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Egocentric by Awsomealice94 What if Bella decided not to be selfish? What if she decided to let Edward fight in the clearing, with the werewolves and the rest of the Cullen’s, against the newborns and Victoria? A different ending of Eclipse

please remember some main points in the book-- if Bella told Edward that he should go fight, that means that she would be with Seth the day of the fight. And if Sam never gave any special orders to Seth to stay with Bella like Edward had asked him too, Seth would have gone into the fight anyway. That means that Bella would most likely be wondering around in the woods or be in the clearing like Alice had seen….

1. Chapter 1

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“You know it’s not like that, Bella.” he murmured. “I won’t be far, and it will be over quickly.”

“I can’t stand it,” I insisted, still staring down.

“Not knowing whether or not you’ll come back. How do I live through that, no matter how quickly it’s over?” He sighed.

“It’s going to be easy, Bella. There’s no reason for your fears.”

“None at all?”


“And everyone will be fine?”

“Everyone,” he promised.

“I just don’t know, Edward.” I mumbled.

He put his arms around me,“I’m going to come back to you, Bella. The Family will be fine, I will be fine, and the werewolves will be fine. And you will be fine and un-harmed.” He vowed, whispering in my ear. I didn’t want to be egocentric, or selfish. He wanted to do this, he wanted to fight. If I am ever going to be a good girlfriend (the word sounded so adolescent in this case) it was going to be now. Or even a good soul mate, for that matter. I had to put my own interests behind Edward’s. He was first priority for me. I would regret asking him to stay with me and sit out right away, and so I pushed the thought out of my head. Alice’s vision that she warned Edward about a few minutes ago would never come true, and would probably change right now.

“I suppose if you say so, I have to trust you,” I mumbled, “please be careful-the fight is only in a couple of days. And I suppose until then I will have sleepless nights.” The last part I said to myself.

“I wouldn’t doubt it, after how long you slept today.” Edward chuckled.

I rolled my eyes, “why didn’t you wake me?” I asked him.

“You stayed up all night with us at the baseball field-you deserved some well earned rest.” Edward’s eyes moved to the direction of the front door.

Just then I heard the front door swing open, and my dad’s voice calling my name,


“In here dad!” I shouted from the kitchen. Edward moved me around quickly so I am sitting by myself in a chair.

“Meet you in your room.” He promised before disappearing quickly.

“Perfect timing.” I muttered, for Charlie just walked into the kitchen.

“Hey sleepy head. It’s about time you woke up-that must have been one hell of a party.” He laughed to himself.

“Yeah, Dad. It was pretty good-but then again I don’t like parties- Alice claims it was just what I needed.” I explained.

“You did seem stressed about something the last couple of weeks- it is probably finals and graduation.” Charlie nodded his head. If you had any idea what I am worrying about… I thought before nodding my head back to Charlie.

“I’m going to go get ready to go to the Cullen’s house; Edward is going to pick me up in a few minutes. Is that okay?” I asked before adding,

“They probably need help cleaning up.” Knowing them it was all done in a matter of minutes last night.

“That’s a good idea, Billy was going to come over and watch the game anyways-it wouldn’t be much fun for you. Jacob couldn’t make it unfortunately. The kid’s not getting much sleep.” Charlie explained.

“Oh, there is some stuff in the fridge for sandwiches or you could just get pizza…tell Billy hi for me when you see him.” I said before heading towards the stairs.

“Alright Bella. Don’t worry about me-you still baby me too much, it’s going to be a wake-up call once you’re in college.” He said.

The last part of what he said sort of pained me in a way, I felt bad. I wasn’t planning on going to college; it was just a cover up story- although Edward would probably be ecstatic if I did decide to go to Dartmouth. Charlie and him both…

I laughed to myself; I could never see myself going to Dartmouth.

“I’ll go get the Volvo.” Edward said before kissing me on the forehead once I walked in my room.

“Alright, and I’ll get decent.” I said looking now at the mirror. My hair was a complete disaster.

