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Fate's Twisted Charm

Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."

Disclaimer: This story does not match up with the actual series and the timeline, some ages, and other details have been changed. I also own nothing besides Maria and Scott Young. It's all Stephenie Meyer.

3. Legends

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March 13, 1997

I couldn’t believe I let Leah make me do this. It was frigid. Frigid. And what was I doing, when I could be sitting inside by a nice toasty warm fireplace drinking hot chocolate? I was walking in the woods with a bunch of strangers. They were supposedly friends of Leah, while huge clumps of a snow-drifted pass. I would surely kill Leah when we got home. I looked around and the snow, ice, hail, and below 20 degree weathers, seemed to bother no one. Well, except that kid Jared. He was about my age and struggling to keep up with the group. His lips were bright blue, and his teeth chattered. I had never in my life been so happy I had long johns.

Leah had called earlier this morning practically screaming into the phone to get my butt down to her house. There was a group of 6 or 7 kids our ages that were going on a hike in the woods, and she wanted me to come along. I guess it didn’t matter that I didn’t know anyone here. Except for Leah, of course, oh, and that strange Sam Uley guy from a few years ago. Man, was that guy strange. Leah and I had seen him a few more times at the beach. He just ignored us. Yes, I’ll admit that I kind of liked him that first time I saw him, but what’s a girl to do? I was only 7at the time, and any guy who I talked to I thought I would marry. But now I was 11, almost 12, and I had grown past that stage. I was simply too busy to be concerned with Sam Uley.

"Hey! Emily! Catch up, will ya? You’re as slow as molasses back there!" Leah was a few yards ahead of me, and was obviously annoyed by my lack of enthusiasm. Sam just turned around and chuckled. Great, I thought, Just great, she has to embarrass me in front of all these people. I heard a wheezing noise and turned around. Jared was almost to the point of passing out. I hurried up my pace, not wanting to be stuck with the fainting guy, and bumped into a girl I knew to be Rebecca Black.

"Hey! I’m Rebecca!" Yup, I was right. Just because I didn’t live in the area, didn’t mean I didn’t know the names of people who did. Rebecca had a light pink parka on with white fur-trimmed boots. Definitely the preppie girly kind of girl.

"Hi. My name is Emily." I looked down toward my feet, trying to tell her I wasn’t in the mood for a good 30 minutes worth of stories about school and boys. I just knew that if I didn’t ward her off soon, that’s what the remaining of my day would be full of. Worthless conversation. When, I could have been by the fire with hot chocolate, and maybe even a good book to read. God, that sounded so good right about now.

"Where do you live? I haven’t seen you around here." She was practically bouncing. That’s when it hit me. This was Billy Black’s daughter. I hadn’t even made the connection with the last names! I still remembered Billy from the beach days back when I was younger. I think he had another daughter, and even a son. I also remembered that his wife had died a few months ago. I could picture clearly in my mind that morning. When my dad had woken up to the phone ringing at about 3 in the morning. It was Uncle Harry, telling him the bad news. I didn’t like funerals, so my parents had gone without me.

"Oh. I’m not from around here. I live in the Makah reservation. I’m Leah’s cousin." I felt a sudden pang of sympathy for this girl. My mother and I were close, and I knew if she died I would be devastated.

"Oh. Cool. I’m very close with Leah. She’s never mentioned you before." Ouch. That stung. She hadn’t even mentioned me? Leah and I were like sisters. Even closer at times. Sure, we had drifted a part in the past months with school and our own lives, but still, we tried to hold the Saturday tradition of dinner and a movie every week.

"She hasn’t? That’s odd." I mumbled as I tried to slip back to Jared. I would rather have a freezing guy than a preppie deliverer of bad news any day.


I looked ahead to see that Emily girl loosening her stride and try to subtly walk back to my side. I had got the feeling she thought I was just some creepy guy that had a cold. I’ll admit, after this experience I’ll probably have more than just a cold, all thanks to Sam, but I wouldn’t tell her that.

"Hey. You’re Emily, right?" I tried to keep my teeth from chattering, but it was no use.

"Uh, yea. I am. You’re Jared?" She was about my height and had a dark blue jacket on. She was pretty, I’ll admit, probably prettier than Leah, who could be bossy sometimes.

