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While Edward and Bella are out in Seattle, the Volturi show up and decide to take matters into their own hands....

I do not own Twilight!! I'm just a poor normal person who wishes she did.....

1. The Attack

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Chapter 1: The Attack

By: Fresh Blood


I woke up alone today; the first time in a long time. Edward had gone hunting last night and promised to see me later on today. He supposedly had another 'surprise' for me. I hate surprises. They make me feel like i have to go a get that person a gift or something.

I slowly strecthed my stiff body, and went to grab my bag that had all of my bathing supplies like soap, conditioner, shampoo, etc.... Charlie had left earlier this morning to go fishing with a couple of guys from the station, so i had the house to myself...again. I sighed as I pulled off my pajamas and hopped into the shower. The water felt refreshing and fully woke me up.

An hour later I hopped out of the shower and dressed in a black silky halter top that clung to my skin that, of course, Alice bought me. That girl spoils me. She also bought the jean mini skirt I wore and the black Rhinestone studded flip-flops. I don't remember the last time I shopped for myself. I spent an extra hour blow drying my hair and making sure it was perfectly straight; I wanted to make sure I looked good for whatever Edward had planned today.

I also picked up a small black plastic tube of eyeliner. Once again Alice was responsible, and since it got such a strong response from Edward, I decided to put myself through pain just for him. Thirty minutes later i was ready. I glanced at the clock on my brand new cell phone. It had been a gift from Charlie so he could keep tabs on me when Edward decides to unexpectedly sweep me away to whereever he wants when he wants to.

I stuffed the little pink phone into my equally small pocket. I walked downstairs to fix myself a light breakfast and behold! Edward Cullen stood in my kitchen cooking my breakfast! I leaned up against the door jam and tried to calm my racing heart. I turned to give a glare but he only smiled. He came over to me and laid a apologetic kiss on my lips.

"I'm sorry love..." he murmured against my lips. I could not stay mad at him; at least not when he smiled at me like that. He grabbed my hand and gently sat me down at the kitchen table. I looked at all the wonderful food he prepared and i knew i could eat it all. He had made my favorite: Belgian Waffles with whip cream and strawberries. I sent a grateful smile at him and began to slowly devour the fluffy sugary goodness. After i was done Edward took my hand and led me to a Carlisle's black Mercedes. I looked at him questionly.

"Alice said there will be spots of sunshine today so i came prepared." he said smoothly. He walked over and kissed me passionately, all the while steering me to the car and opening the door for me. I slid into the soft leather seats and marveled at the softness of it. By the time i buckled my seat belt Edward was already pulling out of the driveway.

"So...Where are we going?" I tried again to get the surprise out of him. I really wanted to know! I wouldn't be able to contain myself if he spent mor money on me....i don't like that either.

"Nice try Bella, but i'm not telling." He smiled my favorite crooked smile. My heart began to beat a irregular rythm again...stupid heart. Edward smiled again and i blushed. "You look so beautiful today," he said taking his eyes off of the road to look at me.

"Thank you, Edward." He of course looked his usual perfect self. Today he looked absolutely sinful in a plain black t-shirt that hugged his muscular chest nicely, and pair of dark jeans. His messy hair looked as though it was done professionally for a photo shoot, as usual. Was it possible to be jealous of your boyfriend, because I was. We didn't speak much throughout the rest of the car ride, but just held hands.

I looked out of the window when the houses started to get closer together, and the highway began to get a little busier. I looked up at the highway sign:


I looked back at the road again; we were in the right lane.

"Edward, you're taking me to Seattle?" I asked. He just looked over at me and smiled his infamous crooked smile. I took off my seatbelt and hugged him the best I could and gave him a light kiss on his soft lips. "Thank you!"

"I figured since you never got to go, today was the perfect opportunity." He took his eyes off the road once more and pinned me with his golden eyes; I forgot how to breathe. I felt the car began to slow and reluctantly I turned to look out the windshield. Seattle was beautiful! The tall skyscrapers dissapeared into the lowhanging clouds and the street bustled with people. Edward steered the car into a parking garage, paid the man ( i don't want to know how much), and then grabbed my hand.

We blended in with the eager shoppers lining the streets. Through out the whole day we were in and out of different stores ranging from bookstores, to music stores and unfortunately for me a shoe store. I just couldn't resist Edward when smiled at me. I allowed him to buy me a pair of gorgeous blue strappy stiletto heels, red heels that looked similar, and even a pair of knee high black stiletoo boots. I thanked him even though I was sure i would never wear them.

Next we went to a old fashioned diner for lunch. Edward listened in on everyone's thoughts while i ate making sure that I was completely safe. He was such a sweet heart. Afterwards we just walked around the city enjoying each others company and the time we had together. Althogh we did have to duck into different stores when the sun made an apperance, one of which stores was Victoria's Secret.

Luckily Edward didn't toture me too much only buying me some sweatpants, a couple of shirts, and a new pair of pajamas. I did catch him looking over at the more revealing night gowns a couple of times....

Soon the sun began to set and we were headed back to the parking garage when we saw some guys standing out front. Edward held my waist tighter. Suddenly Edward stiffened, and thrusted a peice of paper into my hand; the ticket.

"Go get the car, Bella." he said. His tone was not one to argue with. He gave me the shopping bags and I gave the man who ran the parking garage the ticket. He signaled and another man walked off, to get the car. Soon I saw the car come into view and I turned towards it. Before I could walk away the owner ( who i noticed wasn't bad looking but had nothing on Edward) grabbed my shoulder.

"Let me help you with those," he smiled softly at me and grabbed the bags. I walked with to the back of the car and opened the trunk, allowing him to place the bags inside. Once he was done I went to close the trunk with the man's hand shot out with unbelievable speed and held it open.

I panicked. The man moved closer and placed my hands on his chest to try and stop him but it was futile; he was too strong for me. His hand wrapped around the base of my jaw and turned my head forcefully, to gaze upon my neck. He leaned down and ran his rough tongue over my skin, where just underneath my juglar vein pumped precious blood to my brain.

I was paralyzed; I wanted to scream, cry, at least do something! But as the man, no vampire dug his nails into my soft skin, I awakened from my stupor. I realized what was about to happen and I screamed. I screamed so loud, it tore at my throat and hurt my ears. The vampire let me go only to have his fist connect with my temple. I hit the bumper of the car and slid down so I lay parallel with the rear tire. I could smell the oil, and exhaust. I saw my blood began to pool on the floor.

"Demetri! Hurry up already! We can't hold him for long!" I heard vicious snarling and growling and knew it instantly to be Edward. Suddenly I felt strong hands grab my upper arms and then I felt the pain. I felt his sharp teeth puncture my soft skin and I screamed so loud i knew it tore my throat. The last sound I heard was my name being called...