.

"Well, sweetie, I’ll see you back home, okay. Have fun." She said looking at me with another warm smile.

"Son." John’s father came out of the crowd. I remembered what my mother had told me, that she had been friends with Seth Clearwater. But something must have happened if she didn’t want me to mention our family.

"Hey dad." John said giving his dad a hug. "This is--"

"Aly, hello, it's very nice to finally meet you." Seth said giving me a nod, "well I must go, hope to see you soon," Seth said and followed his wife through the crowd.

"Er. Sorry about that." John said turning around, the blush on his cheeks had subsided.

I giggled and took his hand, "its fine, they seem nice." I said looking deep into the crowd; I could easily pick out John’s family.

He rolled his eyes, "yeah, annoying and frustrating but they’re nice." He squeezed my hand and towed me away from the benches and into the parking lot.

His hand was so warm underneath mine, it felt nice. I rolled my eyes at myself; I was acting like I have never been on a date before. But I had a feeling that John wasn’t like the other guys I had dated -- not that there was many before him-- I felt like he was special.

The soft breeze blew sending more of my hair flying. I grimaced, but as I was reaching to remove a hair that had plastered itself on my face, John removed it with a soft chuckle.

We had reached his car, an older version Volkswagen Beetle. "In you go, madam." He whispered by my ear and opened his car door.

I smiled and sat inside the car. It was warm and smelled like his cologne, which I noticed, I absolutely adored.

He walked around the car but was stopped by a cheerleader, I couldn’t really see them. This was one of those rare days that the sun beat down, instead of the usual clouds there were. The sun was shining brightly in front of me, where John and the cheerleader were standing. I could only see their silhouette. I could tell it was a cheerleader by the pleated skirt and pompoms she had.

"Hey!" I heard the cheerleader say, it was muffled by the windows of the car.

"Hi, Amanda." John said. I immediately knew who it was, it was John’s ex. My stomach dropped ten feet down. It was his beautifully blonde haired, green eyed, tall, and thin ex-girlfriend. The one who he had gone out with for about a year!

"Congrats," Amanda said, in a soft and alluring voice she only used to flirt, and put her hands around John’s neck and pulled him toward her. I gaped at their silhouettes, she was kissing him and by the looks of it, he was kissing her back.

I didn’t wait anymore time in the car; I hurled the door open and ran into the crowded parking lot, tears beginning to stream down my face. I ran into Seth, since I kept my face down I noticed his shoes and jeans, "oh, sorry." I said when my shoulders ran into his muscled chest.

"Oh, it’s no problem..." he noticed who I was, "Aly? Why are you not with John?" He asked, I kept my face down but he noticed a tear drop to the floor. "What happened?" He asked picking up my face with a gentle warm hand.

"Aly!" I heard John scream in back of me, I heard his running footsteps approaching.

I began to run but he had caught up to me and he took a hold of my shoulder, firm but not hard enough to hurt me.

"Aly." He said breathless, "let me explain, please."

Seth walked away, giving his son a stern glance, and I turned to face John. "What?" I asked him my voice full of disgust.

But instead of answering, with words, he picked up my face with his hand, like his father did, but his hands were more gentle, and he kissed me. His soft, full lips moved slowly against mine. I couldn’t help myself, I kissed him back, and his kiss was passionate and felt like he was really sorry for what he had done. I put my hands around his neck and let the moment take me wherever. I t was the best kissed I have ever received; it was the perfect first kiss.

"I was saving that for after lunch, but now seemed perfect," He said as soon as he pulled his face from mine, he pecked me once more, "I’m really sorry," He whispered with another peck. "I really didn’t want to kiss her, I don’t love her anymore...I’m not sure if I ever truly did." He said, and began rambling some more, "I think I was just going out with her for the ‘image’. Trust me; I put her in her place." He whispered looking deep into my eyes. "Forgive me?"

I bit my lips and drew my head in closer to his lips and kissed him again.

"Is that a yes?" He asked breathless.

I nodded and he closed his eyes. I though he was laughing but when his hold on my neck seized and his hands began to shake I noticed he wasn’t laughing. He was shaking, yes, but not because of laughter, it was the same seizure likeness of what happened to Anthony.

He groaned and fell to the floor, I screamed and Seth came running down to his son. "John?!" He screamed shaking his son.

People around the parking lot noticed the ruckus and stopped dead in their tracks to look at John having a massive seizure.

What in the world is going on?

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