"Yup. So, were you dragged out here in the snow?" Sam had called me last night ordering me to come out here. I was already getting over the flu, but no, I had to come out here and get sick all over again. I would never forget that he was the one got me sick. Emily looked back toward me and blushed a bit.

"My cousin, Leah, made me come. But, just between me and you, I’d rather not be here." That made me laugh out loud. So Leah had made her come, and Sam had made me come, and we were both miserable. Together. This day just kept getting better and better!

"Oh. Sam made me come. I totally agree though. I’d rather be home with some hot chocolate." Just thinking about it made me thirsty. With a nice fireplace, and possibly even a good book. I wasn’t really the type of guy who loved sports or video games. I was more intellectual. Sam sometimes made fun of me for it, saying that I would grow up to be a geek. I know he’s my friend, but sometimes I just want to punch him in the face. I mean, he looks at you with these wickedly gleaming eyes, and his lips form that sneer of his.

"Really? Looks like we’re in the same boat here, pal." She lightly slapped my shoulder, and I thought, Yea, I could get used to this girl.


Jared wasn’t really that bad when you got talking to him. We were similar in many ways, actually. He was the first boy I had ever met that didn’t like sports all that much. That was basically a crime if you were a male and lived on one of the reservations. I looked ahead and saw Rebecca maybe 4 or 5 yards ahead. Oh well, I guess I’ll just be in the back. I didn’t really care anyway; it gave me more time to look at the nature we passed. It was beautiful out. An actual sunny day with a bright blue sky. The forest looked majestic as the sun hit the snow, making it sparkle, and seeing some of the animals scurry off. It was perfect. Jared and I took our time, walking and talking, and before long all we could see ahead were the footprints of the others.

"I guess we should just follow those." He pointed downwards to the footprints and looked ahead, trying to see any other sign of the others.

"Yea. I would hate to get lost in here." The thought alone made me shudder, but was immediately dismissed when I heard someone calling for me.

"Emily! Jared!" Leah was yelling for me, and both Jared and I yelled back in return. "Get your slow butts up here! We’re here!" I shared one glance with Jared, and we both quickened our paces. After about 2 minutes of treading through the deep snow, we found everyone gathered around. We were at the beach. I really hoped they knew it’s too cold to go in the water.

Sam was sitting on this log with Leah beside him, and the rest of the people rubbed the snow off the ground and sat down. Jared started to do the same, and I followed suit. By 45 seconds we were all huddled around the log, and Sam started speaking.

"Since we all had off today from school, because of the snowstorm, I thought it’d be cool to come up here and share some scary stories!" You could tell he was thrilled by the idea. His face turned up into a smile and his eyes had this wicked gleam. Leah let out a whoop and the rest of them followed. I just turned to look at Jared to see him staring at me with this look that said, I-am-going-to-kill-Sam-when-we-get-back. Soon, his face changed to one that said, If-we-get-back. I had to laugh at how easily you could read his expressions. He was like an open book.

"Why don’t you go first?" Leah looked over at Sam, who you could tell, already knew that he would be first.

"Oh, all right. I guess I have a good one to tell. This story was told to me by my father. Now, I doubt it’s true. It seems impossible, but he completely believes in it. It starts out with some of the older Quileute legends."

I couldn’t say I knew any of the Quileute legends, since I didn’t live here. Jared could always fill me in later, I guess.

"I’m guessing you all know how our ancestors were close to the wolves. There are tales saying that we are all descendants to the wolves. Then there are legends of the great flood. How we tied our canoes to the highest tree. This one goes way back, and then jumps forward too just a few years ago. See, there are legends that a long time ago, we could turn into wolves. We called it loup garou, which now could translate into werewolf."

I heard tiny gasps around me as some of the girls were already scared. Sure, like they had the ability to change into a giant wolf. Well, I can change into a monstrous squid when I want to. How’s that for different?

"We were masters of nature, kings of the wood. But, you see, there are other reasons for our ability, not just to use for keeping our land and scaring away anyone that comes to close. You see, loup garou has one enemy. The Cold Ones. They would come in the night and kill our children, not leaving a trace of blood behind. Their beauty lured us in, but their blood lust deterred us. They moved without a sound, not even braking twigs under their weight. Who were these Cold Ones? Vampires. Blood Drinkers. Demons of the Night."

