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This is about the pain that both Edward and Bella go through while away from each other, both believing that the other couldn't love them any more. however, it does come to a clichéd happy ending.

~* none of the characters or anything like that belong to me. They belong to Stephenie Meyer*~

2. Chapter 2: Sea of Eternal Pain

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Edwards POV

"Don't you want me anymore?"...


I opened my black eyes, jerking myself back to wakefulnes before my memory-me could utter that fateful word. How I hated myself. Her tear glazed face would haunt my mind until I died, which, I reminded myself, would be as soon as she did. The thought of life in a world where Bella Swan did not exists was untolerable. She was the source of my strength; my soul, wounded as it was, could only exist as long as my love did.

Pulling myself from the ground, I caught a scent as pungent and painful as Bella's was now. Victoria. If I coulden't have Bella, I could at least rid the world of her stalker.


Bella"s POV

"Hey, Bella!" Oh lord, Mike, "Hey!" he caught up to me in the parking lot outside Newtons Olympic Outfitters.

"Hi, Mike. What do you want, now?" If I thought the question would unbalance him, I was sadly dissapointed.

"Erm... Do you... want to go to the movies sometime? Like a date?" So that was what he'd been driving at. Darn. Time to break out the big one. Criticizing time.

"Mike. I can't belive you. If you think I would ever go out with you, your crazy. Please stop asking." For God's sake, you'd think a long line of "No"'s, "No, thankyou"'s , and outright "NO! Stop asking!"'s would deter him. But no, he stll thought he had a chance. I snorted in disdain. I turned away, my body moving mechanically towards the truck while my thoughts swirled around my head. There was only one person whom I would accept, and he couldn't care less about me. As this realization roled over me, the hole in my chest rippled painfully. A wave or pure agony swept over me and pulled me into a dazed, painful stupor. I pulled the truck over to the curb and cried.


Edwards POV

When I had a purpose, the pain wasn't so acute. It was still there, an ebbing tide beneath the greater current of my anger towards Victoria. If the pain was ever truly silenced, I would have gone to Italy, right then and there. It was the only reminder of the woman I loved that didn't bring more waves of anguish, sometimes lapping at the edge of my thoughts, sometimes roaring through my mind ike a flood. An ineguastable supply of sadness, always leaking in from the sea of pain that was my memory. If I tried to think of the time before I knew Bella, all I could see was how empty my life was without her. If I tried to think about her, I would be pulled down, as close to unconsiouness as my species would alow, by a fresh wave of pure anguish, seeping into my mind like boiling metal. But when I was tracking, activley working to help the woman I loved,the pain was banished to a remote corner of my mind.