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Fate's Twisted Charm

Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."

Disclaimer: This story does not match up with the actual series and the timeline, some ages, and other details have been changed. I also own nothing besides Maria and Scott Young. It's all Stephenie Meyer.

4. Notice

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November 14th, 2001

"Give me a second!" I yelled down to my father as he waited for me to come down so he could drive me to school. School on the Makah reservation wasn't too exciting. There was no Leah, no Jared, no friends. There was about 200 people in the whole high school. Like I said before, it wasn't too thrilling. The school population was split into 2 categories. The geeks, and the jocks. No in between's. I guess since I was what they called "bookish and smart" I was a geek. Just because I read books doesn't mean I'm a geek, right? Anyway, it did here. The school was at least a 7 minute drive away and I had 6 minutes until it started. Great. Another day late. I grabbed my brown sweater jacket and the strap of my book bag and ran down the steps 2 steps at a time. When I got to the bottom I saw my father in the doorway of the garage door with his hands on his hips and a disapproving look on his face. I grabbed a pop-tart out of the toaster while I listened to my father scold me.

"You're going to be late. Again." His foot was tapping impatiently on the hardwood floor. An old habit.

"I know, but seriously, I already have a record of being tardy. Why not just be late again?" He sighed while I started walking towards the garage when I nearly tripped over my dog.

"Ow! Oh! My God, Marley! Move out of the way!" I looked down at my puppy, Marley, and was greeted back with a pair of large brown eyes. Just a year ago my parents had decided it was time to get a dog. We searched all over the area until we found a small beagle in a local pet store. Marley was all brown except for his black and white head. He turned on his heel and retreated into his cage while looking extremely depressed at the sound of my anger.

"Don't yell at the dog, Emily. Just because we have about 4 minutes until school starts doesn't mean you have to get angry at him because he was hungry." Hungry? What? I looked down to my pop-tart and gasped. There was a huge bite mark in it.

"MARLEY! DID YOU DO THIS?!?" While I scolded my dog my father walked over to me, took the pop-tart, popped it into his mouth, and guided me to the car. He opened the door, with me still yelling at Marley, and pushed me in. He jogged over to the other side and jumped in.

"Where'd my pop-tart go?" He glanced my way while backing out the driveway and smiled. A smile with white icing with pink spots covering his teeth.

"You! YOU DIDN'T! Why? Why would you ever do that!? Now I'm going to have to starve until lunch!" He returned my outrage with howls of laughter that made the car vibrate while I impatiently waited for him to finish chewing.

"Don't worry. You won't starve. That's a bit too melodramatic, hon. But I won't say I'm sorry because I'm not. The look on your face was too priceless." He lifted his head back while a new round of laughter filled the car. I leaned back, sighed, and crossed my arms in front of my chest. Needless to say the rest of the car ride was made in silence.


"I'll pick you up at the usual spot, Em." He yelled out to me while I slammed the door shut and ran into the school's entrance, completely ignoring him. Well, two can play that game. I walked into the office, already knowing I would have to get a Late pass.

"Late again, Miss Young?" The secretary asked while I went up to the main desk. She had light hazel eyes, a blue blouse and tan pants on. Her blonde highlights stood out on her brown hair with the bright lights shining down onto her clumped hard hair sprayed hair.

"Yea, same old same old. The alarm went off late." Well, that wasn't completely true. The alarm did go off, I just ignored it. But Mrs. Newton didn't need to know that. Mrs. Newton was the full time secretary here. She really lived over in Forks, which was about 30 minutes away, but she was always here. Six o'clock, bright and early.

"Well, it's a good thing you got here before seven. It seems the freshman class is going on a field trip today!" Field trip? It was probably just a minor trip to the La Push reservation. Well that was good. I would get to see Leah, and maybe even Jared. We usually went on field trips once every marking period. And 3 out of 4 of them were to the La Push reservation. The other one was usually to Port Angeles. Well, that's what we did in the Middle School. It was probably the same way in the high school though.

"Great! I guess it is a good thing I got here then," I said with mock excitement, which, unfortunately Mrs. Newton heard which resulted with her pursing her lips tightly and her eyes slightly narrowing. I quickly signed my Late Pass, grabbed the excuse card for my teacher and left the office. While walking down the hallway leading to my locker I looked back to the office window. Mrs. Newton was still looking at me with her lips pursed and her eyes narrowed. I picked up my pace and continued the walk to my locker.

