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An R rated, but humorous one-shot that examines one of the horrors of the pack dynamic.


1. Close ~ A One-Shot

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The rest of the pack was still in school. He had some time. When Emily left the house, grinning, to visit her mother, Sam waited all of three minutes before stripping, morphing, and running off into the woods to think. And boy did he have something to think about.

He and Emily had been ... close ever since her face had healed, or healed as much as it was ever going to. He was glad his wolf snout couldn’t wince, or he would, every time he thought of that. She had come to him when he’d felt so low that he couldn’t even bring himself to look at her. And she’d ... he was glad his wolf jowls couldn’t blush. He could still picture her on her knees, acceptance in her eyes instead of self-consciousness. His wolf form could react properly to that. He sucked in a lung full of air and ran faster to make the image fade.

He let his mind blank, enjoying the wind. He wasn’t sure how long he ran, or how far. But it wasn’t THAT which had driven him out of the house. That had been nearly a year ago. It was this morning’s ... reciprocation that had made his ears hot with embarrassment, and made the rest of his body hot with something else entirely.

They were waiting until they were married to actually have sex. Emily had been very firm on that point, and he’d agreed. Because he loved her. Because he would do anything for her. And because he was deathly afraid it would be too much for him, and he might hurt her again. He was so much stronger than she. But that hadn’t prevented them from getting very ... close. And this morning, they’d been very close, indeed.

It had been her idea - not something he would have come up with on his own. Not something Emily would have either, he’d just discovered. She and Jacob’s sister Rebecca had been exchanging letters. Rebecca, he knew, was married to a surfer and living in Hawaii. Apparently, she’d become a rather free spirit, and had quite a bit of advice to offer Emily. He felt his wolf lips stretch into a parody of a smile. Good advice.

His senses were more acute in this form. He wondered if he could sneak back to the house and catch that scent. It had been ... frighteningly arousing in his human form. He decided against it. But that didn’t stop him remembering it. Remembering the delicious moans Emily had voiced – wordless, wild. HE had done that for her. His form shivered, and he pushed himself to run faster still.

But the images kept coming, the sounds, the scent. He relived it. The way she finally whispered his name – if he hadn’t known differently, he’d have thought she was in pain. He forced his legs to slow to an easy trot and looked around at the woods. He was a long, long way from home. He wondered what time it was. He had to be a couple hundred miles from the house by now. The sun was fading.

It was only then, when he’d calmed both his emotions and his body that he noticed it. At the very fringe of his consciousness. He swore, and a chorus of adolescent laughter rang out in his head. He started running back toward La Push, twice as fast as before.

There is something so wrong with you, Paul quipped. Sam would have winced at that too, if he could have.

Nah, leave him alone. How can he HELP but think of it? Jared scolded. Then there was the whisper of the thought that at least Paul wasn’t angry about it.

’Course I’m angry, Paul returned, joking for once. I’m traumatized!

Oh, shut it. Just forget it. Let’s go cliff diving. That was Embry, and clearly he really WAS traumatized. Sam gritted his sharp teeth together. Were they ALL in the woods already? Didn’t they have any damned homework? And then it occurred to him. Leah. Was she ALSO ...

Leah’s at home where she belongs, and Seth DID have homework, Jacob supplied helpfully, and Sam got the impression he was focusing on that on purpose, so as not to be caught thinking about what he’d just seen. Sam would have scolded him for saying it if he weren’t so relieved that Leah hadn’t had to share those thoughts. He knew Jacob and Leah didn’t get along. Knew it was because she disapproved of him getting involved with Bella when he might imprint at any time. It was Bella she feared for, and she treated Jacob the same way she wished she could treat Sam. The familiar guilt flowed over him, and there was a chorus of thought all at once, the strongest from Jacob. That ISN’T going to happen!

Not your fault.

Don’t think that way.

She’ll find someone. She’ll be alright.

He ran, hardly feeling the wind. He was twice as embarrassed as he’d been when he’d left the house earlier.

Doesn’t look like you had anything to be embarrassed about, Jared commented, with a mental snicker. Paul laughed as well, but Embry and Jacob were silent. Sam knew Embry was still embarrassed. What Jacob thought, he simply couldn’t tell. He controlled his thoughts more easily than the rest.

Come on, guys. Embry had a good idea. Get dressed and we’ll go cliff diving. And it was Jacob who said it, so they had to obey. Sam felt grateful when they all disappeared from his mind, and more than a little sheepish. Jacob and Embry were barely sixteen. He hoped he hadn’t ruined their innocence completely. And he WISHED that none of them had got to share in Emily’s pleasure. That was unforgivable. He fully intended to make sure she never found out. As soon as he got to the cliffs, he was issuing an order about that. Not a word from any of them, no matter who they were talking to! And Jacob had taught him an important lesson. His snout fell open into a strange, dangerous grin. No HINTS, either!