Once he climbed out of my window I went to go grab jeans and a sweater from the floor.

Everything was tossed all over my room from when I couldn’t find anything on graduation.

I pulled my hair up in a clip, there wasn’t much more I could do with it. I didn’t even have to look outside to know that it was raining, because it was always raining in Forks.

I opened my bedroom door with one quicker glance at the mirror again before heading down the stairs. I narrowly escaped myself from a concussion on the bottom step, managing to balance myself before I fell on the ground.

“Are you okay Bella?” Charlie asked, reacting to the sound of my steady footsteps on the stairs stopping and the sound of me dropping my shoes on the ground by accident.

“I’m fine dad, don’t worry. It’s just the usual almost falling thing.” I assured him.

“Alright.” He called back. I looked out the window of the kitchen; the Volvo had just pulled up in our driveway.

“Edward’s here, dad. I’ll see you in a few hours.” I called to him before shutting the door.

“Hello angel.” Edward greeted me as I walked up to the car.

“Hello Edward.” I smiled as he opened my door. I got in and he shut it. In less than a second he was next to me and pulling away from the driveway.

“So what’s the plan for today?” I asked him.

“I figured we could do anything you want. Everyone is in a little worried mood-mostly for your sake”, Edward added as I raised my eyebrow before he continued, “especially Alice. She still thinks that she is losing her visions. I think we have all been pushing her to much-she is on the edge of a breakdown.” He explained.

“Oh, that’s horrible! I just can’t picture Alice un-happy, it’s like saying forks has no trees.” I said to him. He chuckled, “she will be happy to see you. The whole family will, they didn’t get around to talking to you as much as they wanted to last night at the party.” He explained.

“Good, I wanted to see them too, I miss Esme.” I told him as he turned onto his never ending driveway.

“Well, then I suppose this is good that you wanted to come.” He said as he passed the house, going on that almost invisible path leading to the garage.

He opened my door once he parked the car, and he helped me out.

“Bella!” Emmett called out from somewhere in the garage. Edward pointed the direction; he was helping Rosalie work on Alice’s new car.

“I thought it might make her feel a little better.” Rosalie shrugged, coming out from under the car.

“That’s a good idea.” Edward said as I nodded.

“So Bella, do anything funny lately?” Emmett asked with a grin on his face. I blushed, and he took that as me saying ‘yes’ to his question.

“Why do I always miss it?” he muttered.

“Come on, Bella.” Edward held out his hand for me to take. I waved to Emmett as Rosalie went back under the car, with Emmett holding it up like a jack.

“It’s a long ways, do you mind if I carry you?” Edward asked. I shook my head, and Edward put his arm around my waist to put me on his back in one movement.

In a few seconds we were at the front door of his house. I hopped down carefully and made sure I was steady and balanced before continuing.

Edward opened the door for me, smiling as I walked inside.

“Where is everyone?” I wondered out loud as we walked into what looked like an empty room.

“Upstairs!” Esme called to us, probably yelling only for my sake. I looked to Edward and he shrugged, taking my hand and walking upstairs.

Apparently everyone was on the third floor, to the part that I have never been in.

“What is everyone doing?” I asked as Edward walked with me into a room that almost took up half the third floor. It had papers and books, like a whole other library.

I wondered over to the table that Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Alice were all seated around. As I was walking over there were papers that caught my eye on a desk next to me. This room really looked almost like a huge company office.

Then I finally understood what they used this room for. I looked more closely at the paper-

Birth certificate of Alice Cullen

Born on May 23rd, 1989

Biloxi, Mississippi At Biloxi Grace Hospital

The rest of the paper I didn’t care to read. I raised my eyebrow at Edward as a little smile was playing on his lips.

The family used this room to do all of the illegal stuff, such as forge birth certificates.

“I don’t even think I want to know.” I shook my head laughing.

“I should have known the Cullen’s were criminals.” Edward now raised his eyebrow at me.

“Kidding.” I added as I turned towards the family as they all were crowding around something, concentrated. My smile vanished, was something wrong?