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While Edward and Bella are out in Seattle, the Volturi show up and decide to take matters into their own hands....

I do not own Twilight!! I'm just a poor normal person who wishes she did.....

2. Loss of Control

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Chapter 2: Loss of Control

By: FreshBlood


Today I was going to take Bella out to Seattle. Alice had told me the day was going to be partly cloudy, so I took Carlisle's car instead of my own. I slipped into the smooth leather seat and marveled at the purr of the engine; there was nothing like a Mercedes! The sun was just beginning to rise when i left my house. I was going over to Bella's house early to make her a surprise breakfast; after all today was a day i was officially dedicating to her. I coudn't think of a person more deserving of a personal day than Bella. I put her through so much pain and heartache for a reason i thought was right. How wrong i was.

I knew that i couldn't undo what i have done, but i can atleast re-build her trust and faith within me. I can see that Bella loves me, but i can see the uspoken fear in her eyes; the fear that i will leave her again. I shook my head. I needed to focus; now was not the time for me to wallow in self pity. Today i would be making breakfast for Bella and taking her out for a day in Seattle. I slowed the car and pulled onto a shaded road. A minute later Charlie's cruiser passed by heading towards the station. Five minutes later i pulled into Bella's driveway and looked up at her house. It looked so small and cozy; the way a house that holds a loving family should be. Damn it! I was doing it again! I shut off the car and repeated a mantra as i opened the door using the key under the mat.

I will not wallow in self pity, today is Bella's day, I will not wallow in self pity, today is Bella's day, I will not wallow in self pity, today is Bella's day....

Sooner than i realized i was in the kitchen. Once i made sure that i had all the correct ingredients, i set to work making Bella's favorite: Belgium waffles with whip cream and strawberries.

I unknowingly smiled when i heard Bella come out of the bathroom; she was right on time! What impeccable timing that girl had...

I heard the stairs creak softly as she descended.

Soon she rounded the corner and gasped. I heard her heartbeat accelerate as she closed her eyes and leaned against the doorjam. She opened her eyes and tried to glare at me with her large brown eyes. How i loved those eyes....

I decided to go over a greet her and mutter my apologies.

"I'm sorry love," I said softly against her lips. I could feel her heartbeat jump again and i resisted the urge to smile. I saw her eyes soften and i knew i was forgiven. I grabbed her warm, soft hand in my much larger one and sat her down at the kitchen table. She sent me and grateful smile when she saw that i prepared her favorite food. I watched her eat, making sure she ate it all. Once she was done i washed the plates and led her outside. I saw her look at the car funny so i explained. "Alice said there will be spots of sunshine today so i came prepared." I walked closer to her and suddenly kissed her passionately.

Her wonderful scent just seemed to overwhelm me sometimes. As i kissed her i steered her over to the car and opened the door for her. I let her slide into the seats before closing the door. In no time i had the car started and we were out of the driveway.

"So...where are we going?" I heard her melodic voice fill the car. Her voice was so soft, so sweet; i could listen to her talk all day. However sweet her voice was i picked up what she was trying to do....and i wasn't telling.

"Nice try Bella, but i'm not telling." I smiled her favorite smile just to hear her heart go crazy. She saw the look in my eyes signaling that i had indeed heard her crazy heart; she blushed and i smiled even wider. I then looked over at her and spied her attire. Jean mini skirt, black silky halter top and the make up around her eyes that i liked; what was it called again? Eyeliner? Whatever it made no difference what it was called, but it made her brown eyes even more mysterious. "You look beautiful today," I said to her. I watched a small smile appear on her face.

"Thank you Edward," her musical voice once again surrounded me, and put my chaotic mind at ease. She was defenitely sent from the gods to torture me..... I saw her look over my outfit; i hoped she approved. She did frown but said nothing. I had an inkling she was comparing herself to me, Alice, or Rosalie. If only she knew how beautiful she was to me...how perfect she was to me. I sighed but it was inaudible to her human ears. I silently reached for her hand and held it on the gear shift.

We didn't speak throughout the rest of the ride, but just enjoyed the comfortable silence between us. I could see her paying more attention as we got closer to Seattle. Then the sign to get off came up; i could pratically hear the gears in her head turning.

"Edward, you're taking me to Seattle?" she asked incredulously. I just smiled at her and she smiled one of the most beautiful smile i have ever seen. It lit up her whole face including her beautiful eyes. Those eyes...I will never look at brown eyes the same ever again, that's for sure. Then i heard the sound of a seatbelt being retracted, before Bella was upon me and laid a soft kiss on my lips. Her scent hit me full force and allowed myself to get lost in it for a fraction of a second; if i were to crash this car i would undoubtibly survive, but Bella would not.

When she pulled away i was grateful; not because i didn't love her, but because reasons i previously stated. Once i regained control over myself i spoke. "I figured since you never got to go, today would be the perfect opportunity." I turned to look at her and couldn't look away. Her eyes were wide and bright with excitement and her heart was beating madly. Soon she turned to look out at the skyline; the only phrase that would come to my mind to describe her fascination was 'like a kid in a candy store'.

