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This is about the pain that both Edward and Bella go through while away from each other, both believing that the other couldn't love them any more. however, it does come to a clichéd happy ending.

~* none of the characters or anything like that belong to me. They belong to Stephenie Meyer*~

7. Together, Once More

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I opened my eyes to a world of color, light, sound, and smell. I heard a sound not unlike that of ripping cloth, and sat up to see Alice, sobbing tearlessly, her back to me.

"What's wrong?" I thought, sending the thought Alice's way.

"Oh, nothing much. I just found you lying in a pool of your own blood, half-dead, wrist slit, pale as death. I changed you, half expecting myself to kill you, and I've now been away from Jasper for four days straight without even calling him, because my cell phone's at home. That's what's wrong." She turned, and her angel's face was sodden with distraught."Bella, will you please tell me why you tried to kill yourself? I want to know."

"Fine then, I'll tell you the truth. Edward left me, taking all reminders of him, everything in which I might have taken comfort. Then you pronounced our friendship "over". Charlie thinks i'm crazy and depressed. And Jacob-" i fell sobbing to the forest floor. i couldn't hink of him now. I was his enemy, and he mine. And i was in love with him.

Alice just watched me, her eyes dark amber, and peircing.

" Bella! We have to leave now! The dogs are coming! they're looking for you! I hope your up to running..." She held out a hand, and when I took it, she pulled me, on silent wings, through the forest, our feet barely touching the ground.


We arrived in Anchorage, Alaska, at 3:05 pm. we stepped into a clearing in the forest to find the Cullen clan, gathered in front of what I presumed was their house. Carlisle, Esme, Emmet, Rosalie, and Jasper were to be expected. I did not expect Edward to be there, standing shyly at the back of the group. our eyes locked for the tiniest of seconds, but I broke the gaze. I turned instead to Esme, and for the next few minutes the clearing filled with chatter and laghter. Edward's face held a note of pain, mingled with hatred, and satisfaction. Of course, he hadn't wanted me changed before, now he was afraid he would be stuck with me forever.

"Don't worry. I'll leave if it'll make you feel better" I sent the mental words, edging them with all the frost I could muster. I watched a chord of horror enter his face as he recieved the telepathic message. Was that a good thing or a bad one?

"Maybe we should leave you two alone for a bit." Rosalie's words jolted me from my thoughts. The Cullens moved away, into the house, leaving me alone with Edward.

"It wouldn't make me feel better. It would kill me if you left. I've been away from you for far too long."His voice, velvet and musical, was sad with an aching pain.

"But you don't want me! You don't love me! Wasn't tricking me into thinking you loved me once enough? Why are you doing this?"i was screaming, hysterical, sobbing. he pulled me to him, but I pushed him away. his face was shocked, greiving. I wasn't finished yet. "Edward, I loved you. You didn't love me, you just pretended. You loved my blood, and there isn't any of that left. You never really loved me." I fell to the floor, my entire body shaking,

"Bella, how could you think that? That I didn't love you? That I don't?" He gathered me into his arms, and i was powerless to resist. Physicaly, that is.

"You told me. And either that was sincere, or you are a very good liar. I happen to know it was the former." I turned my eyes away from his imploring face. When he spoke, his voice was quiet, pleading,

"Isabella Swan. Did you really think I didn't love you? I hate that you can't see through my lies, but I love you." He leaned in, closer to my face. Almost silently, he wispered, "I love you, but I tore you apart. I hurt you, more than I ever thought was possible. I thought you would get over it. It was unforgivalbe for me to have done so, but I have to know; Bella, do you still love me, after all I've done to you?" I nodded, sending a silent tele-message at the same time.

"I have always loved you. I always have, and I always will. And I forgive you." At these "words", he kissed me. Not like before, this was no pathetic peck on the lips. This was our reward for all that time spent apart, as days turned into weeks, weeks into months. So I kissed him back, feeling his cool skin against my own, knowing that he was mine, and mine forever; for eternity.


"Bella,"he murmmered,"will you marry me?"What a stuid question, as if he didn't know the answer.

We were in Edward's room, and it was 9:00. Alice had been thrilled that I was going to stay with the Cullens, and ecstatic at the fact that Edward and I had made up. I decided to send him a silent "yes", just in case Alice was listening, which she probably was.

"Of course. I love you more than words can say." My suspicions were confirmed when Alice burst in, blowing the door open.

"Okay, now say that so the rest of us can hear it," she demmanded. I smiled, and said the word.

"Yes." She grinned impishly, and was still smiling when we anounced it to the rest of the family next morning.