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This is about the pain that both Edward and Bella go through while away from each other, both believing that the other couldn't love them any more. however, it does come to a clichéd happy ending.

~* none of the characters or anything like that belong to me. They belong to Stephenie Meyer*~

6. Fate and Pain

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Bella's POV

I was under dark water. And it triggered a painful flood of memory. Edward, Charlie, Renee, Alice, Jacob.The only people I cared about, and likely the only ones who careed about me. Gone. Like my life, like my future with Edward was the minute he spoke the word. No. So why was I in such pain? A fire spreading throughout my body, like boiling oil. A fire that I knew, dreaded, loved, and wished for. The fire of vampire venom. The pain I had felt once before.

So who was changing me? Not Edward, not a Cullen, certainly. They didn't care anymore. Except maybe Esme, who seemed to think of me as her daughter. And possibly Emmet, who was like a scary older brother to me. But they didn't know that I was going to kill myself, and probably wouldn't have considered changing me if they did. Alice didn't care, Jasper would have killed me, and Rosalie...was Rosalie. Carlisle wouldn't directly disobey Edward about this, unless he thought it to be the only option. Which it wasn't. They could just let me die. Edward didn't love me, so the cold skin touching my arm couldn't possibly be his...


Alice's POV

All that seemed important was running. I was driven faster than ever before. I wasn't brining Carlisle along. THat part had been a lie. Carlisle was at the school and would be until three fifteen, when his classes were over. it was noon now, and I had no time to spare. I was the only one available, who could withstand the smell of Bella's blood for more than ten seconds.

So I set off running, a cold, hard fury driving me onwards. The same fury that, when I arrived at Charlies house, allowed me to bite her without draining her, or even taking the tiniest of sips. The same fury that made me carry her deep into the forest, where her screams of agony would not be heard. THe same fury that died as Bella opened her ruby eyes and stared at me, fearfuly...