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Fate's Twisted Charm

Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."

Disclaimer: This story does not match up with the actual series and the timeline, some ages, and other details have been changed. I also own nothing besides Maria and Scott Young. It's all Stephenie Meyer.

11. Betrayed Kisses

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March 1st, 2003

I had a guilty conscience. A very, very, very guilty conscience. Even though, yes, I loved Sam with every fiber that I had and I loved being with him and I was blissfully happy, I couldn't shake the image of Jared's face every time Sam even so much touched me. It was incredible how I hated him and, literally, over night I loved him. I had come to the conclusion that I had hated him only for one reason: he hadn't let me see the real him. The actual Sam Uley was kind, sweet, thoughtful, caring, romantic, and yes, he was definitely handsome. I could see why Leah had fallen for him.

So, we still had the matter of telling Jared and Leah that we were now together. I knew it would hurt Leah even more now that I was with him, but it had to be done. We couldn't continue with a 'secret relationship.' And, truthfully, I was sick of this whole guilty conscience thing. It was killing me.

We had decided to tell them separately. We knew it would take that much more time and explanations and tears, but it would just be better that way. It was strange how Sam and I fit perfectly together. We thought the exact same way and even were able to finish each other's sentences. Imprinting was surely a funny thing.


"Yello?" I responded into the phone while using my new greeting. I smiled as I remembered Jasper saying that it was too 'slang and gangster' for him when I tried to get him to use it.

"Is this the Cullen residence?" A rough voice answered my greeting.

"Sure is. This is Emmett Cullen himself. May I ask who this is?" Something was off. The voice on the other end seemed strained.

"Ah, Emmett. This is Harry Clearwater from La Push," I growled slightly on reflex to his name, "my pack would like to talk to your coven later tonight. Can this be arranged?" Crap. I needed Carlisle for this. He was the leader. I couldn't make decisions like this! Knowing myself I would probably say yes and everyone would kill me for agreeing. Or I was say no and the pack would kill me for not saying yes. Well, all right, maybe not kill, but definitely hunt down.

"Oh, well, sure?" I decided to take a risk.

"Terrific. Tonight, 10 p.m., our side of the boundary line." He hung up before I could respond. I called out to my family as they one by one came downstairs. Oh God, what would their reactions be? They would surely kill me, not to mention Rose.

"Uh, guys? That was Harry Clearwater and he, well, he wants us to meet the pack tonight." I flinched as the room resounded with screams and cursing. I even saw a vase fly across the room and narrowly miss my head. I gulped when I looked to where it came from and saw Rosalie glaring at me viciously.

This was going to be one hell of a night.


I hadn't heard from Emily in a long time. Actually, no one had. Since she got out of the hospital, she seemed distant. Paul was worried, Leah was lonely and mad at her, and I was confused. I mean, I cared strongly for Emily. Who wouldn't? She was everything the perfect woman should be. I sighed, God, these relationship things could be tough.

I walked speedily down the steps, ignoring the note from my mother that read something along the lines of Jared, could you please get a new carton of milk? Love, Mom. I really didn't feel like going out to get something as so unnecessary like milk. I just wanted to relax. I gathered up a bowl of chips and a can of Coke and went into the family room. A movie seemed exactly like what to do to get distracted.

I grabbed the video case for some random movie from my family's collections and popped it in. I sighed. My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, hell, why not just embrace my inner female?

I was in the middle of it, and on my third Coke and fifth bowl of chips, man, I was eating so much lately, when I heard a knock on the door. I didn't really feel like answering, plus, the movie was unexpectedly really good. There was a knock again, followed with the actual doorbell ringing. I grumbled as I pushed down 'pause' and got up to answer the door.

The door swung open and there stood Emily and Sam. Now that was strange. Emily hated Sam. I pushed all feelings of confusion aside and allowed them to come in. They both look hesitant as the entered and when I went in to give Emily a hug, she slightly tensed. Now, I knew, something wasn't right.