"Hey! Young!" I looked over to see Paul, my annoying burly classmate and him waving at me. "Late again, huh?" He snickered lightly and walked at my pace. Sadly, he already knew where my locker was. I couldn't just ditch him and say it was somewhere else. Oh well.

"Yea. Is it true there's a field trip today?" I brought my eyes to his face as we came to my locker. He leaned back against the locker next to mine and fidgeted with the zipper of his jacket. Paul was nice, sweet even, but sometimes he could be annoying. Once you were friends with him he would never leave you alone. I shared 4 classes with him, not including homeroom, and he sat close to me in each one.

"Uh, I think. I'm not really too sure, why? Did Mrs. Newton say so? I hope we go back to La Push." His eyes danced with excitement at the thought of being able to get out of school. I couldn't blame him. Everything was so boring here. Even if the trip was to simple old La Push.

"Yea, she did. We probably will go to La Push, though. You know this school district. All field trips are to La Push, and we spend the day with their high school freshman class. I hope we go to the beach though." I would probably spend the entire day hanging out with Jared, Paul and Leah. I hadn't seen those guys in so long.

"The beach? The BEACH? It's like freezing, Em! Are you insane?!" Sure, Paul could be sweet, but he could be really slow at times too.

"Paul, if we went to the beach I wouldn't go in the water, you doof! It's probably like 30 degrees! I think you're the insane one." I unpacked quickly and gathered my books for my first class. Wait. It was already in first class. Why wasn't Paul in class?

"Paul? Why aren't you in class?" I picked up my books and started walking to Literature. He walked beside me and he had his face down. He was so keeping something from me.

"Class? Oh, uh, I had to take something to the office. Something from Mr. Stuart." His voice dripped with a uncertainty. Liar.

"You're lying. Spit it out. Now. Or I go get Mr. Stuart and ask him myself!" I stopped suddenly and turned to face him. His eyes were wide and his head was still hanging. He opened his mouth to say something but then closed it. After about 30 seconds of direct eye contact between the two of us he spilled.

"Well, I was really leaving to skip school. It's just so useless, being here! I was going to walk back home and try to get someone to give me a ride to La Push, but since we're going there anyway I thought better of it!" He was out of breath when he finished talking. He was so nervous that he hadn't taken one breath while speaking. Instead of being mad, like I would have been usually, I felt excluded.

"YOU WERE GOING TO SKIP SCHOOL AND NOT INVITE ME!" He raised his startled glance back to my face and his eyes were wide with his mouth wide open. He couldn't just skip and not invite me. I hated this place just as much as him. We were friends. Friends got friends to skip with them.

"You're not angry?" He was so shocked I almost laughed. Almost.

"Angry? No! Just next time you decided to skip school, ask me to skip too! I don't want to be left here alone!" He started shaking with silent laughter and when he stopped he pulled his all serious act and looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"Next time, if there's a next time which I know there will be, I will most certainly 'invite' you to skip school with me." He eyes danced with humor as he took my books in his arms and lead me to Literature, the first class we were both in.


I stepped into Literature class with Paul right behind me. Mr. Stuart immediately stopped reading from one of the Shakespeare books we were reading from and looked up to us with his eyes narrowing behind his foggy small glasses. His small beady black eyes went from Paul to me, from me to Paul. The whole class got silent, knowing the wrath of Mr. Stuart was about to begin. His anger problems were known throughout the whole school. Some resulted in crying, some screaming, some breakdowns, and there was actually one with a senior that had come late to class. Mr. Stuart freaked out and by the end of his wrath the senior was so scared he threw a desk at him in defense. Yes. A desk. An actual huge, bulky, wooden, heavy desk. Well, it hit Mr. Stuart in the abdomen and he was thrown about 3 feet back. He then hit his head and it began to bleed. He still has the scar on the back of his head. I know it was horrible, but I still have to laugh when I see it. Right when I looked at him and his small beady eyes I immediately thought of the story of the senior. I quickly gulped and looked for a nearby desk. There was an empty one in the first row. Score for Emily. I looked over to Paul to see him looking at the same desk. Looks like great minds think alike.

"Would you two care to explain where you were?" I looked over to Paul to see him gulping and his eyes flickering around the room. As if his life was flashing before his eyes.

