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Dinner Surprise

banner by me! banner by me :] One-shot: Ben takes Angela out, but what happens isn't what Angela expected.

I won nothing! All goes to Stephenie Meyer *all hail stephenie =]]*

1. Chapter 1

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The door bell chimed throughout the house and my annoying little brothers ran to go answer it. I knew who it was and I felt a blush creep up my cheeks when I heard his voice. "Where is Angela?" He asked at my two little brothers.

"She is getting ready." Joshua said, "Though I don't see why, it doesn't help her." He added to my embarrassment.

Ben laughed a charming laugh and I smiled, "It doesn't help her, because she doesn't need to dress up, she's pretty enough." Ben said.

I gasped in glee and giggled to myself, I added a clip to my hair and sighed before turning away from the mirror and escaping out my room to the door to meet with Ben.

My little brothers pretended to gag at Ben's comment; I noticed as I walked into the hall.

"You two, quit being rude and finish your homework." I said, glaring slightly at the two of them.

They laughed and ran into the living room and sprawled onto the floor in front of the TV, ignoring my homework suggestion.

I frowned down to Ben and he smiled up to me, "It's fine. Lets go." He said pulling me out to his car.

"Have fun, dear." My mother called out. "Be back my ten, its a school day tomorrow." She reminded me. I looked at my watch, it was five, I calculated how long it would take us to return if we made it to and from Port Angeles and how long the movie would take and if we went to dinner. I smiled, we would be back on time.

Ben opened the door of his car for me and I got inside of it, giggling at the music he had on the stereo; Jonas Brothers, Kids of the Future. I looked at him in confusion, pointing at the stereo.

He blushed slightly, "My little cousins thought it would be funny." He said, not meeting my eyes of embarrassment.

"Ah," I said giggling and setting into my seat and pulling the seat belt. "So, what movie are we going to see?" I asked him once he started the car.

Ben pondered for a second then opened his mouth, shook his head, and closed it again. "I'm not sure." He finally admitted. "I was hoping you could pick this time. I am usually picking the movies and you must be tired of seeing action movies." He said starting to drive up the road.

I shrugged, "I don't know either." I said cocking my head and scanning through my head through the movie commercials. "Oh, I don't really care, lets just see an action movie. It doesn't matter." I said as we pulled up tot the movie's parking lot.

Ben smiled happily and suggested the movie. I nodded not really caring as long as I spend time with him, seeing how little time we had together now that we graduated and were going off to college soon.

He helped me out of the car and offered me his hand. I took it with a laugh and we walked up to the box office. Ben asked for the two tickets and the peppy woman on the other side smiled at the sight of the two of us.

I pulled off my jacket as we entered into the safe indoors of the movie theater, and the warm butter smell of popcorn reached me. There was a line at the concession stand and I noticed two people I knew from school right away.

Jessica and Mike. Jess pulling on the hand of an annoyed looking Mike. I giggled as Mike groaned when Jess offered for them to change their horror movie tickets for the romantic movie.

"Oh hey Angela, hey Ben!" Mike called out relived as he saw Ben and I approach the stand for our popcorn.

"Hi Mike!" I said when I reached them.

"Hi, Mike." Ben said with a smile.

"Hello, Angela. Ben." Jessica said, less excited then she was seconds ago.

"What movie are you two seeing?" Mike asked hopeful.

I showed him my ticket and he raised his eyebrows. "Nice choice." He said, glumly, I guessed he wanted to double instead of being alone with Jessica.

"Well, sorry for leaving you guys but we have to go, our movie is starting in two minutes." Ben said and we walked together into the dark auditorium.


"Hungry?" Ben asked as we exited the theater doors.

"Very," I admitted as my stomach growled. I looked at my watch, we still had an hour and a half before my curfew.

"Let's go then."

I got in the car and Ben pulled out of the parking lot and set off to searched for somewhere to eat.

He found a nice little restaurant. I looked at him, "A McDonald's would have been fine, really, there is one down the street." I said pointing at the bright yellow double arch.

He grimaced, "Nah, I need somewhere more formal, it probably is going to be the last time we go out, I leave fore college next week, and I'll be busy."

I frowned as I realized how little time we had together and nodded knowing he was right.

We entered the restaurant and a smiling waitress appeared behind the desk with the menus already in her hands. "Table for two?" She asked.

Ben nodded and the waitress showed us to our table.

"Your server will be here momentarily to take your orders." She said and disappeared back to her desk.

Minutes later the server entered the room, "Hello my name is Sarah, I'll be your waiter tonight, what drinks can I get you two?" She asked.

"Water for me, please." Ben said, "Angela?"

"A 7-up?" I said, shyly.

The server disappeared and reappeared seconds later. "Anything to eat?"

"We're still looking." Ben said. The server nodded and disappeared. Ben took a drink out of his water, I noticed his hands were shaking, I wanted to ask what was wrong but before I could open my mouth he spoke softly, "Angela. I need to know something." I looked at him and nodded. "We have been together for about two years." I opened my mouth but he pulled up his hand for him to finish. I was getting a bad feeling about the next words that were going to be bad.

I froze, would he brake up with me? Maybe that's what this all was, for him to say goodbye, because we were going to different colleges.

"And I really feel like we have bonded and gotten to know each other really well." He continued, "Angela?" He got up and stood beside me, taking my hand "Angela Webber?" He said my full name and got down in one knee. My heart pounded in my heart knowing what he was about to do, "Will you marry me?"