Sam raised one eyebrow, silently wondering what was wrong with me as he looked at the screen and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding playing. I could have punched him right there.

"Oh, I love that movie!" Emily gushed out as her gazed fixed on the screen. I sighed, that's two of us at least.

"So, what's up?" I knew there was a reason they were here, I just wished they would come out with it soon.

"We need to talk, Jared." Sam's mature voice came from behind me as I sat down on the sofa. Emily sat down in front of me and I had to retrain myself from visibly flinching when I took in her scars. It was horrible that her beautiful face was now marred.

"Ok, go on." My eyes raised suspiciously to Sam's darkened form as he leaned against the furthest wall, out of the light. God, what was it with that guy?

"Something happened, Jared, something between Sam and I." All right, I was definitely clueless now.

"What do you mean, exactly?" Anger pulsed through my veins as I desperately tried to come up with an explanation. If he hurt her, I swear to God I'd kill him. Regardless of his now increasing size.

"I can't explain it exactly, it just happened. I hate to do this to you, Jared, just know that. I hate to hurt you like this but, I can't help what I feel. I also can't help who I love." Emily looked close to tears as the main picture flashed into my mind. She loved him. I nearly screamed out in frustration. What ever happened to teen years being carefree and fun? This was every thing but fun. This was hurtful, this was angering, this was painful, this was infuriating!

"Is she talking about you?" I turned my head to Sam, trying desperately not to let any emotion seep from my voice. He nodded once and quickly. My fist ached to connect with his face. I turned back to Emily, who now looked torn. How had this happened? How had she gone from hating him to loving him? More importantly, when had this happened? Had he broken up with Leah to be with Emily? I was so confused.

"You know he could be lying to you, right? That he may be saying he loves you, but he doesn't? That, just possibly, he'll do the same thing to you that he did to Leah?" Emily shook her head vigorously, tears trailing down her face. "And, you know that if he leaves you, I may not be here to comfort you in the way you like? That I may even want nothing to do with you?" All right, I knew that was lie, but I couldn't let her see that. She kept nodding, and each nod she gave broke my heart. "Then, I won't delay you two. God forbid we keep the two lovers apart." I couldn't help but let bitterness and anger sweep into my voice. This hurt, and she knew it. And I bet that sick, twisted Sam Uley knew it too.

Emily gasped quietly and began to shake lightly. I wanted so badly to be the one to comfort her, but I knew it wasn't my place. It was Sam's.


"Look on the bright side, it went better than either of us had imagined." Sam tried to smile lightly while he held my small hand in his large one. I still hadn't stopped crying from talking to Jared, and we had been out of his house for 15 minutes now. I could see the hurt and betrayal in his eyes when I told him I loved Sam. I could visibly see the way he looked so grief-stricken and depressed. And I still had to tell Leah.

"Yea, I guess." My voice sounded weak and pathetic even to my own ears. I grasped onto his hand tightly and tried to smile. One down, one to go.

We pulled into Leah's driveway and I almost started sobbing again. She had been hurting so much from when Sam left her, and now she had to live with the fact that he loved me. Oh, add on the fact that her whole family was in there just completed my distraught emotions.

We got out of the car and walked up the stone pathway that led to her front door. I knocked on her door, and we waited patiently. I wiped frantically at my tears, making sure I looked presentable. The door opened, revealing young Seth with a video game controller in his hands.

"What are you doing here?" He glared knowingly towards Sam. Good grief, this may be harder than I thought.

"We just came to talk to Leah, that's all." I tried to keep my voice under control, but it cracked on talk. Seth looked at me suspiciously and nodded. He let us come in and then walked off.

"Hey Leah! You gots some people down here!" I had a strong impulse to say "Nice grammar," but I felt that the time would be inappropriate to comment on Seth's horrible english.

