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Alice's Pain

A red, black, and white drawing depicting Alice's pain in her last few human years, and her first few vampire years. No one understood . . .

Originally this had nothing to do with anything Twilight, it was simply a drawing and poem I wrote out of nowhere. Literally, my inspiration came quite suddenly from some dark abyss in my brain. I'm not sure why. Anyways, after I finished frenziedly scribbling on the paper, I looked at it and realized I could see Alice in it. I could see her sadness and misery in the assylum, and the darkness surrounding her as she struggled as a new vampire. I mean think about it - she was alone, didn't know what had happened, and had this constant craving for blood. If I was her, I'd be a little emo too. Drawn using a black fine tip marker and a red one. Poem and art done soley by me. :-)

1. Chapter 1

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