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While Edward and Bella are out in Seattle, the Volturi show up and decide to take matters into their own hands....

I do not own Twilight!! I'm just a poor normal person who wishes she did.....

3. Transformation

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Chapter 3: Transformation

By: FreshBlood

TPPOV (third person point of view)

Carlisle stood in the grand entrace hall of the Cullen home. Alice had told him moments ago what had happened. He had a faint idea of what could be happening to Bella. While being bitten, Demetri might have injected too much venom into Bella's body. The adverse affect is that the transformation process will be much quicker and horribly more painful. Carlisle sighed. Bella was the last person to have to feel such pain.

Carlise went and prepared the dining room table. He rubbed it down with alcohol and retrieved some gauze and bandages; they might need them.

"Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice," he said while still cleaning. He felt the slight wind there quick entrace created. He turned around and began to explain what had happened so far. "Bella has been bitten by Demetri, who you all know, is a memeber of the Volturi's guard," he paused to let them absorb this new information. "From what Edward has told Alice, i'm pretty sure that Demetri, inexperienced in turning humans, had injected far too much venom into Bella's body. This will result in a much quicker and much more painful transformation." They seemed to be in another world but Carlisle knew they were listening.

"What would you like us to do?" Alice said as she walked forward. She looked genuinely worried, while Rosalie looked bored. Carlisle sighed and ran a hand through his blonde hair.

"Comfort her as best you can, is all i can recommend." He said. All conversation stopped when they heard the soft purr of Carlisle's Mercedes. Edward was within the house in minutes. Jasper immeadiately growled and backed away. Esme turned to him and whispered comforting words to him. She then opened the all the windows in the house to try to dissapate or lessen the smell of Bella's blood.

Edward was covered in her blood and it dripped to the floor as he carried her over to the table.

"Oh god, Bella.." Alice moaned. She ran her hand through her short hair and looked as if she would cry at any moment. Emmett was dumbfounded. He had never seen so much blood from a singel bite. Rosalie just stood there in shock. There was the girl she wished dead so many times, suffering so badly... She couldn't take it. Rosalie ran from the room and into her bedroom. Emmett watched her go but stayed; he had a feeling that Carlisle will be needing his help soon....

Edward laid her on the table, where she laid still. Her skin was already pale as death and her breathing was shallow.

"Emmett, Edward hold her down while i work please," Carlisle said. Her moved over towards Bella and turned her neck gingerly. The site was gruesome. There was a large gaping wound in her neck that was slowly oozing blood. Carlisle dabbed a piece of gauze in antibiotics to prevent infection, and placed it on the wound. Bella began scream loudly and thrash, however Emmett and Edward did a good job of holding her down.

Carlisle wound gauze tightly around her neck, securing it with sugical tape. He then sat down at the dining room table and watched, silently pondering. Edward released her legs as he glanced over at Carlisle.

"Carlisle, what will happen to her because of the excess venom in her system?" he asked his voice soft, pained. Carlisle looked up and pinned Edward with a familar golden gaze.

"I honestly do not know. It will most likely result in her gaining a new power or two." he spoke slowly. Edward then told him what Demetri had said to him. Carlisle pondered this new information. There was no doubt now....she would have defenitely gained something out of this transformation.

Bella then began to thrash and scream, preventing any further disscussion. In the end it had taken the added strength of Carlisle to hold her down and keep Bella from hurting herself. Around dawn the transformation was nearly over. Edward waited anxiously for her eyes to open.


Oh god the pain....i had never so much pain in my entire life! It felt similar to the burning sensation from when i bit by a rattlesnake when i was thirteen. Except this time the buring sensation was all over my body. It was in my legs, feet, arm, hands, chest, and my head. I clutched angrily at my head and i heard something shatter as i screamed.

I then heard muffled voices but i couldn't understand who they were. I didn't even know where i was! Suddenly the buring got ten times worse and i couldn't stop screaming and thrashing. Soon my body began to shake and my hands clenched and un-clenched. As i did this, i heard more things breaking and more commotion.

I heard a higher pitched voice, cry out.

"Edward! Hold down her hands!" Edward? I know that name...that name means something to me. My mind couldn't process this information as easily as it usually could have because i was in so much pain. Suddenly the pain stopped. My body was tingling and it felt numb. I reveled in this numbness and gladly fell asleep.


"Edward, i think she finally fell asleep." i said carefully while watching Bella's face. I could see the subtle differences already; her skin was paler and smoother, her chin and cheek bones sharper and more prominent...she was gorgeous! Her lips were still a very light pink though.

"I believe the transformation is finished," Carlisle said quietly. He was sporting a faint white line that was rapidly healing; he had gotten a little too close to Bella when she was thrashing, and she scratched him deeply on his left cheek. Had he been human, he would not have survived.

"I hope so," Emmett said. "That was horrible!" I just smirked. Emmett was such a child sometimes, but he was right. Bella's transformation was pretty bad.

Suddenly i froze in my tracks. My thoughts stopped and i had the familiar feeling of being underwater. Suddenly i saw the Volturi heading towards Forks; they were in Seattle now, feeding. I felt the feeling of being underwater again before of was free. I opened my eyes to the bright lights of the dining room to see my family staring at me, waiting.

"The Volturi are heading this way; they should be here by tomorrow." i spoke slowly. This was not going to go over well. All heads turned toward Esme as she appeared in the doorway.

"They are coming for Bella aren't they?" her voice was soft, yet scared. In the blink of an eye Carlisle was by her side and wrapped an arm around her. He laid a soft kiss on her temple.

"We won't let them take her." he said with authority. Edward growled softly in agreement; until now he had been quietly watching Bella and holding her hand. Everyone nodded their agreement, including myself.

Then their was a soft groan, that i barely caught. Bella was waking up! She turned her head and raised her hand to her head.

"Where am i?" even her voice was different. Smoother, more seductive. Edward spoke up.

"You're home." he said. Then she opened her eyes. There was a collective gasp around the room. Instead of the chocoalte brown or possibly black eyes that we were expecting, a pair of startling electic blue eyes took their place.

"Well there's something you don't see everyday!" Emmett shouted. I silently agreed; it seems our Bella was full of surprises.....