I heard a door slam upstairs as someone happily ran down the hallway upstairs. I heard someone gasp and I looked up to see Leah halfway down the steps, pointing, and glaring.

"You! Get out! OUT! I can't believe you have the nerve to be here, you ass! You heard me! Out!" Her vicious words created an air of silence around the house.

"Leah! Calm down! We came to talk to you! Trust me!" I pled with her, hoping she would calm down. Sam stayed silent through all of it. Leah nodded skeptically and continued down the stairs. I sighed almost inaudibly. She led us into the family room where Uncle Harry was. He looked strangely at Sam and then walked out of the room.

"So, what do you two need?" she sniffed at Sam while looking kindly at me. It was weird. It was like the two parts of Leah had merged into one stranger.

"What we need is to talk, Leah," Sam's deep voice rumbled out as he looked sympathetically at her. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and faced me.

"Go on." Her radiant smile flashed brightly, but faulted when she took in my scars again. I was once again reminded at how hideous I was. I was so ever grateful that Sam ignored them, I didn't know how in the world he could ever ignore them, but he did.

"Well, Leah, let me begin by saying I didn't mean for this to happen. And I hate hurting you like this, but it's just inevitable. If there was a way to continue this without hurting you, I would do everything in my power to do just that. It just seems impossible though." I heard my voice crack several times and I was holding back tears as I looked into her skeptical face.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Her bitter voice rang out. I gulped, it seemed like she was putting one and one together.

"Leah, Emily and I are in love." Sam interceded the intensity between us. Leah's face crumpled like she was in physical pain. My heart reached out to her, no one deserved to be in the pain she was going to be going through.

"Excuse me?" Her voice was sharp and quick. I must have visibly flinched because Sam looked over to me in concern.

"We're in love, Leah." I tried to smile, but it must have looked more like a grimace. Leah stood, taking it in. Her face crumpled more and more as she solved the hidden puzzle that was Sam and I. Her eyes narrowed viciously, not at Sam, but at me. I knew then that she would not take any anger out on Sam. No, she would take it out right at me. She opened her pursed lips once, but then closed them. Too shocked to talk.

"Leah, are you all right?" Sam's voice rang from the corner of the room where he stood.

"No, I'm not. You bitch, Emily. How could you?" She was desperately trying to keep her voice calm, but it was showing her anger.

"I just can't help it, Leah! You can't help who you love." I needed her to understand. Even though I doubted she would.

"Yes, you can. You can't love him, Em. He's mine. I thought it was clear we were meant for each other. Please, Em. Just understand that we love each other. He's just in a phase. He's not yours to love," her kind voice had taken a motherly tone that sounded like she was scolding a young child. She was in shock. It was written all over her face. I knew better than to think she was being sarcastic. She was just being Leah. A kinder, more caring Leah.

"Lee Leeh," Sam used his old nickname for her, "you need to understand that we aren't together anymore. I'm sorry, but it didn't work out. I don't love you. I love Emily," Sam's soft and slow voice met my ears. He sounded just like Leah just had, paternal and scolding.

"Oh my God, you're serious, aren't you?" Something must have clicked in her mind. Leah was famous for her mood swings and a colossal one was coming our way.

"Yes, we are." I tried to make my solemn voice soothing, but it didn't seem to work. Her head whipped between Sam and I and then her eyes landed on mine. They were cold slits that contained such betrayal.

"Get out. Both of you. I want both of you gone." Her voice was low with anger and ferocity. I nodded quickly and jumped up, ready to get away from Leah's haunting gaze. I grabbed Sam's feverish hand in mine and tugged him out of the room.

"Wait!" I stopped, Leah's anxious voice called out from 10 feet away. I turned, slowly, and met her wicked gaze.

She walked slowly up to Sam and stopped about 6 inches away from him. My skin tingled with jealousy that I wasn't even sure was there. Sam narrowed his eyes and looked nervously to me. I shrugged, not knowing what to do.

