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While Edward and Bella are out in Seattle, the Volturi show up and decide to take matters into their own hands....

I do not own Twilight!! I'm just a poor normal person who wishes she did.....

5. First mistakes

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Chapter 5: First mistakes

By: FreshBlood


It had been five days since she left. Five agonizingly long days. I put his head between my knees and exhaled a shuddering breath. The only person in my life that made my cold heart beat was gone, and it was my fault. I clenched my fist. Why? Why did I have to say those things? Why didn't I stop her from leaving?

"Bella..." I whispered. "God i'm sorry....damnit i'm sorry!" I cried. Suddenly I felt strong arms wrap around me. I turned my head slightly to see Esme. She offered me a soft smile.

"I thought you could use some comfort," she said. She stood and offered her hand to me. I placed his large hand in her small yet strong palm. She led me to the sofa in my room. She sat down first and then pulled me down beside her so my head was resting on her lap.

"Esme.." I started but stopped short; what was I supposed to say? She ran her cold fingers through my bronze colored locks. I stared at her immpasive face; while her body remained here, she seemed miles away.

"Edward," she said, with a sterness I had heard many times when I did something stupid. "I need to know how you really feel about Bella."

"I love her, simple as that." I said. I wasn't sure where this was going.

"Then why do you have such trouble accepting her as a vampire? She's yours for eternity; are you not happy with that?" she said. I looked up and met her stern gaze. Her eyes were brown; she would need to feed again soon.

"It's not that..."I sighed. How could I explain this? "I guess I never really accepted what I have become, even after this many years. Bella was just so pure, so innocent that I did not want to condem her to this life." I closed my eyes; the hurt that I felt after leaving Bella a year ago was back. The ripping, searing sensation felt like my heart was being ripped right out of my chest. I heard Esme sigh above me.

"I understand how you haven't accepted what you have become, but why couldn't you trust Bella to make the right desicion?" I shook my head vigorously.

"It's not that I didn't trust her...I didn't want her to throw her life away!" I sat up. If I was still human I would probably crying tears frustration.

"So you expected her to just move on one day and marry someone she didn't love?! You expected her to just grow old while she knew you were still alive and well?! What were you thinking Edward? Do you know how much that would hurt her?! All that should matter to you is that she loves you! She choose this life and I don't think she regrets it." During her tirade Esme had gotten up off the leather couch. I stood a few feet away.

I felt her come up behind me. "Edward please, don't hurt her more than she already has been hurt. Although she may seem perfect on the outside, I know she is suffering on the inside. I just want you to know that she choose this lifestyle and that she did it out of love for you; don't make her spend an eternity alone."



I stood in my old bedroom watching old memories flicker across my eyes. It was about five o'clock and the sun was just beginning it's descent. I could feel the hunger coiling inside me; my stomach clenched and my throat burned. I could smell them everywhere....humans. Their blood so sweet I could taste the fragrance on my tongue. I licked my lips. 'Oh, get a hold of yourself.' I thought. I shook off the hunger and went to my closet. I picked out a pair of black jeans and a black spaghetti strapped shirt. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair into a pony tail. I went downstairs into the living room and sat down to watch a little t.v. I soon found myself watching the National Geographic channel. Coincidentally they were showing a special about humans who thought they were vampires. I saw a man with a long jet black goatee and a black leather trench coat exclaim, "Being a vampire is a state of mind; I can't imagine myself without my coven. I would surely die."'Oh spare me! More like coven of pyschoes...' I thought. I switched off the t.v. I walked into the kitchen and opened the frigde.

I grabbed a large, plastic water jug and emptied it into the sink. I would have to store away some blood; unlike Forks, Phoenix doesn't have a large quantity of forests and I can't keep dissapearing to go hunting.

I emptied another one and opened the back door. It was now 7:30; there was not enough sunlight to make my skin sparkle. I walked quietly to the neighborhood park; I stuck to the shadows just in case. The smell of human blood was suffocating me, but I stayed strong. I told myself I would not feed I on humans. I found it became easier the longer I was outside; I was growing used to it! I let a smile form on my lips. Maybe, just maybe I could make it.

