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Imprints in the Snow

For what you did to me
And what I'll do to you
You get
What everyone else gets
You get a lifetime
--- My Chemical Romance There's nothing Bella hates more than life, and Edward Cullen. She resents him for creating her, against his better judgement. After being unable to accept life as an immortal, she returns to Forks, Washington, hoping to find peace in the place that she spent the last of her years as a human. But just as Bella's adjusted, a very unexpected someone enters her life again and tears everything up. Chapter Six!


4. Chapter 4 - (Jasper)

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If you marry me

Would you bury me?

Would you carry me

To the end?

So say goodbye to the vows you take

And say goodbye to the life you make

And say goodbye to the heart you break

And all the cyanide you drank

--- My Chemical Romance


Edward was in pain, and there was an absence of smiles in the Cullen house once again. Alice's hand tightened around mine as she pulled me towards him with a smile plastered on her petite face.

"Edward, it's been two weeks, no letters, no contact. Don't you think you should get out of this slump?" Alice asked, touching her fingertips lightly to his arm.

He looked at her with a blank, expressionless face. "How can I exist, not knowing where she is?" He was suddenly angry. "How can I live, without her in my life? Bella"-he winced at her name-"has left, taking my heart with her - and this is the best I can do, Alice. I don't know how else to act. I don't know who else to be!" He threw his hands up in the air and I felt a wave of fresh emotion running through me.

Calm, Edward. Calm. I thought, and his muscles relaxed. "Don't," he snarled in my direction, and stalked out of the room.

Alice looked at me helplessly and I stared back at her. She was feeling miserable, too, and that, I could not have. I ran a hand through her spiky black hair and kissed her eyebrows. "It's not your fault, Alice. Even I couldn't lift his spirits." She looked at me, probing. I sighed, forcing a faux-smile. "I felt what he is feeling... And it's not like anything he's ever felt before. He hurting from the inside out - I think it's best he had some time to himself for now."

Alice shook her head. "He needs us, Jazz... Now is not the time to abandon him."

She turned to follow him out, and I laid my hand on her shoulder to stop her. "Alice..."

"You don't understand, Jasper! You may feel what we're all feeling, but you don't know the reasons behind them! I know Edward. The last thing he needs is isolation."

Desperate to lighten the mood, I smiled a lopsided grin and took her hand in mine again. "I bet five dollars that he'll turn you away."

Alice smiled back at me, but hers was a chagrin, mixed with determination. "He needs us." She said again, and walked out of the room to find Edward.

A few minutes later, she returned, with a face like thunder. I could almost taste the defeat in the air. Alice did not linger long enough to speak to me.

A five dollar bill fluttered to the ground. * * *

I was sitting crosslegged on the duvet cover of Alice and my king-sized bed, flipping through TV channels, hoping to find something of interest in something other than news. The humans were quite uninteresting to me. Asides from food, with exception to us, the Cullens, the humans were nothing but ignorant animals to vampires. Their simple-minds enabled them to create havoc among each other in everyday situations. It was utterly unfathomable why they would do some of the things they would do. Alice was right around the corner, poking through things in our large walk-in closet. "Alice, if you are trying on your new cerulean halter sundress, I think we can both agree when I say you look stunning in it. Now will you please stop fiddling with your clothes and spend some time with me?" I asked, sprawling out on the bed and resting my folded hands behind my head as I waited.

She came out, wearing her thick grey overcoat and in her hand was a black suitcase. "I'm leaving."

Immediately, my first instinct was to jump off the bed and grasp her small white hands in mine and beg for forgiveness. "Where are you going?" I asked, staring into her eyes.

Alice laughed genuinely, for the first time in ages. My heart swelled out to her. "I saw this in my vision, but it's a thousand times funnier in action!" She took her free hand and stroked my cheek. "I'm not leaving you, silly. You're free to come with me. I'm going to go find Bella, and somehow persuade her to come back. Edward is suffering, and I can't let her do this to him. They belong together, and she's hurting him."

"Alice, when will you realize there is nothing you can do?" I asked grasping her by the waist. "You're not the reason behind this problem, you don't need to get involved."

She stared at me. "I can't help trying to help. It's in my nature. You don't have to come if this goes against what you believe."

I sighed. My love had played the moral card. "Just give me a second to pack."

Alice's smile returned. "I knew you would say that. That's why I already packed for you."

My eyes followed hers to the corner of the room where matching black suitcase sat on the floor. "I don't know why you even ask." I said, and took her hand in mine.

"Manners." She answered with a defiant smile.

* * *

"She might not even want to see you, Alice." I said to my love as she stared ahead at the darkened house in Forks, Washington. "We shouldn't intrude where we're not wanted."

Alice patted my hand, and smiled at me as if she hadn't been touched by my harsh warning. "Don't worry about me, Jazz. I know Bella loves me. She won't mind me dropping in on her new life." She, like Edward would've, winced when she said 'new life'. I could feel the tension in the air. "Wait for me here, if you don't want to come in. I won't be long." There was an edge to the way her words carried in the air, but I ignored it and kissed her lightly on the lips before letting her go.

"Admittedly, I'm a bit nervous." In the years I had known Alice, she had never come across as a nervous person. I helped by sending calm sensations through her mind and her muscles relaxed. "Wish me luck," she said, opening the car door. "God knows I'll need it." She muttered under her breath. I wished I had paid more attention to her emotions on the way to Forks and done something about it.