"Well, Mr. Stuart, I have a pass right here." I walked forward and extended my hand with the Excuse Card from the office. He reached his meaty wrinkly hand out and yanked it from my grasp. His eyes scanned the small piece of yellow paper and then he lifted his gaze to my face. He then rolled the paper into a small ball and threw it into the trash can. His aim was stunning. I looked over to Paul to see his right eye slightly twitching and I knew right then what he was thinking. If his aim was that amazing, think of how he could use it to punch Paul in the face.

"Alright Miss Young. You are excused. Please sit down." I sighed in relief. I lightly walked over to that one empty desk in the front row that I had once thought of throwing at Mr. Stuart. When I walked past Paul, I winked and then walked down the aisle where the desk was. I sat down and started smirking. I looked up to Paul to see the betrayal clear in his eyes. Paul had no excuse card.

"So, Mr. Phillips, care to tell the class and I where you were?" Paul looked at Mr. Stuart and started stuttering and twitching. The whole class was dead silent looking from Paul to Mr. Stuart. Paul looked like a little kid who lost his parents at Disney World. You could tell he was thrilled to be the center of attention and being in the spotlight, but then terrified of being confronted by Mr. Stuart. He looked over to me for help and I just shrugged.

"Well, I, uh, see, I, um, IT WAS EMILY'S IDEA! SHE WANTED ME TO SKIP SCHOOL! THAT WAS WHY I WAS SO LATE! I TOLD HER NO SO SHE WENT OVER TO THE OFFICE TO GET AN EXCUSE CARD, BUT SHE DIDN'T GET ME ONE! IT'S ALL HER FAULT!" Oh my God. The whole room went silent yet again as the realization of what he just did hit Paul. He looked over to me, with an apology in his eyes, while I shot daggers at him with my eyes. If looks could kill he would be long gone by now. Mr. Stuart's beady hawk-like eyes went over to me as his eyebrows show so far up his face that I thought they would surely be gone, hidden in his mane of white hair. What the hell has Paul gotten me into now?

"Mr. Philips, please sit down. You are excused. As for you, Miss Young, would you please join me after school for a discussion about NOT BEING LATE DAY AFTER DAY?" His face immediately went beat red and I swear the vein above his right eye was about to burst.

"Of course, Mr. Stuart." Great, now I'll have to call Dad and let him know to pick me up at least 15 minutes late. Mr. Stuart was known for his after school conversations. They were harsh, cruel, but short. Paul went over to the empty desk beside me and sat down. He looked at me, pleading for forgiveness, but I just ignored him. I seemed to be ignoring a lot of people today.

"Ok, class, now that we have that little event out of the way, I would like to continue with the reading from Shakespeare." For the next 27 minutes and 36 seconds, yes I counted, I got to completely ignore the small notes on white notepaper from Paul's notebook. They usually said something like "Sorry," "Please forgive me," or a crying face. When he finally got the picture he switched his notes from apologies to insults like "Ha, he is so going to kill you!","Someone's going to be in trouble tonight when they get home," and "Think of me when you chuck a book shelf at his big fat head." Well, I had to admit, that one almost made me burst out laughing.

"Since we have finished reading earlier then I expected, I need to share something with you. Today the freshman class will be going over to La Push on a field trip. We will be spending the day with their local school's freshman class. All I have to say is behave yourself," he looked pointedly at me," and well, I guess have fun. But remember you have that paper due tomorrow!" The smiles on everybody's faces immediately went to grimaces and groans that were heard from everyone. Lucky me, I had already finished mine. After Mr. Stuart told us all to go get our things from our lockers, for we wouldn't have time to get it when we got back, Paul made a beeline to my locker. Well it looked that way but he really could have been going to his things. His locker was about 3 down from mine. I slowly walked over to mine and silently opened it and packed all of the things that I would need later for homework and packed it into my book bag. Paul was already packed up and standing over my shoulder.

"You know, I really am so so so so so sorry." He made a puppy face with wide eyes and his tongue stuck about 2 inches out. God, he looked like an idiot. I slammed my locker shut and stomped away towards the front entrance where the buses were. He easily kept my pace.