By now a few people were trying to get away from Sam. I couldn’t blame them. Yea, the story was complete bologna, but the way he told it made the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Your instincts told you to run, and it felt like someone was watching you. I turned to look at Jared, who to my surprise, acted like he had heard nothing. He had found a branch of some sort and was using it to doodle in the snow. He looked completely unaffected. Sam took the frightened faces as encouragement and went on with the chilling tale.

"They are our one enemy. True enemies. When we see them, our first instinct is to kill. Kill, without mercy. They would come in numbers of twos or threes. They were as tricky as the devil himself, and as ruthless as the devil, too. We could hardly kill them, with their speed and agility. Of course, we didn’t know how to kill them at first. We finally figured it out, and killed the one male. The secret was simple. Tear and burn. The female, his mate I guess, came back for us. It was clear in her mind that she wanted revenge. Plain and simple. It was all in her eyes. They shined black. Deep pits that you could easily fall into and never come back out. Eyes that could make you go insane if you stared too long into them. There were casualties on our side, but we got her. Over the years, there have been more. We never know when they come, but we’re ready."

I looked over toward Leah who was even a bit pale herself. She never got scared. Jared was still lying in the snow, doodling away, and most of the people were shivering. Not from the cold, but from fright.

"How do we even know this is all true? Where’s the evidence?" I decided to take a risk. Leah looked over to me with her jaw dropped and her eyes bulging, obviously no one had ever questioned the high and mighty Sam before. Well, there’s a first for everything. Jared had dropped the twig to look at me with his one eyebrow raised. All of the others just stared at Sam’s reaction.

"Hmm. Evidence? Well, I do have some, I suppose. There was a group of them a few years ago. They passed through Forks. They stayed a few years, then left. They said they were good ones. That they drank animal blood, not human. The one, the leader I suppose, was a doctor. Can you believe that? A vampire being a surgeon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stole from the blood bank. Our people recognized them for what they were and confronted them. We made a treaty, and they agreed with it. No one's quite sure where the treaty is now though. There were three males and two females. The one though, he was different. Very quite, very still. We took him as second in command. He walked with this air of confidence around him, acted like nothing you could say or do could affect or hurt him. The elders at the time said he had a power. They never figured out what it was, but it had something to do with the mind. Who knows? Maybe he could turn you insane, look in your mind and see every thought you’ve ever had, or, maybe he could even read it. The Elders took it as a warning. They tried to block their minds at all time, and the longer they did it, the more frustrated it seemed he became. His eyes were always black with anger and though he tried to control it, you could tell. Whenever he saw us, his jaw was clenched and he seemed to have a habit of pinching his nose in anger. He was a strange one, my father said. They were all strange, but this one especially."

"How long ago was this?" Jared asked, seeming to be on my side. Not believing a word that came out of his mouth.

"Just about 60 years ago, actually. Who knows? Maybe they’ll come back this way again. And we can see that strange one and his ‘mind reading’ abilities." A few chuckles came his way in return and I looked at Jared. Something was up, Sam seemed to into this story. Like it was as real as anything.

"What were their names?" Rebecca called out from the back.

"Some of you may have actually heard of them from your parents. They go by the last name of Cullen." That name sent a shiver through my spine. I knew that name. I looked over at Leah who was staring right back at me, eyes bulged in fear, and breathing heavy. I remembered hearing Uncle Harry, Billy Black, and Deputy Swan talking about them, saying that they were the ‘devils’ offspring’ and that they were scared of their return. My God, could they possibly be real?


I looked over toward Emily to see her shifting iher position. Did she really believe all of this crap? It couldn’t possibly be real. I mean, werewolves? Vampires? I looked at Sam who had a triumphant look on his face, while everybody else looked scared to death. Rebecca Black looked like she was about to burst into tears. These people took everything way too literally. I checked my watch and it said it was about 4:15 p.m. I had promised my parents I would be back by 5.

"Hey, Emily. I need to go. I’ll see ya around." I hated to leave her here with people whom I knew she hated, but I needed to go. She stood up with me and looked me straight in the eye.

"If you think you’re going to leave me here with these people, you’re wrong, mister." She barely raised her voice above a whisper and looked back to the group of people. "Hey, Leah! Jared and I are heading back. I’m really tired, and I think I may have caught a cold. See ya next Saturday!"

