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Fate's Twisted Charm

Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."

Disclaimer: This story does not match up with the actual series and the timeline, some ages, and other details have been changed. I also own nothing besides Maria and Scott Young. It's all Stephenie Meyer.

6. New Group on the Block Part Two

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We clashed together like two bullets and our roars could probably be heard from miles away. Rosalie tried to get me away from the wolf but I shoved her back. This was not her battle. The next few moments were of complete chaos. The other werewolves were trying to get this monster they called Harry out of the fight, while my family tried to get me to stop. 'Harry' and I kept fighting, snarling and growling. God, for an older dude he had a lot of strength. I ripped my teeth through his fur while he bit down on my skin. I was stronger than him so I had him pinned down for a few moments.

Rosalie was screaming my name from the corner of the clearing. Jasper had her pinned against a tree with her arms locked down as she struggled to get from his grasp. Jasper was hardly keeping her there as she lashed out at him while kicking and screaming and thrashing around. She was clearly trying to get away from him and help me. I couldn't let that happen.

I continued fighting the Pomeranian and I had him pinned down and was ripping at his shoulder. What the hell was with it with these damn werewolves? Whenever I ripped at him he automatically healed himself. But, the fact was, he was running out of steam and his fellow Poms over there knew it. He was huffing and thrashing around but I had him in a deadlock. I was just about to rip out his damn throat when I felt a pang in my side. The noise that followed was one of boulders crashing loudly. I was flown about 10 feet and the mutt stood up and shook himself. The damn guy was already healed. I looked to my side to try to figure out what force had thrown me in the air and I was startled to find Edward sitting next to me.

"What the hell did you do, Edward?" I yelled out in anguish. That guy always had to get in the way of everything. I stood up; brushed the leaves and snow off of me and looked at him, waiting for my explanation. He stood up slowly and looked at Carlisle. Carlisle was looking at me with a shocked and infuriated expression and then looked over to Edward. He nodded quickly and Edward nodded back. Damn, I hated their conversations. Jasper let go of Rosalie, noticing the battle was over, and she ran over to me. She took my face in her hands and looked at me fiercely.

"I can't believe you would do something so foolish." She nearly snarled the last words and I understood. Yea, Rose was a challenging person to completely and fully understand, but I did. That was her way of telling me that she cared and was worried about me. I shook my head in response, not being able to look her in the eye. Edward tugged on my arm and started dragging me away.

"Come on. I need to talk to you." He snarled tensely and continued walking away towards the woods. I looked back to the Pomeranian and saw him still in wolf form. He was on all fours and snarling viciously and his form shook in violent tremors. Jackass. I lifted one of my eyebrows and barked out a laugh, no pun intended.

"You got a problem, To To?" I laughed again as he yapped and growled and took a step towards me. Edward cursed lightly and yanked my arm, completely dragging me now, and pulled me into the woods. When we were far away that none of them would hear us he turned on me.

"What the hell is your problem, Emmett? That could have been a major war, right then and there, because of your foolish acts! I can not believe you! It was going to be fine; just because some werewolf looks at Rosalie doesn't mean you have to go in full attack mode! I was reading his thoughts at the time, he wasn't even thinking of attacking! He was trying to remember if she was the one he attacked last time! When he came to the conclusion she was, he was thinking of how he wasn't going to this time! Even if he was thinking of attacking her, I would have let you know or acted myself! You don't need to go around attacking every person that looks at her! You are such an idiot!" His eyes were onyx with anger and he looked absolutely ferocious. He growled softly as I stood there numb, trying to figure out what to say. I hadn't even thought when I saw him looking at her, I just acted and attacked.

"That's exactly my damn point, Emmett." When I didn't respond he turned around and pinned me to the nearest tree. I was stunned. Edward was never this angry. He was just. . .calm. Calm and reposed Edward. Sometimes, though, he did lose his temper, but never this badly. I looked into his eyes and cursed softly. I wasn't getting out of this.

"I don't know what you want me to say, Edward. I screwed up. Big time. I just lost it out there and I don't even know why. God, I just lost it ok? Let it go!" By the time I reached the last words I was roaring and he still had me pinned to the tree. He got me so pissed off sometimes! He narrowed his eyes and his jaw was clenched tightly. He shook his head and pursed his lips ever tighter. It seemed like this was his signature face lately. He lifted one eyebrow in response and opened his mouth.

"Just don't let it happen again, Emmett. I'm serious. You have to learn to think first. It's not that hard. Just think before you act and you'll be ok." He sighed heavily and let his eyes drop to the ground.

"Can you let me go now?" I asked hopefully. I was really tired of being against this tree. He laughed humorlessly and released me from his grasp. Something was wrong. I don't know how I knew this, but I did. "Dude, what's going on?"

"What? Oh, I'm just saving you from killing a werewolf and starting a war. Nothing new." He grumbled and sat down on a tree stump. His head fell into his hands and he sighed again. What the hell was going on with this family?

