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While Edward and Bella are out in Seattle, the Volturi show up and decide to take matters into their own hands....

I do not own Twilight!! I'm just a poor normal person who wishes she did.....

4. Shattered

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Chapter 4: Shattered

By: Midnight Walker


I woke up slowly to the gritty voice of Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickelback. I could feel the smooth feeling of leather beneath my fingertips, so I knew immeadiately where I was. I was in Edwards room. He was near by; I could somehow sense him. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling for a moment, before turning my head. I took in Edwards form as he shuffled through his many CD's.

I took in the way his hair glimmered in the faint light that was given off by a single lamp in the corner. I couldn't see his face since his back was turned away from me. Then the memories came rushing back; me fighting with Demetri and him biting me. I closed my eyes at the sight of Demetri's hungry gaze, as he leaned in to bite me. I whimpered and before I thought to call Edward, he was by my side.

"Bella?" His voice was worried. His cold hands brushed over my forehead, smoothing away some of my hair that had settled there. "Are you OK?" I managed a weak nod; I still had my eyes closed. I finally opened my eyes again and I felt Edward stare. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What? Is there something on my face?" I raised my hand to sweep away what ever was on my face, when hand intercepted mine. He laid a cold kiss to my palm.

"It's just that, you are even more beautiful than when you were human; I didn't think that was possible." A small smile was on his lips. If I was still human I would have been blushing by now. Suddenly a sad look became apparent in his eyes. I realized he must have been thinking the same thing too. I felt a small rush of hurt. He still felt that I should have stayed human. I looked at him; I just had to know for sure.

"You're wishing that I was still human aren't you?" His eyes widened and his lips were set in a firm line. He looked away. I grabbed his chin and forced him to look at me. "Answer me, Edward. Do you?" His eyes glared into mine.

"Yes." It's funny how one word can feel like re-living a violent death a hundered times over, yet that was how I felt. I could feel the stinging in the back of my eyes yet no tears came. My nose didn't get runny and my lips didn't tremble. I just sat there and stared. I couldn't move even if I wanted to. I was so numb. My hand dropped from Edward's chin and sat up.

I got up off the couch and stood with my back to him. I went through all that pain for nothing? Did he really think that I would stay human and grow old, while he stayed young? Why didn't want to be with me as a vampire? if he loved me like he said he did, then he would want to be with me for eternity right?

"Why?" I said softly, yet I knew he could hear me. First nothing then came a equally soft response.

"I didn't want you to through your life away." I balled my fist. I whirled around.

"How was I throwing my life away? You call leaving the one I love behind in favor of a career and a husband I don't love, having a life?!"

"Yes! Don't you see? Now you can't have a life because your a monster now! A thing that hides in the shadows constantly having to relocate and start over; I have never had a any friends because a. I out live them and b. they would never accept a monster like me!" I shook my head violently causing my hair to fly around me. I couldn't believe what he was saying!

"So you think this is wrong? That me becoming a vampire to be with you is wrong?!" If I was still human I would have been in tears by now, but I wasn't and that was the problem.

"Yes, I wished I had never taken to you Seattle. I we had just stayed here in Forks, that wouldn't have happened." He shook his head and walked over the large window that took up the entire south wall. "I should have stayed away from you when I first met you, but I was selfish and look what happened. I ruined your entire life!" He turned to face me and I saw the pain and anger in his eyes.

I took one step back, then another, and before I knew it I had run out of the room and was downstairs. I saw Esme and Carlisle on the couch. Esme stood up and walked towards me.

"Bella what happened?" Her voice was soft and it calmed me somewhat. She pulled me into a gentle hug, but I couldn't respond. I spoke barely above a whisper.

"I have to leave; I can't stay here anymore." Carlisle stood up.

"Bella, what happened?" I shook my head. I couldn't tell them; I didn't have the strength to.

"Do you have a car I could borrow?" I said instead. I made up my mind I knew what I was going to do. Esme furrowed her eyebrows and Carlisle frowned.

"Yes we do but why do you need a car, Bella?" I smiled sadly.

"I'm going home."

"Wait home as in your home here right?" Esme said. Her eyes were shocked and sad at the same time. I shook my head again.

"Home as in Arizona, Esme. I can't do it anymore. I thought that with you guys coming back and being re-united with Edward things would get better; and they did...up until now." Damn..there was the prickling feeling again....yet I did not cry. Esme nodded.

"I understand." Carlisle also nodded and dug into his pockets. He handed me the keys to his Mercedes. I looked at him in shock.

"Carlisle, your Mercedes? I couldn't..." He waved his hand.

"It's fine Bella. You are like a daughter to me and like Alice and Rosalie, I extend help to you in your time of need. Besides I can always get another one." He smiled and I immeadiately felt somewhat better. The Cullens were a truly great family and I would really miss them. I hugged Carlisle and Esme one last time before walking out to what was once Carlisle's car.

I unlocked the doors and slid into the leather seats. I took a deep breath and started the car listening to the soft purr. I put the car in drive and gave the large majestic house one more look. I knew this would be the last time I would see them.


It was four A.M. and I was halfway to Phoenix. I had a huge fight with Charlie in which he threatened to seriously hurt Edward for hurting me again. As if he could. I had stopped for gas a half-hour ago and I also called Renee to let her know I was coming home. She was worried at first but I assured her I would be okay. She also told me she left a key under the doormat and to be careful.

The CD Phil had given me played at a normal volume in the backround of my mind. I tried to block out the last conversation with Edward yet it wasn't working. I switched the radio back on and pressed the 'seek' button. After ten minutes I found a good Industrial station. I turned up the volume and the heavy techno beat thrummed through the car. It cleared my mind of all things Edward and all things Forks. That was exactly what I wanted.

A couple of hours later I was rolling off the highway and into the city of Phoenix. A good fifteen minutes later I was home. I put on a long sleeved jean jacket and a hat, before getting out of the car.

I was home; a place where Edward wasn't.