"What? Oh, Emily, don’t go yet. I haven’t even told my story!" Leah looked like a sulky child. Her bottom lip stuck out and her eyes pleading.

"Sorry!" Emily turned her back and started to walk back the way we came. She was walking at a quick pace so I jogged to catch up with her.

"Wow, that was total crap back there," I mumbled. I looked her way to see her eyes scanning the forest. She had the expression of a deer caught in headlights.

"Uh, yea. Sure. Completely stupid." The words came out of her lips, but her eyes said different. A fox walked nearby and snapped a twig. Emily spun around with a petrified look and blushed when she saw it was just a fox.

"I think you believe it. Why though? There can’t possibly be ‘mythical mind reading’ vampires!" I spun around to see her face. She was looking at me like I had just grown a third arm.

"That’s the thing, Jared. I do think they’re real. A few years ago I heard Deputy Swan, Harry Clearwater and Billy Black talking about them. We could even check old newspapers or something! There has to be evidence they were here!" She believed. She believed it all. Crap, I thought, Just great.

"Fine, when we get back to civilization we’ll go to the library." I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ll have to somehow persuade Mom to let me go out for just one more hour. Plus, I mean, it’s a library. What trouble could I possibly get into at a library?


The rest of the walk was made in silence. When we reached the end of the woods, I saw out of the corner of my eye Jared staring at me.

"So, we’ll meet at the library in 40 minutes?" That would give me plenty of time to walk home, persuade Dad, and get him to drive me there.

"Yea. Sure. I’ll be there." He turned around and walked over to an average-sized tan house with green shutters. I turned the other way and started the 15 minute walk home. The snow lightly passed by, leaving wet spots on my face as I gazed upward toward the sky. Honk! Honk! I turned my head way too fast, making my neck pop, and looked at the Impala that my father owned. My dad was sitting in the front seat, smiling and waving me toward him. I laughed and walked toward the car. When I opened it, the familiar scent of pine and mint washed over me. I jumped in and closed the door.

"I wasn’t expecting you back for a long time, Em." He glanced my way making sure all was fine.

"Yea, I was getting kinda cold. Don’t worry though, another kid walked back with me." He nodded in return and went back to looking out the window.

"Hey Dad, can I ask you something?" I was very close to my Dad, and I knew if I asked him something he would probably try to answer as truthfully as he could.

"Sure hon, ask away."

"Have you ever heard the name Cullen?" I expected him questioning me why I wanted to know, but I didn’t expect him to instantly freeze up, leaving his knuckles white on the steering wheel, and his jaw clenched.

"No. Why? Should I know this name?" He glanced my way and his eyes were narrowed.

"Uh, I’m not sure." I had never seen my father this way before and I decided to let it drop. But before the car ride ended I came to one conclusion. This was the first time my father had ever lied to me.


My Mom dropped me off at the doors of the library. After the car ride with my Dad I didn’t want to test him again.

"Have a nice time! I’ll pick you up at 7: 30!" She waved as she drove off. Good, that gives us a lot of time. I walked in through the glass doors and instantly felt the heat warm my face. It felt amazing on my freezing body. I walked over to a small table and took off my jacket, hat, and gloves. I was left standing in an old pair of jeans and a black turtle neck. I looked around but saw now sign of Jared anywhere. I must have gotten here before him. Oh well, I should at least get to work instead of wasting time. I walked over to the Help Desk and was met by a pair or crystal blue eyes and old wrinkly skin.

"Hello dear, what can I do for you?" The woman must have at least be 75 years old. Her snow white hair stood out and she had an old fashioned suit on.

"Hi. I was just wondering where I could find a list of population in the 1930's? Or maybe some old newspapers from the time period?" Her eyes widened slightly and she nodded in understanding.

"And what is this for, dear?" She asked as she wrote a few things down on a small notepad.

"A school project." I answered immediately. I had already said that excuse to my parents, why not use it on this woman?

"Oh, alright. Well, let’s see what we have." She turned around and headed toward a few shelves in the far right of the building. "Few people ever ask for records here. You must be the first in at least a year! Is there any name your looking for specifically?" What’s the harm in telling one more person, I thought.

