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This is about the pain that both Edward and Bella go through while away from each other, both believing that the other couldn't love them any more. however, it does come to a clichéd happy ending.

~* none of the characters or anything like that belong to me. They belong to Stephenie Meyer*~

8. Forever, For Each Other

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I felt the soft white fluttering around my ankles. I felt the warm wind on my face. I felt his hand on mine. His skin, smooth as glass, was no longer icy cold. I looked into his eyes, his smoky topaz eyes.

Our wedding day. We had decided so quickly, he had asked, and Ihad accepted. The actual day was less than a month later. Now it was here.

<> Carlisle stood in front of us, smiling. His skin glittered, as did Edward's and mine. And everybody else's. We stood in Edward's clearing, our clearing. 'So the lion fell in love with the lamb...' his words echoed through my head. Two years after that giddy day of love, and here we were again. About to be married. I was in a serene sort of mental haze, not quite cohearant.

<>Edward spoke quietly next to me, "I do." I pulled my self out of my stupor to hear Carlisle speak.

<>"And do you, Bella Swan, take Edward for your husband?" Carefully omiting the words 'lawfully wedded'.

<>My voice was a wisper, "I do."

Edward didn't wait for the words 'you may now kiss the bride'. He pulled me to him, and our lips met. My heart melted. he pushed me away suddenly. He held in one hand the ring, the one I would wear on a chain after today, just as Rose and Alice did. BUt for today, the thin gold band slipped onto my finger. His deep eyes stared into mine as he pulled me back tto his embrace. I was now Isabella Marie Swan Cullen. And I was in perfect bliss.