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Fate's Twisted Charm

Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."

Disclaimer: This story does not match up with the actual series and the timeline, some ages, and other details have been changed. I also own nothing besides Maria and Scott Young. It's all Stephenie Meyer.

12. Water Runs Deep

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March 18, 2003

"Paul! Could you come here!" I heard my mother yell from downstairs. In the past few days, I had taken to my room. Everything in my life had gotten so incredibly complicated. Jared was hurt, Leah felt betrayed, and Emily had actually fallen in love with scum bag Sam! I couldn't believe her! When I tried to talk to her about it she just said I didn't understand and pretty much kicked me out. Something was going on around here, and I desperately wanted to get to the bottom of it.

"Coming!" I screamed back as I got out of bed. I looked at myself in the mirror and continued to stare. It felt like each day I was slowly starting to become a stranger. I had grown about 5 inches, something my mother wasn't happy about when she found out I needed all new pants, and my face had become much more mature. I looked more like a 25 year old then 17. Also, my voice had gotten deeper, even deeper then my dad's. And then the food! I was always hungry! I could eat a cow at any time of the day! If this was just some kind of puberty thing, God surely hated me. I was always tall, and now I was just plain freakishly tall. The kind of tall that little kids cowered from when they saw you.

Not only had I changed physically, but mentally, too. Strangely, I had started to have random outbursts of anger. I was always such a happy guy, nothing ever shook me. Until now. Just the smallest things could get me shouting at the top of my lungs. What the hell was wrong with me? I was slowly turning into a different person.

I jogged down the steps and found my mom in the family room with Casey, who, not surprisingly, had earphones in.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm going out to Port Angeles. Also, Casey will be going out soon to First Beach. Got it?" I nodded, not particularly interested. Casey was an excellent swimmer, so I had no worries. Even if it the water was probably 45 degrees. Jeez, that sister of mine could sure be crazy sometimes.

"I should be back around 5," I looked to the clock and saw it read 1:30, "and I'll bring home some food. Also, your father won't be home until 6." I nodded, again, and looked towards Casey. She sighed once, looking bored. With that said, mom walked out the door, happy to get shopping.

"When are you going?" I asked Casey. She continued to mouth the words to some song. She ignored me.

"WHEN ARE YOU GOING?" I yelled, wishing to God she would answer. I hated when she acted all snooty and gave me the face that said Oh-you-idiot-I-can't-hear-you,-headphones-duh. I snatched the headphones from her ears and asked again, trying to control my anger.

"Sheesh, Paul. Angry, much? I'm going to go get changed now, then I'm going." She stomped her way up the stairs, ignoring my glares. At least I would have about 3 hours of free time. I smiled at the thought of calling Sarah and seeing if she wanted to come over. I liked Sarah, a lot. She was exceptionally kind and smart, but yet beautiful. I went back up to my room and went on the computer. About 10 minutes later Casey was standing in my door way while in a slightly skimpy purple bikini. I sighed when I remembered some of the local boys naming Casey one of the hottest girls on the rez.

"Hey, I'm goin. See ya." She started to turn, but I interrupted.

"Where the hell are you going in that?" She turned, surprised by my words.

"The beach, where else? This kinda is a bathing suit, ya know." Her eyes told me she thought I was being such an overprotective, dumb big brother.

"No, you're not. Not in that. Go change into a, I don't know, one of those one-piece things." I almost smacked my head, One-piece things? I must have sounded like an idiot!

"Ew. No. I'm going in this. God, why are you being so weird?" Her voice made it obvious she thought I was being a dork. It didn't take a genius to know that. But, the worst part, was that I didn't know why I was being so weird. She was right, though. I usually never acted like this, and I had been having such mood swings lately. From happy, to sad, to angry, to over protective. While I was wrapped up in my thoughts, she sneaked away and out the door. I cursed and grumbled.

Damn distractions.


"Yo! Catch!" I turned, ready to grab the vase Emmett had tried to peg at Jasper. Knowing the vision I had, if I didn't intercede Jasper would have missed and the vase would have crashed and Esme would be running down the steps, shrieking in response to the shattering noise her vase had made as it hit the hardwood floor. Sometimes the Cullen family never changed.