"Um, Cullen. I think he was a doctor?" Plus, the woman was probably alive then. Maybe she would remember.

"Cullen? Oh, I remember them! Such nice people. The father, Carlisle, was such a sweet man. A few times I had been to the hospital with the flu. He had taken such good care of me! And the children, oh, they were the most perfect kids. Never got in trouble. Not once. They moved though. Just maybe 3 years after moving here." I hadn’t expected this though. I started to think that Sam had gone too far. He might have just found the name of an old and deceased family from back then and turned it around so they were a coven of vampires.

"So, what kind of project would you need to research the Cullens for?" Snap, I thought. I had no clue. What kind of project would anyone be doing that would need the research of a dead family?

"Just a small project on families of this area that helped shape our history." Yes, that was it. Hopefully this Carlisle Cullen had done more for the hospital then just see patients.

"Then it’s a good think your researching the Cullens! They did so much for that hospital! When they first came it was hardly in shape for seeing people. Most went to Port Angeles to see a doctor. If I remember correctly, Dr. Cullen donated money for the local hospital to be refurbished." That’s weird. I hadn’t once heard of a Dr. Cullen helping the hospital. "Well, here you go, hon. There’s some newspapers about the doctors arrival, and his contribution, and some records of them living here. You may want to check real estate too."

"Wow. Thank you so much." I didn’t have a clue they would have so much here. I figured maybe a mentioning of their name in a paper or two, but articles? Newspapers? Real estate? Not so much. I soon went to work, after placing my bag with notebook and pencil down on the nearby table. I started with the records. They should be easiest. I would save the harder things for when Jared got here. I looked up at the clock to see it was about 10 minutes after the time we said we would meet. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard someone talking.

"You’re the second person today to ask for those records! What a coincidence!" I looked over my shoulder to see the same older woman with Jared who looked stunned at someone else looking for records on the Cullens. I tried to stifle a laugh as the woman looked shocked with her mouth wide open. If she stood long enough like that she'd be catching flies.

"Oh, miss? He’s with me. We’re partners on the project." I tried to clear the woman’s shock and confusion and she immediately understood.

"Well, that explains it! I’ll leave you two to work." She turned around and walked slowly back to her desk, like she was still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

"Find anything yet?" Jared sat down across from me and tried to see what I was looking at. Right before he had come I had pulled out the population book from years 1930 to 1940. It was probably over a thousand pages long. Terrific.

"The woman said that Dr. Cullen donated money to the hospital. There are probably a few articles in the newspapers. She also said to check real estate. Before we do that, we need to check what year they moved here. So, as of right now I’m checking the population records. Oh, and, I think my dad knows something."

"Really? Like what?" His eyes had grown big from excitement and shock. I had to admit, this detective stuff was really fun.

"When I asked him he got all still. He wouldn’t say anything. The name definitely means something around here."

"Expect for that old woman. She talked about those Cullens like they were heaven sent bottles of Ben-gay. She obviously loved the people."

"So, the question is, why do some people hate them, while some people love them?" This was tough. It’s not like I could go and ask Dad if the Cullens were vampires. I flipped through the pages that had all last names that began with C in the Contents. I had just gone to my third page of C’s when I saw it. Cullen, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, and Edward, pg. 304. I flipped to page 304 and noticed that it was in year 1936. I scrolled down the names until I found it. They were all surprisingly young, even the doctor.

"Here they are. Year 1936, lived in the town of Forks, and were all very young." I quickly scribbled down the page number for future reference and looked at Jared. He was already trying to hunt down the newspapers from years 1936 through 1939. I looked around and saw in relief that no one was around us. They were all probably in their houses. Before I had come the snow had picked up again, leaving the street icy. We were probably the only ones in the library except for the employees.

"Ah. Here we go." Jared was pulling out four humongous red covered books that had NEWSPAPER - 1936, 1937, 1938, and 1939. He loudly let them fall on the table, creating a loud thud! A few of the women at the front desk turned to look at us as I mouthed the word "Sorry." I turned to glare at Jared who just stood there smiling apologetically.

"Whoopsies. They were heavier than I thought." I just sighed in return.

"You look through ‘38 and ‘39. I’ll look through ‘36 and ‘37." He simply grunted in response and we set to work. After flipping page after page I came across something in the late months of 1936. It was a small article, maybe 8 lines, but still.