"No, Edward, there's something else. Come on, just tell me." I sat down next to him on the snow, which was cold and wet. Man, why didn't I just sit down on the other tree stump? He chuckled at my thoughts and looked up at me.

"Alice told me about a vision she had a few days ago. I just don't know what to think about it, that's all. It's got me really stressed out." He sighed, yet again, and looked out in the distance. He was probably replaying the vision in his mind. "No, Emmett. That's the thing. She wouldn't let me see it." He shook his head in frustration and pinched the bridge of his nose. My curiosity was officially peaked.

"What did she tell you then?" His attention was put back onto me as he looked at me with worried and confused eyes.

"She said that living here was going to change all of our lives dramatically, especially mine. The thing was she said it with this huge smile, like it was something good. I just don't know what could possibly change our lives." He looked over my shoulder, and then back to my face. Oh my God. It was so obvious! The only thing that would ever drastically change him was a mate! This was so great! Edward was finally going to fall in love!

"Emmett, that's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. I don't need a mate. Plus, there are no vampires besides us in the area." Crap, that was true. But still, a lot could change in a few years. He stood up abruptly and looked behind him. "Look, Emmett, I should get back there. I guess you could patrol the area. You should get some fresh air and we'll let you know when we're done." He looked at me one final time before running back the way we came.

Great, I wasn't even allowed back to the damn meeting, so now I had to wander around these godforsaken woods. I walked out to the edge of the forests and sat down on an old log. The snow lightly drifted past and I could hear someone walking up the street. Who would ever be walking around in such a blizzard? I looked up and saw a young woman of probably 16 years old walking her dog. She stopped when she saw me and I could hear her slightly gasp. Her dog started snarling and freaking out. Its senses were probably running overdrive. I patted the space next to me, not thinking she would even sit down, but when she looked down at her dog I heard Carlisle call for me. Shit. I had to go. I stood up and ran away at vampire speed. I came to the clearing where the pack and my family stood. Carlisle stood there and looked at me.

"Are you calm enough to join us now?" I nodded enthusiastically and looked around. Harry was standing in the back, glaring at me. I hated that Pomeranian so much. I looked back to the girl and was scared to notice that she had followed me in here. She was clearly lost. I looked back at Carlisle who was looking at one of the Poms curiously.

The Pom was looking at Esme who was trying to talk to the one in the wheelchair. Why she was doing that, I would never know. It's not like I'm a mind-reader or anything. Edward was looking between Esme, the one in the wheelchair, and Carlisle with a strange look on his face. It almost looked like horror. The one in the wheelchair apparently must have thought Esme was trying to attack him, and so did that Harry guy. Carlisle's eyes went wide as he figured out that Esme was about to be in the middle of an ambush between Harry and the wheelchair guy. Edward had soon figured it out from all of our minds and he started to go to Esme, who didn't yet understand what was happening. Harry started walking slowly towards her, and Edward looked panicked. The rest of the family wasn't paying attention and Carlisle was clearly waiting for Harry to phase before he attacked. Esme was still bending over, talking to the wheel chair Pom and he started to panic. He screamed out and Harry phased so quickly I hardly saw it.

Esme looked up, completely shocked and Carlisle lunged at the wolf before he flew directly into Esme. Carlisle roared as he hit the wolf directly in the abdomen and they both flew back several feet. Esme screamed out as Carlisle and Harry fought. God, Harry was just picking fights with everyone tonight. I heard someone say my name and I turned around. Alice was waving her arms at me, trying to get my attention.

"What is it, Alice?" Everybody else was focused on the battle that was taking place in front of us.

"That girl over there. Emmett, if somebody doesn't lead her away from here she's going to die. Harry will accidentally hit her while fighting Carlisle. She's his niece, Emmett. We can't let that happen." She was pleading with me with her wide eyes and I felt myself in an inner turmoil.

I hated that guy Harry so much. I could easily let him kill his own niece, but yet she didn't deserve that at all. She was just a kid. I finally decided and left the clearing to go to her. Her dog was snarling and twitching and she looked so lost. It nearly broke my heart to see her so dazed and petrified. Her teeth were chattering from the cold and she looked like she was freezing. She must have heard my feet crunching in the snow because she looked at me with wide eyes. Her face was frozen in shock at the sight of seeing me. I could hear that back in the clearing the fighting wasn't getting any better.

"Oh, Little One, you shouldn't be here. It's cold out, why aren't you at home? This is nowhere for someone like you. You could get hurt. So easily, you could get hurt." And it was true. If only this girl knew that if I didn't come pull her away, she would die today. Another lost victim to vampires and werewolves and monstrous legends. It would be all her Uncle Harry's fault.

"W-w-who are you?" Her teeth chattered violently and she wrapped her arms around her torso. God, she must have been freezing out here all alone in a blizzard. I couldn't let her know my name though. If she told her father that she had met some Emmett Cullen in the woods and then her father told her uncle, it could get ugly.