"Hey! Why'd you do that?" Emmett looked at me, offended that I had intercepted.

"Can't you see that Jasper is reading? He wouldn't have caught it, and it would have shattered. Then you would have been scolded at be Esme. I would be happy I caught it if I were you. I pretty much saved your butt, by the way." I smirked as I tossed it back to my oversized brother. I danced happily up the steps, ready to get my homework done. I didn't have too much to do over the weekend, so I knew it would take about 3 minutes to get it all done.

I was in the middle of Calculus homework, when the vision hit me. It was unexpected. One minute I was working on problem number 18, the next I was in La Push. Strange. I thought I heard someone call my name, the voice sounded deep and concerned. Jasper. But I was too far away to answer.

I was near the water. Somewhere along the coast. The clouds were covering the sun, not unusual, and the cliffs were driving into the water as the rough waves smacked against them. What I noticed was that the water wasn't calm. Not at all. It was tougher than usual and would rock any boat. I looked up towards the darkened skies and combining gray clouds and then I knew a terrible storm was coming. I almost thought that was the reason I was having a vision; because of the storm.

I heard something similar to a splash and looked out across the water. There, about 45 feet in, was a young girl. I felt my eyes grow wide, that was way too far for any human to be out in the water. Plus, there was a storm coming. I watched in horror as a large wave started coming towards her. She wasn't paying enough attention to notice and get out of it's path of destruction. She started turning in the waves, unable to get out of the foamy white sea water. I wanted to move forward and help her, but I knew it was useless. I could only help in the present, not the future. She screamed out, terrorized by the water, and I clamped my hands over my ears. I watched as a wave ran over her and brought her downward. Then, waves kept rolling over her form. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Would the waves never end?

A few times I saw a bit of skin fly up: a hand, an arm, a leg, a face. I was shaking uncontrollably. This was so horrible. Six. Seven. Eight. The waves wouldn't stop. They kept beating her small body, turning her over again and again. Nine. Ten. Eleven. She kept tossing, this way and that, as waves pounded her further and further into the ocean floor. I gulped. She wouldn't survive. A large drop of rain fell on my forehead. I looked up, away from the terrorizing scene. It had started to rain.

Finally, the waves broke off enough to give her time to resurface and possibly even get closer to shore. I waited and waited for her form to float back up. It never did. The waves kept coming then. Hitting her now lifeless body continually. No bubbles were floating up as they beat her and crushed her small body. The waves slowly started to calm down, and the layer of white foam bubbled on top of the water. Her body slowly resurfaced, a layer of black silky hair draped across her face like a netting. She floated there, for a minute or two. The waves carried her body to the shore and she landed right at my feet. I looked down and cried out. Her whole body was bruised from the force of the waves and seaweed was tangled in her hair while sand was caked on her body.

Her glazed over eyes stared right into mine.


I had called Sarah to see if she wanted to come over, but she was busy. It seemed like everyone was always busy lately. Anyway, now I sat, reading some chick book that was dumped on the sofa from Casey's endless book collection. It was some weird book about wolves in Transylvania. It couldn't get my attention, so I pretty much skimmed over it.

At chapter 10, I still had no clue what had been happening. I felt so worthless, sitting her reading some weird book on a Saturday. I flicked on the TV, looking for reruns of a good show. I continued to skip channels, staying briefly on a motorcycle show, but then went on ahead with my channel surfing.

I stopped on the local news channel, waiting for the weather to come on. Hopefully, there would be sun tomorrow. I really wanted a nice sunny day to go to the beach. Of course, if you asked Casey she would say that no day wasn't a day for swimming. Yeah. Whatever. Says the girl who goes swimming in a frigid ocean during March. Sometimes she could be so idiotic.

The weatherman came on, droning endlessly on how we would have clouds tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Oh, well. It was nice to dream for a sunny day. After the news, Oprah came on. I leaned back and got ready to watch her special edition Bra Fitting show. I closed my eyes briefly, not caring about what to look for when shopping for new bras for summer. My eyes snapped open at the sound of the Special Weather Report as it flashed at the bottom of the screen:

Storm Alert for the area of La Push, and all local reservations. Thunder, lightning, heavy rains, and 65 mph winds are expected from 4 pm until 8 pm. Stay tuned for more information.