"I swear, it just slipped out! I didn't even know what I was saying! I just said the first thing to mind and-"

"The first thing to come to mind was blaming ME?! You idiot! Now I'm in complete trouble and I did nothing wrong! You were the one who was so ready to skip school when I came through the hall and decided to stay! Not me!" He retook the puppy dog face with his eyes wide and lip stuck out. He didn't just look like an idiot, he was one.

"Em, please? Just forgive me? I'll even wait for you after school! I'll give you a ride home! Anything!" I turned around and looked up to his face. His eyes were so depressed I just gave right then and there. How could someone not love someone like Paul?

"Fine. I forgive you. And you better be there, waiting for me outside Mr. Stuart's door. If you aren't I swear I will hunt you down." I pointed at his chest, trying to be threatening but he just burst out laughing. When he finally composed himself we walked out to the buses, arms linked and smiling like complete goofs.


The bus ride went by fast. Paul and I sat together, making lists of what we were going to do today, while the 'jocks' sat in the back making loud fart noises. Gross. Technically, Paul would be considered a jock since he was known by everybody, was in the 'cool' crowd and played football, basketball, and soccer, but he decided to hang out with the 'geeks'. He said we were a lot cooler or something, which I couldn't deny because we were a lot cooler. When we finally got there we were the first ones off the bus and made a running start towards the La Push school. Their freshman class was waiting outside for us and Paul and I immediately started looking around for Leah, Jared, and Sam. Personally, I thought Sam had gotten a lot more nicer since when we were younger. He was more selfless and cared about people more, but again that's just me. Paul hated the guy with a burning passion.

I heard someone screaming my name and turned around to see Leah and Jared calling me and Paul over. Leah was looking fabulous, she was in the jocks crowd, in black fur boots, light tan corduroys and a green tight turtleneck sweater. Her black silky hair had grown out to be wavy and was shining lustrously in the sunlight. Jared was standing next to her with his hands cupped around his mouth. He was in tennis shoes, dark blue jeans and a stripped light blue and yellow button-up shirt. Over that he wore a light weighted material jacket and his dark straight hair was completely messy. Paul and I ran over to them and Leah and I hugged while Paul and Jared did a one-arm guy hug. When Leah and I had stopped squealing I turned to Jared and attacked him with a huge hug.

"Um, Emily, it's only been about a month ya know. Not 5 years!" He tried to say but it was muffled by my hair. I eventually got off him and we started walking away from the crowds of reuniting friends and started to make our way to the beach.

"Hey, guys, would you mind if Sam joined along?" Leah asked while kicking tiny pebbles on the concrete street, she knew that some of us didn't like Sam and her face showed that she knew it. She was biting down her bottom lip and her head hung low.

"Sure, Leah. That'd be fine." No one had responded so I figured I would. Paul heaved a big sigh and a grunt which I responded with by hitting his arm. Hard.

"Hey! What the hell was that for?!?" He head snapped up and his eyes met mine briefly before narrowing down to his arm and pretending to be examining it, as if it was broken or something. Jared burst out laughing and Leah broke into a huge grin.

"For three things, actually. Number one, for being cruel and not wanting Sam to hang out with us. Number two, for being an idiot. And Number three, for getting me in trouble with Mr. Stuart." Everybody laughed at that, including Paul. It felt so good to be with these guys, my real friends. Sure it was always fun to be with just Paul in school, but I had missed Leah and Jared so much. Ever since that little 'Cullen' project we had done when we were 11 we had been best friends. I had to admit though, that what I felt about Jared could have been a little more than just friendly. Leah could even tell.

"Ok, well Sam said he was meeting us at the beach." Leah looked at us all guiltily and we shook our heads. She had been so sure we would say yes that she had told him to meet us there. After that we made our way to the beach, laughing and joking and just being friends.


Leah, Emily, Paul and I slowly made our way to the beach. I was so happy to finally be with Emily again. I hadn't even realized how much I had missed her until she was here! We finally reached the sand that marked the beginning of the beach and I could see Sam standing at where the water met the sand. He must have heard us trudging through the sand cause he turned around and his whole face broke into a huge grin. He started sprinting towards us and he picked Leah up into a big huge. That had been happening a lot lately. Leah's squeals of laughter could be heard from probably 10 miles away. Emily noticed too, she looked over to me with her eyebrows raised. Something was up between these two.