"Hey, I think I’ve found something here." Jared looked up with sleepy eyes. I couldn’t blame him, these old papers were boring. He stood up and walked behind my chair and read aloud.

"In the past few days, a new family has moved into the Forks area. Doctor Carlisle Cullen and wife Esme bought a house recently to share with their three adopted children. Carlisle says he cannot wait until he starts hours at the local hospital. Their three children will start school next week, and the oldest, Emmett, says he is greatly looking forward to living here and enjoying the life that Forkians have." I had to giggle at that. Forkians? It sounded like this Emmett was a joker. Jared stopped reading, and while shaking his head added on, "Sam is insane. These people were nothing more than just a family of humans. They were absolutely normal with normal lives." I, too, was disgusted. They seemed like nice people. Especially Emmett. Just an average family. Now, they were registered as vampires here.

"Let’s at least find the other article and look at the real estate. My mom won’t be here for another 45 minutes."

"Oh, alright." He went back to his chair to look through the newspapers. Ten minutes later his head jerked up.

"I got something. Come here." He was intently looking at the paper and had his finger underneath the headline while he read. This time I was the one to read the article aloud.

"As many of you probably know, the local hospital here has never been in the greatest shape. Many people have had to travel to see a doctor. Recently added to the staff of doctors, Dr. Cullen contributed a great amount of money to the hospital to refurbish. Now, with the granted money, we can reconstruct the building and make it more comfortable and convenient for local patients. "We’re just happy to put the money to good use, that’s all," wife, Esme, said while smiling radiantly. Oldest son, Emmett, yelled out jubilantly when Dr. Cullen handed in the contribution, that he was full of joy to be helping us, Forkians, and that he would miss this town greatly. The family is said to be moving in a few months, and the whole community will be sad to see this great family go." Again with the term Forkian. I looked over to Jared who had been listening to every word I said.

"I’m going to put these away. Can you get out the real estate records?" He stood up and took the 4 large books in his arms.

"Of course." I walked the opposite way to the other records and looked for the book designated for 1936. I found it easily and grabbed it. I slowly walked over to the table and sat down with it. Jared came over and pulled the chair next to me. I started to flip through the pages until I found one. A house had been built and bought about 11 miles away from Forks. From the picture it looked of good size. The buyer’s name were undoubtedly Cullen. It read that, even though they had moved 3 years later, the house had never been put back on the market. That’s strange. They had paid off the mortgage, but kept it. No one has lived in there since they left. I doubt anyone even knows where it is.

"Well, that’s that. They were just a regular human family. Probably every word that came out of Sam’s mouth today was a complete lie." Jared shook his head back and forth as he said this. I stood up and put the book back where it belonged and we put our jackets and gloves back on. It was about 5 minutes until my mom came.

"Well, it was fun. Looking it all up, I mean." I looked back at Jared as he walked behind me. He shook his head and smiled. I looked to my right to see the old woman standing and waving.

"Did you find what you need?" She called out, beaming with joy. She was obviously thrilled to help someone out with her knowledge of the Cullens.

"Oh, yes! Thank you so much for your help!" I called back to her, returning her smile with a smile of my own.

As Jared and I walked out, he brought up a good question.

"Do you think we should tell Sam?" His eyes glanced my way, and he leaned back on a streetlight pole.

"I guess we could." The truth was, I really didn’t want to. He’d probably make a big show of it all. Let him think he’s right and that no one could pull him off his high horse. I could care less.

"I might mention it to him later." As the words left Jared’s mouth, my mom pulled up and rolled down the window.

"Come on! It’s freezing out," she yelled to me. I turned and waved to Jared and jumped in the car.


As I lay in bed that night I thought of all that had happened today. If the Cullen’s were just simply human, then why did my dad freeze up at the mention of their name, and why were Uncle Harry, Billy and Charlie talking so bitterly about them that one beach day. It made no sense at all. It was clearly a yes or no situation. No maybes. Either you liked the Cullen’s or you hated them. I decided that night that the Cullen’s couldn’t possibly be that bad, and that if they were vampires, they still couldn’t be horrible. What vampire contributes great amounts of money to a hospital so it can be refurbished for the sick? Good ones.

We never did tell Sam Uley about our discovery.