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This is about the pain that both Edward and Bella go through while away from each other, both believing that the other couldn't love them any more. however, it does come to a clichéd happy ending.

~* none of the characters or anything like that belong to me. They belong to Stephenie Meyer*~

4. Friendship; Over

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"Hey, Bella! want to come over? We can ride the bikes." Why was it that I could be so happy and so sad at the same time?

"Sure Jake. Maybe I wont end up in the emergency room today. I am getting better." Which was no cause for celebration. My velvet-voiced delusions were slowly giving me up for lost. I couldn't live without them. They were the only link to a past I dared not remember.

"Yeah! Well, I'lll see you soon, I guess. Bye!"

"Bye." Maybe if I was in the ER, my mental abberation would say something. Even a 'Bella, stop running into tree's!' would be welcomed. But the likelyhood of that was zero point oh one. Not very likely, I decided.

At least there was still Jacob. And I could love him. Juliet could love Paris, after all. I did love him. Not the same mind-numbing love that came with...him, but different. Just as deep, but not the same. Maybe not as passionet. I loved him and that was the end of it. Right?

The phone rang, jolting me out of my reverie. A shrill voice I couldn't help but recognize started to chirp in my ear.

"Oh God, Bella! How stupid could you be? He could kill you more easily than I or anyone else of our race!" She stopped, and I realized that Alice was yelling at me. Alice.

"What are you talking about, Alice? And why are you calling me? I thought you werent supposed to call me, or even write me an e-mail! If you can call now, why didn't you call before?" The hateful words spilled out before I could stop myself. I sounded almost hysterical.

"I-Bella, I'm not supposed to call you or anything! I had to warn you. You know about the whole Vampire-Werewolf enmity thing? Well I saw a vision. You and something were talking. The something wasn't there. I couldn't even hear it. I think that something was a werewolf. Maybe I can't see them or something. Anyway, you were talking to nothing and then suddenly you just screamed for no aparent reason, and fell to the floor. Bleeding. Why the hell would you, of all people, be alone with a werewolf?" Her voice demended that I tell her the truth.

"Um...My best friend...," I could tell her. Jake knew everything, why not Alice? "Is a werewolf." I was in for it now.

"WHAT?!!! OhmyGodBellawhatwereyouthinking!" Her words were so fast that I coudn't understand them.

"Alice. I'm only human, remember? I don't understand you when you're talking at a thousand miles an hour." The words were icy.

"Oh. Right. What were you thinking Bella? He could loose control at any moment, and kill you as easily as he would kill a fly. Sorry for the insectiod comparison." As if I didn't know that already.

"I...know."My voice was tortured. I continued in a wispher. "I can't stay away from him. He's about the only thing keeping me alive now. Loose him, and I would loose what little life I have left." Even wisphering, Alice could tell I was close to tears.

"I knew it. I told him. I told him a million times. 'Edward, she wont get over it'. Stupid, insuferable male." She muttered to herself, but I picked up the words.

"Alice, don't tell me I can't be with him! I need him. He keeps me human." I took a deep breath. "Most likely, I would die without him. Really." Oh, and by the way, I should be off to see him now! No, way not good idea. Alice would probably rip my face off through the phone.


Alices POV

"Alice, don't tell me I can't be with him! I need him. He keeps me human." She paused,"Most likely I would die without him." Leave it to Bella to fall in love with the most dangerous mythical creatures around.

"I can't really stop you, can I? I'm God only knows how many miles away from Forks. But I can tell you to run far away from this guy. He might be sorry after, but that wouldn't stop you from being dead." God help me, but I can't be friends with her. Not now.

"Bella...I will never call you again after this. I wont watch for your future. I'll never see you again. We especially can't stay friends if your going to be with a werewolf all the time. I guess you might say that our friendship is oficially...over." God, I want to kick myself. I heard a gasp on the other end of the line.

"Bye Bella."

"Bye." Friendship; over. At least Edwad would be happy.




Oh how I hated myself. Bella was probably dead by now. Thank you Rosalie. Really. How else would I have known that Bella was dead? Now I could say her name, knowing I would be with her soon. I could use a dose of Bella. What I really needed was a plane ticket to Italy, though. So I'd go buy one. I don't care if she lived in horror of the thought that I would kill myself if she died. It wasn't her choice. Aro, Volterra, here I come.