I made it to the park; the gate were locked. I easily hopped over them and landed silently on the other side. I walked into the darker part of the park where there were more trees. Even though it was faintly lit by the brilliant orange and red sunset, I could see as if it was broad day light. I stopped once I was in deep enough. I closed my eyes and expanded my senses. There were two racoons and two squirrels; perfect.

I could hear their small hearts pumping blood through out their bodies. It sent a chill up and down my spine. I feel my canines lengthen and sharpen. I jumped and landed silently in the trees. Before the animals could think to run, I had snapped their necks. I hurriedly drank from the neck of the squirel; it was unlike anything I had ever tasted! It was sweet and warm and slid down my throat easily. I drained the squirel and then buried it in the ground; it wouldn't do for people to start suspecting anything.

I quickly slit the throats of the others and drained them into the jugs. I buried their bodies as well. The jugs were half full but they would do. I hurried home back the way I came.

It was around 9:00 when I came home. I took off my clothes and showered. I dressed in a white tank top and black shorts; now what was I supposed do? I can't sleep, and I have no one to talk to. I laid back on my bed and closed my eyes. I had never felt so lonely. 'I miss him..,' I thought. My heart began to ache again. "No, I can't stay here." I said to myself. As long as I stayed here, I would think about him. I pulled on a pair of blue jeans and left the house once again.

I started toward downtown. I had always loved it down here at nightime. The buildings were a-glow and the streets were packed with people. I walked aimlessly through downtown, when suddenly I heard what sounded like the peeling of car tires. I took a detour down a alley and saw a large abandoned strip of road. It was bordered on each side with abandoned factories, that used to be the heart of Phoenix.

Now hundereds of people stood on each side with video cameras; some were sitting on cars. They were watching two cars as they roared down the street. I watched without being noticed for fifteen minutes. Then I heard someone run up from behind me. It was a guy. As he ran past me, he stirred up the warm, dry air. What happened next was completely unexpected.

The sweetest smell wafted torwards me and I nearly stumbled back. It was like chocolate. It made my mouth water and I closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt his hand on my arm.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to hit you." His voice was smooth and deep. I opened my eyes to gaze at a pair of beautiful blue eyes set into a mildly tanned face. His hair was very short and reminded me of peach fuzz. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I-i'm fine." I pulled my arm away; his touch was making me imagine things that I shouldn't. He smiled. 'Oh god....' I thought.

"I'm Ashton." He held his hand out to me. I took it slowly and unsurely.

"Bella." Suddenly I heard shouting and sirens. Looks like the party was over.

"Come on!" Ashton shouted. He led me down another dark alley and pulled me close to him. I literally forgot to breathe. I heard a cop run past our hideout. Suddenly I couldn't hear anything but the pulsing of his heart. I was so close to his jugular. All I had to do was lean forward just a little. I licked my lips. What could one bite hurt? Just a little taste....just one....

I leaned forward and licked his warm flesh, before sucking on it gently. I grabbed the back of his neck in a death grip.

"Hey, Bella what are you-"

Shut up." I growled lowly. I let my lips rest on his throat. 'I can't fight this, this feeling is too strong.' Suddenly I heard Edward's voice.

'Bella what are doing?'

'I don't know...I can't stop'

'You have to.'

'I told you I can't! It's like a feeling that has taken over me; I can't stop it'

'Yes you can, just back away. Go home Bella'

As I began to back away, I had an outer body experience. While backing away from me, Ashton scratched his hand on a peice of metal sticking out of a nearby dumbster. First a red line appeared, then the blood began to slowly ooze to the surface. Something inside me snapped. I lunged forward and bit deeply into his neck. I could feel the warm rush of blood as it pulsed into my mouth. I could feel Ashton's feeble attempt and claw at me and to break away; I tightened my grip. The blood flow became less and less until there was none left. I released Ashton's neck and looked fearfully at his limp body. I placed him behind the dumpster so he was leaning up against it. Then I ran. I ran like I had never run before. Everything was just a blur; people, sounds and light melded together into one big blob.

I burst through the upstairs window and landed on my feet. I crawled over on to my bed and curled into the fetal position. I was so confused. I saw my cell phone on the table. I picked it up and dialed the first person that came to mind.

I called Edward.