"Hey guys! What's up?" He finally broke from Leah's hug and greeted Emily with a smile and Paul with a grimace. It was too hilarious to watch how much those two hated each other.

"Nothing much Sam. What about you?" Emily asked more out of politeness than curiosity. Paul scoffed and turned to me, showing a little piece of bright blue plastic from his book bag. Frisbee. Score for Paul. Now we didn't have to watch Leah and Sam get all cuddly the whole day.

"Hey, guys, lets play ULTIMATE FRISBEE!" Paul reached in his bag to grab the Frisbee and held it high in the air, like it was some golden trophy. A huge cheer rose up from Leah, Sam, Emily and I as we cheered Paul on. We tossed our bags down on the sand, creating puffs of sand to rise above and ran off down the beach. It was Emily, Paul and I against Leah and Sam. We won the first three times and but then Leah and Sam started to have their winning streak. After about 3 hours of non-stop playing we took a break and went to have lunch.

"Hey, Emily, can I talk to you for a second?" Leah asked between bites of her roast beef sandwich. Emily raised her eyes from her water bottle and after taking a large swig set it down and stood up. She looked so beautiful with her black hair shining, skinny blue jeans, light orange blouse and brown sweater on. A lot of guys had major crushes on Leah in our school because of her beauty, but I personally thought Emily was a whole lot prettier. She had such a sweet attitude and she never ceased to amaze me.

"Sure, Leah. Come on. Hey guys, we'll be right back." Sam nodded enthusiastically, Paul grunted, and I just mumbled an okay. Leah nodded, her eyes never leaving Sam's face the whole time, and Emily just looked into the forest where I presumed they were going to go talk at. They soon started walking, and us guys were left in complete silence. Paul once tried to strike up a conversation with me but I was too distracted with thinking of Emily to acknowledge him. He finally gave up, mumbling something about 'Jared and Emily sitting in a tree....' I just ignored him.

Finally Emily and Leah came back, Leah with a satisfied look on her face and Emily with a devastated look on hers. Leah shared one long look with Sam and finally everything snapped into place. They were together.


I was pretty thoroughly confused. Leah usually didn't need to talk to me in private, and what was even weirder was the way she acted around Sam. The secret glances, the more than friendly touches, the tone of their voices. It all seemed to add up to one thing. A relationship. All I needed now was to confirm that idea. I was taking a long drink from my water bottle when I heard Leah cough. I raised my eyes and she asked me if we could talk alone for a second. I stood up, ignoring the scowl Paul was giving Sam, and we walked into the forest. After about walking for 2 minutes, she sat down on a log and patted the spot next to her, signifying that I should sit down there.

"Leah, what's wrong?" She was starting to get me concerned. She never acted like this, and usually when she had something to say she just said it. No matter what it was and who was around. I remember one Christmas she blurted out at the dinner table that it was obvious Uncle Jack was wearing a wig and that it looked a lot like a skunk was lying on his head, which would make sense because he smelled like one too. That didn't go too nicely because Uncle Jack was sitting next to her, and he had no wig on.

"Oh, Emily. I need to tell you something. It's serious. I mean, really really really serious. Promise me though that you won't go telling everybody? We're trying to not let too many people know yet." Ha. Like I would go tell everybody? That was more how she would act, not me. And, wait. We're trying to not let too many people know yet? So who else was involved in this little scheme?

"Promise, Leah. Now just tell me! The suspense is killing me!" She raised her eyes from the ground to my face. Her face was flushed and for the first time I thought, Leah looks happy. Sure, Leah had a more than excellent life and was so carefree but this was the first time I had seen her like this. Like nothing you could say could bring her down. Like a blinding light was following her around, making her glow with joy. She looked me right in the eye and blurted all of it out.

"Oh, Emily! I don't know how to describe it! I feel so amazing! It's love, Em, love! Just wait until you feel it, it's like nothing before. I just feel like my heart is going to explode! Everything he does just makes me love him more! I know you don't like him, neither does Paul or Jared, but I'm not changing my mind on this! We're together, and nothing is going to stop us!" I had to stop her before she got too far. Knowing Leah I knew that once she got started with something she would never stop.

"Woah, woah, Leah. Calm down for a second, ok? Just take a deep breath. Or several." So, wait, she was on love? Crap, it's Sam. I never fully liked that guy, and now he was coming in and swooping Leah off her feet. It could had been anybody who she 'loved' but how many people did Paul, Jared and I all dislike? Not too many people. Leah looked at me with grateful eyes and took her deep breaths.