"That does not matter, Little One. You need to get back. Do you know your way?" I doubted she actually did, but I felt like it would probably freak her out if I just randomly told her to follow me. Just then I heard Rosalie call out for me in the clearing. Didn't Alice tell her I was off saving some poor girl's life? It was too late to go back now anyway.

"No. I don't know the way back. C-c-could you help me?" How could I not help her? It was pretty much what I was trying to do anyway, get her out of these woods before she died. The growling from Carlisle and Harry increased and Rosalie shouted again, more desperate this time. Something was happening.

"Of course, but we must hurry. Follow me, please." I walked past her, ignoring the burning in my throat that thirsted for her blood, and she followed me out hesitantly. I didn't blame her. It takes a lot of courage to put your trust in some stranger's hands and hope he'll lead you out of a forest you've gotten lost in. I was suddenly hit with a question that I hadn't had yet explained. Why did she follow me here? "So, why are you in here anyway, Little One?" She blushed with embarrassment and looked towards me.

"I was just walking my dog." Liar.

"No, no. I mean why did you follow me into these woods? This isn't a place you want to get lost in, you know." If only she knew that as of right now her uncle, a werewolf, was fighting my adopted father, a vampire, and that earlier I was fighting with him. She would have definitely thought better of coming into these woods if she had known.

"I guess I was just wondering where you went," she mumbled as one of my curls fell into my face. God, I hated when that happened. I reached up to push it away and I noticed she was staring at me. I smiled at her, trying to reassure her that everything was ok. It seemed to work because she instantly relaxed. We soon came to the edge of the woods and I was so relieved. The growling had increased even more, if that was possible, and I knew I was needed back there.

"Well, this is where we part. Please, do not follow me back into these woods. It's highly dangerous." She didn't even know how dangerous it was. I hope she never does. She looked right into my eyes and looked at me with a frown.

"Alright. Will you be ok?" I had to laugh at this. Me? Be ok? Of course I'd be ok! How could I not be when going up against a few old Poms? It'd be easy to take them all out.

"Of course I'll be alright! Please, do not worry about me, Little One. I promise you I will be ok." I smiled again, but suddenly stopped when I heard not only Rose calling for me, but Edward too. Oh God, something horrible was happening. I couldn't afford any chances that this girl would follow me back in there. It was simply too dangerous. "I should get back though. Promise me you'll go straight home?" I stared directly into her eyes, hoping she would promise me.

"Promise," she said with a bright smile on her face. A fox across the street made some noise and as she looked back, I ran to the clearing at vampire speed. I heard her lightly gasp at my disappearance but I didn't worry about that now. All I worried about was getting back to my family.


That man was so strange. He seemed so familiar to me! Plus, he just seemed to vanish out of thin air. I walked Marley back to the house, completely under the impression that I had had enough adventures for one night. I was exhausted. I didn't even notice how long I had been gone until I walked into the house and looked at the clock. I had been gone for nearly two hours! Holy crap! Mom must have heard me close the door cause she ran out of the kitchen and scooped me into a big hug.

"Where were you? We were looking everywhere! Oh, Em, don't you ever do anything like that again, do you hear me? Never!" She pulled back to hold my face in her hands. "Oh, God, you're freezing! Come here, Scott. Feel her face! Isn't she just frigid?" Dad came over and placed his warm hand on my face. He looked worried too.

"She's fine, Maria. What happened, Emily?" He looked at me with curious and concerned eyes. If I told my father I went into the woods with some strange man he would surely have a fit. So would my mother for that matter.

"I just lost track of time, Dad, I swear. We were just walking and, I don't know, playing around in the snow. It's no big deal." My mom and dad shared one curious glance and then led me to the kitchen counter where a delicious cup of hot chocolate awaited. Later, after taking a long hot shower and changed into comfy pajamas, a thought hit me.

"Hey, Dad?"

"Yes?" He looked up from reading the newspaper. There was an article about some doctor joining the Forks hospital staff or something like that on the front page.

"What did Uncle Harry want?" His eyes widened a bit as he folded the newspaper back up. He took a long sip of coffee and looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"A new family moved into Forks a few days ago. He just wanted to let me know." He stood up, thinking the conversation was over. I wasn't letting him off that easy.

"What are their names?" He stopped mid step and sighed. He looked at me with guarded eyes and shook his head. I thought I heard him mumble "always so stubborn" under his breath, but who knows?

"Their name is Cullen. The father, Carlisle, is a surgeon." Before I could respond, he walked out of the room. My jaw dropped open and my eyes must have grown ten sizes. Carlisle Cullen was the same father of that family from all those years ago; he too was a surgeon. No wonder that man seemed so familiar. He completely matched the picture in the old newspaper. He was Emmett Cullen, and, I'm guessing, the Cullens were vampires.