I soon found a suitable parking garage and parked the car inside. I handed the owner a 100.00 dollar bill and waited patiently for my ticket. After i recieved it i grabbed Bella's hand a we began to explore the city. I took her first to the bookstore she wanted to go to. Much to her chagrin, i payed for everything including her latte. Of course she wasn't happy but she didn't say anything about it.

Once out of the bookstore i steered into my favorite music store. I showed a couple of bands that i liked and she showed me a couple bands and singers she liked. I bought all of the cd's intending to keep them in my car and play them only when she was around. Now for the store i as really waiting for; a high fashion shoe store.

I saw Bella's grimace and pushed her inside. I saw the look in her eyes -fear- and i swore that i would make this quick and painless. I immeadiately strolled over to the stiletto's and picked up and red pair; then i looked at her legs and feet. Yes, these would amazing on her. I quickly picked up a blue pair and a pair of black stiletto boots, that i couldn't wait to see her in these! I may be a vampire but i am still a man and every man has needs....i'm just better at suppressing them when needed.

I bought the shoes -of course- and we left. I saw the look of relief on her face as we left the store and continued down the street. Next up was lunch, for her of course. As we took our seats in the old fashioned diner i looked into everyone's mind to make sure no one was thinking about hurting me Bella. I saw her smile, but i was not sure why she did. I'm pretty sure i was discrete in my mind reading excercise....

As we walked i began to notice the building getting brighter. I smoothly steered Bella into the next store to avoid the sunlight, which quite nicely turned out to be Victoria's Secret. I saw the look of horror on her face and decided to spare her. I nugded her toward the clothing part and watched her pick out some sweatpants, short, and some t-shirts. I threw in some pajamas just for fun. Although i did let my mind wander as i pictured Bella in that black see through number hanging up on the wall.....

I felt a soft nudge and i looked down and Bella's face; her expression clearly said, not happening! I sent a small smile down at her and then we left the store. We walked back in the direction towards the parking garage, with me holding the bags. As i got closer i saw a couple of guys hanging out front; i thought nothing of them, but i held Bella tighter.

Once we were withing earshot the leader apparently came up to me. I gave the car keys, bags, and ticket stub to Bella. If these guys were gonna start a fight then i didn't want Bella to see it.

"Go get the car Bella." I spoke sternly to her, yet softly as not to scare her. I thought she was going to be stubborn but to my surprise she nodded and walked off.

"Can i help you?" i spoke smoothly. I tried to read their thoughts. Strangely i could not, they were somehow blocking their thoughts from me. My first thought was Bella. I knew who these men were...there were Marcus, Aro, and Caius's gaurds. Felix was the leader and he smiled at me. I wanted to rip his face off.

"Actually no you can't Edward...but little Isabella can." he spoke, his voice making my skin crawl. To other vampires i didn't know stepped forward. I heard Bella's voice say something and her heart rate increase; she was scared. I growled threatningly. Before i could move, the two other vampires were upon me. By now we were out of eyesight. I heard Bella scream and i lost it. I struggled violently and heard the growls from the vampires holding me back; they were not that strong.

"Demetri, hurry up! We cannot hold him for long!" I heard Felix yell. He was also holding me down. I heard and crunching noise and a thump and i knew something happened to Bella. I struggled harder and began to snarl; i let the animal take over. I heard Bella scream again and couldn't but help but yell her name


Suddenly it was eerily quiet. Bella was quiet...too quiet for my liking. Then Demetri appeared. From his mouth dripped blood; Bella's blood. I let out anothre earsplitting roar. Suddenly he was in front of me and held my chin in his pale hand. I was forced to look into his blood red eyes...eyes red from bella's blood. I fought to listen to what he was saying.

"Edward! Don't be so angry...i know this is what she wanted more than anything," he paused as he smiled. "she clearly loves you. But anyway that's not what i'm hear to talk about. You see Bella here, is very special girl. The Volturi believe she will become one of the strongest vampires in existence. Aro believes that she will possess amazin gifts that we can only dream of, so...she is going to join us." Edward growled fiercely again.

"Even if you change her you cannot make her go to Volterra." Edward said smugly. They didn't know how strong Bella was; she would resist them.

"Yes, yes we know that, that's why we devised a plan. How much will she be able resist when the lives of her loved ones are at stake?" Then they were gone. I slowly fell to my knees and put my head in my hands. I heard a whimper and suddenly i was around the car and kneeling my Bella.

She was a mess. Blood was all over her face, neck, and hands; that's my Bella, fighting till the end. She was shaking and coughing up blood. I was scared; i have never seen a change like this. I placed her in the back seat and ran to the driver's side door -after closing the trunk-. I pulled out Bella's cell phone -i had forgotten my own- and called Alice.

She picked up on the first ring.

"Hello?" not even her soft, musical voice could calm me.

"Alice!" i shouted. I had no control. Bella screamed behind me.

"Edward?! What's wrong? What happened?" she sounded worried and her voice rose in pitch. I could hear Jasper in the backround shushing Emmett.

"The Volturi attacked us..." i trailed off. I would officially say what i never wanted to happen to Bella. "Alice," my voice dropped in pitch to an angry growl. "Alice, Demetri bit her! Demetri bit Bella!"