"So, who is this guy you love?" I made sure I empathized the word love.

"Emily! Who do you think? Sam!" Her eyes were wide with my stupidity and I felt like screaming. Or punching something. I knew type of guys like him. They used a girl and when they were done they never talked to her again. She would just be another victim, another lost name to Sam. I looked her straight in the eye and voiced my opinions with a calm and steady voice.

"Leah, I don't think this is a good idea. He's going to hurt you. It may not seem like it now, but in a month you'll just be another ex-girlfriend to him. Don't waste your time with him. He's no good for you." Her face was in a contorted twisted glare. She looked murderous.

"HURT ME? YOU THINK HE'LL HURT ME? Emily! He's not LIKE that! He's not like all of the stupid ass hole jocks at my school! He cares! CARES! He's smart, kind, caring, sweet, and most of all I love him! There's nothing you can do about it! It would just make everything so damn easier if you could just accept it! Accept him! My God, Emily, I've liked him for so long and now he's finally taking notice of me! Don't ruin it for me!" I sighed. I knew if I responded I'd just bring up another list of profanities and angry words coming from Leah. I couldn't deal with that right now. If in a month she's just some used ex of his at least she'll know I warned her.

"Fine, Leah. If you think this is right, go on ahead. I don't really give a damn. I was just looking out for you, but I can see you don't want that." She looked shocked at my bitter words. I rarely ever got angry with her. Well, I think this deserved an Angry Emily moment.

"You know, I'm doing you a favor. Sam doesn't want anybody to know until it gets more serious. I felt that you deserved to know, though. Just a notice." I never felt such a strong urge to slap Leah right then. I usually wasn't even a violent person, but I could have done a lot of damage right then. I was eventually fed up with all of it and I stood up and walked back the way we came. Back to Jared and Paul, my safe harbor. Where I knew nothing was going to drastically change. Leah got up quickly and followed right behind me. Somehow, she had come to the conclusion that I accepted it. She had a triumphant look on her face that said 'I just knew everything would turn out all right.' We walked onto the beach and I saw clearly in Jared's eyes that he completely understood. He knew.


Once the field trip was over, Emily and I walked back to the buses. She had seemed pretty down for a long time now, ever since that talk with Leah, and I wanted to try and cheer her up. Plus, with that talk with Mr. Stuart she should really be in higher spirits. We were the last ones on the bus, so we got the first seat. I could hear the other jocks in the back, continuing with their fart noises, but this time they were talking about something. I was impressed, usually having an actual conversation was too high above their intelligence level. When I heard the topic of conversation, I grimaced. They were discussing which girl out of the two schools had the most 'smokin bod.' I heard Emily's name mentioned 3 or 4 times, and then Leah's mentioned a few times too. I had to laugh at that. If those two teamed up they could be the destruction of the male populations of La Push and the Makah reservation.

"So, Em, you seem pretty down, huh?" I tried to give her my puppy face, which I knew she had trouble resisting.

"Oh, nothing. Don't worry about it Paul." She sighed a defeated sigh and looked out the window. Her mouth was twisted into a grimace and her eyes were tight with worry. Something was up. I started humming some made up random tune extremely loudly, and her mouth slowly twisted up into a smile.

"Fine, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anybody! I promised Leah I wouldn't tell!" Her eyes were wide with sincerity and she turned her whole body in the seat so she was facing me.


"Ok. Today Leah told me that. . .her and Sam are dating." Her eyes were turned downwards and she looked extremely worried. Sam? Sam Uley? I hated that guy so much, and here he was dating Leah? I thought Leah was smarter than that.

"Oh. Well, that's," I tried searching for a good word. Perfect? No, it was far from perfect. Cool? No, it's not like we were talking about ice cubes here. Unfortunate? No, I didn't want to make it seem like I completely was against it. Even though I was. Convenient? Yea, I guess that would work, "convenient?" She looked up at me like I was insane.

"Convenient? No, Paul. It's horrible!" She sighed heavily and leaned on me. I wrapped my arms around her in a friendly gesture and whispered soothing words to her.

"It'll be ok, Em. I promise."

Little did I know it would turn out to be far from ok.