Leah raised her hands, slowly at first in hesitance, and then cupped his face in her hands. Her hands didn't even flinch when she touched his blazing skin. She sighed, bitter sweetly laced with deep meaning. Sam's brow puckered in confusion as she leaned further. I knew what she was going to do a second too late. As if a switch had been flipped, her lips met his in a desperate attempt to gain back what she had lost. Pure rage filled me and I was about to react, but then I stopped. This would be the last bit of happiness she would get for a long time. Hell, I'd just let her enjoy it.

Sam tensed and tried to push her away, but she was latched onto him good. Her mouth moved against his with more passion then I could ever imagine and my stomach clenched. She finally back pulled back and was breathing deep and hard as she leaned her forehead against his. He looked confused at the least. Finally, she sighed and it was full of great sadness. With a breathy voice she told him one thing before she turned and left us both shell shocked.

"That should have been our last kiss."


Ah, shit. It was that special time to meet the Poms. After I had broke the news to everyone, Carlisle had, with great relief on my part, told me I had done the right thing. Though, Rose wasn't as happy. She ignored me the whole rest of the night as Edward and Jasper snickered quietly.

We crossed the boundary with hesitance and then continued to meet up with the Poms. I hoped this would be short and sweet.

"Thank you for coming." Harry's voice came out from the woods as the pack followed after. I was shocked to see Sam there, too. He tensed, remembering the first encounter we had with each other as a slight tremor ran down his back. His cold eyes narrowed as he took all of us in. His eyes stayed briefly on me and I snarled. Edward nudged me, reminding me I had a temper to keep. I shut the hell up.

"It is our pleasure. Now, before we begin, my family would like to discuss some things with your pack," Carlisle hesitated and continued when he received Harry's nod of approval, "First of all, we know it is not our place, but could you please try to keep your younger members in more control. What happened to Emily Young should not happen to another. If they are not safe enough to be around others, then they clearly shouldn't be." Carlisle's voice rang with such authority that I found it hard to believe that the pack could go against it.

"You are right, Carlisle Cullen. It is not your place. Neither is it your business or concern. We can keep our younger pack members under control, and Sam is learning to stay that way. He has achieved much in the short time he has been one of us. And you are forgetting something. We our the protectors of this land. Not the killers. We do not kill, or hurt, innocents." Harry had, unsuccessfully, tried to keep the authority and honor in his voice. Instead, he sounded like a grumpy old man with too many complaints and too much time.

"Of course I haven't forgot. I am just expanding a bit of advice," Carlisle's biting tone reached back. One perfectly arched eyebrow raised slightly as Carlisle looked at them as if in challenging. Score for Dad.

"Ah, well, I'll take that into reasoning. But why we wanted to meet you tonight had nothing to with my ways of handling the land. It has to do with you. You crossed the boundary just a few days ago. I greatly appreciate your concern for Emily and for saving her, but you must know that you can not do this. I don't care whose life is in danger. Sam was in complete control when you showed up. He was actually about to phase back and help her. You had no right." That guy had nerve. Here we were, saving his neice's damn life, and all he had to say about it was 'don't do it again.'

"We only did so to save an innocent, but if that is how you feel, we will oblige. If that is all, we will be leaving." Carlisle cocked his head to the side, daring the pack to say more as his usually kind eyes narrowed. I could tell he was pissed. He loved to save lives, and he hated seeing lives go to waste. For someone to tell him to not save one was like telling Shakespeare not to write.

"Yes, that is all. Thank you for coming." Harry nodded tightly as he looked back towards Carlisle. Werewolves may be strong and yes, slightly talented, but this man knew better than to push Carlisle's buttons. I could tell he was kicking himself internally for getting Carlisle riled up. I wanted to laugh. It was good they were afraid, fear was the fuel of weakness.

"Goodbye, pack of La Push," Carlisle dismissed them as we turned and ran back, silent shadows in the moonlight.