Crap. It was 4:15. The storm could have already started! I looked out the window and grew panicked as I saw the fat drops of rain land on the window. There was no way to tell Casey except to go to the beach myself and bring her home. I told myself to calm down. She's a strong swimmer, no doubt about it. She can easily go 50 feet out and be fine. But what about the waves? A voice asked in the back of my mind. I grabbed my jacket and keys for the spare car and rushed out the door, unprepared for the heavy winds.

I yanked the door open on the old car and hopped in. I took deep breaths as I shoved the key in the ignition. Now would definitely not be the time to lose control of my temper. I speedily backed out of the driveway and zoomed down the street.

For the first time in years, I prayed.


"Come on! We have to go! That girl is going to drown!" I screamed at my family members. They all thought that since the girl was in La Push territory, it was none of our business. Damn the treaty! That girl was going to drown!

"Did we not do the same thing for Emily? Or is this girl less important!" I spit out, disgusted at their cruelty. Would not even Esme want to help?

"It's on their side, love. It's not our concern," Jasper said, trying to soothe me. He tried to gather me into his arms but I shrugged him off. I couldn't believe this! Did no one care?

"What about you, Carlisle? Can you really let her just die? And Esme? She's someone's little girl!" I looked towards my parents, hoping desperately that they would care enough to save this girl. I knew I had struck a chord with Esme, for her eyes had grown wide, but I didn't care. I needed the message to sink through. Carlisle looked at me, warning to lay off the subject of children dying.

"I think Alice may be right." I looked, shell shocked, at Esme. She looked uncomfortable as we all looked at her. I started bouncing lightly. This was just what I needed! If Esme said yes, I knew Carlisle would too, especially if Esme felt strongly about it.

"You really think so, dear?" Carlisle put his hand on his wife's shoulder. Say yes, Esme! Say yes!

"Yes. I do. She's right, this is no different than Emily Young. Even if we promised, can we really let a girl drown? Especially if we could have saved her?" Her voice grew stronger as she talked and by the end I was shaking with anticipation. Carlisle looked troubled. I knew he wanted to agree with Esme, desperately so, but he knew we would be breaking the treaty. Again. After an excruciating 2 minutes, Edward sighed loudly in exasperation.

"Are we really going to cross the border just to save every random girl who comes in danger? Have you thought maybe it's her destiny to die? And that we're just interfering?" Edward's voice echoed loudly and I groaned. He was just holding me up!

"Says the man who may be in the same position soon," I sneered, remembering the visions of the brown haired girl I had been receiving. Then, I regretted it. I had to remember to keep my mouth closed! I kept blurting out about the...never mind. I knew Edward was listening.

"Excuse me? What do you mean?" Edward seemed genuinely confused as he looked to me. All the family had their eyes on me. Crap.

"Oh. It just slipped. It was nothing," I tried to look innocent, and then decided to change the subject, "So what do you say, Carlise? Yes? No? Let the girl live? Die? Hmmm?" I wiggled my eyebrows, hoping he'd say yes. Emmett snorted loudly as Carlisle pursed his lips.

"You may go," I squealed happily, "but I want you to get in and get out. No complications. Help the girl, and then leave. Do not get caught. And just in case, Jasper, Emmett, or Edward must go with you." I continued to squeal. I would be able to help her! Yes! Jasper looked nervous, Edward looked offended, and Emmett looked excited.

"Emmett, you're coming with me!" I dashed over to Emmett and grabbed his incredibly large arm and tried to drag him. I heard him sighing blissfully, happy that he may get into a werewolf fight. Not on my clock though, we didn't have time for that.

We ran through the forest lithely, dodging the underbrush and green trees. We were coming closer to the boundary line, and I let myself sigh in relief. We might just make it in time. I gasped as rain started to lightly fall down. No! We weren't going to make it, were we? I grabbed Emmett's enormous hand and pulled him faster. We had to get there!

"Are we going to be too late?" His strained voice whispered lightly, not wanting to attract attention from any unwelcome werewolves. I couldn't stop to get a vision so I just shrugged.

"I'm not sure," I whispered back. He tensed slightly.

Finally, we came to the coast. We stopped briefly, making sure there were no other humans near by to witness our inhuman speed. When sure there was no one, we continued on. I looked ahead, it was still a mile down to where the spot was. I tugged on his hand and we were off, sprinting in the sand in a desperate attempt against time.

I looked up as we ran. The rain starting pounding down harder, and I felt a drooping feeling that we were too late. If there was any sort of god out there, please let us get there.

Then, Emmett stopped. I looked at him questionably, but he just pointed. I turned my head and gasped. There was the poor girl's form, being tossed by the waves innumerable times. Seven. Eight. Nine. I knew she was a goner by eight. I cried out, angry that we could have been here in time. The waves slowed as we walked cautiously up to the water. Her body was brought forward and landed at my feet. I didn't want to look down and see those glazed eyes, but I did anyway. As I brought my gaze downward, a brilliant streak of lightning lit up the sky in all shades of yellow, blue, and black.

Her glazed over eyes stared directly into mine, seeming to be looking into my soul. I heard a shuffle of sand and looked up to see a man I recognized. I tried to remember from where I knew him from, and then Emmett whispered to me, "From the hospital during Emily's accident." I nodded, suddenly remembering him as Paul, one of Emily's friends.

"Oh, Casey, no!" Paul's anguish cry resounded around me.


(Paul's POV before accident)

I drove speedily. I needed to get to the coast before the storm got worse. The car wove between other cars as I made a futile attempt to reach the coast. I finally pulled into the mini parking lot along the sand. I squinted my eyes, trying to get a look through the windshield. Rain pounded hard on all the windows and I could hear the wind howling around me. I could see two shapes ahead, but I couldn't tell who they were.

I jumped out of the car, ready to run, but then I stopped. A streak of lightning lit up the sky as I gazed forward. There, not 25 feet away, were two of the Cullens, and by their feet was a young girl, bruised all over, in a purple bikini. I ran forward, needing to know she was ok. Why were they just standing there, anyway? They could be helping her!

I stopped. On the sand, laying in a sickening position with her arm twisted and leg jutting out, was Casey. Sand was caked onto her face and side as a drip of blood fell from the top of her head. Her mouth was open, in a way that told me she was screaming when she left this world and moved onto the next. Her glazed over eyes stared straight forward, right into the tiny Cullen, Alice's, eyes. Alice was shaking violently, as the bigger one, Emmett, wrapped his arms around her small shoulders. They looked to me, knowing I was her brother.

"Oh, Casey, no!" I cried out, as I sank to my knees by my sister's lifeless form. I grabbed her shoulders roughly, flinching when her blood tracked down her face and onto my hand. Emmett and Alice seemed to tense as the blood leaked onto the sand. I shook her repeatedly, wanting her to move more than anything else. Her teeth rattled as I shook her and her eyes rolled lifelessly. She couldn't be gone. No, not so fast. I didn't even get to say goodbye! Or tell her I loved her! Oh, how I loved her. She was the best sister I could have dreamed of.

I let her cold body drop onto the sand. I put my hand on her face, closing her eyes. Anger rushed through me. These Cullens had been here, and what had they done? Nothing. They let her drown. Right here. I leaped up, my face heated from my new discovery, and yelled out.

"Why? Why did you just stand here! You could have helped her!" My angry voice rang out, bitingly sharp as I glared at them. Emmett looked outraged as Alice looked confused.

"We tried! We were too late! I'm sorry, we're sorry!" Alice's high voice squeaked out.

"Don't tell us we didn't try! You have no clue how hard we tried to save her! Or how much we risked by trying to help!" Emmett's booming voice rumbled.

I ignored them, I was too angry. They were the murderers in my opinion. They allowed my sister to die. I grabbed Casey's lifeless form and scooped her into my arms. I grunted lightly at her weight, but walked briskly away. I heard them shout after me, but I didn't dare turn back. I knew I had tears running down my face and clouding my vision, and I wouldn't dare let them see me like this. As I put Casey in the back seat and wrapped her dead body in a towel, I decided on one thought and one thought alone.

I hated the Cullens.