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Fate's Twisted Charm

Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."

Disclaimer: This story does not match up with the actual series and the timeline, some ages, and other details have been changed. I also own nothing besides Maria and Scott Young. It's all Stephenie Meyer.

7. A Friend In Need

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February 14th 2003

I ultimately didn't know how to feel. I felt triumph, happiness, guiltiness, worry, and all mixed together those feelings created a very on edge me. First of all, I had been correct. Sam did turn out to hurt Leah. He went missing for about two and a half weeks. And, then, when he came back he was so different. He was bitter and estranged. Leah felt upset that she, his girlfriend, didn't even know what was wrong. We had talked about it earlier. She felt like he didn't trust her. I didn't think that was the case. I think it was the fact that something happened that he wanted to tell her, but couldn't. But, I mean, what do I know?

Then, I felt so happy because it was the La Push Valentine's Day Dance! I'll admit, it isn't like me to look forward to things like this and get all dressed up and everything, I mean it wasn't even my school's dance! But, Jared had asked me to go. I am ashamed to admit that, yeah, I probably squealed and jumped up and down for about 30 minutes when I got home after he asked me. So, now all of my friends were here. Paul even scored a date with a senior. Needless to say, he was pretty happy about that.

Through all of the happiness and triumph something had to ruin it all and make me worried. Tonight had been the first time I had seen Sam after he came back. He looked at me so differently. It had me scared. He hardly paid Leah any attention, even in her stunning blood red dress that seemed to cling to every curve she had. It made me angry that all of a sudden he had decided that he liked me. I just wanted to have a nice night with Jared but, no, Sam had to change it all. Sometimes I just hated that guy. He always had to get in the way.


"You look really beautiful tonight, Emily," I heard Jared say as we danced along to the music playing. Leah had put me in a sparkling brown dress with gold designs. My hair had been pinned up in a loose bun with stray locks of hair flowing, framing my face. She had even went to the extent of deathly gold heels. I had to admit though, the end product was pretty damn hot.

I looked up to Jared's welcoming warm eyes and felt myself nearly swoon. He looked so handsome in his tux. He had fixed his hair messily but it still looked perfect. Oh God, I was falling in love.

"I could say the same thing about you, my sweet bumpkin," I nearly passed out from laughter as I remembered hearing his mom call him that just a month ago. "Bumpkin, you forgot your book bag!" I was never going to let him live that down. He mockingly glared at me as he heard my insult.

"Oh, aren't you two looking a bit cozy?" I looked over to see Paul desperately trying to hold in his laughter. He was dancing with the senior, Sarah, and believe me, they were looking quite cozy themselves.

"Shut up, Paul." Jared steered us over to the side of the gymnasium where we took a rest from dancing. I looked around and fully took in the room for the first time that night. It really didn't look that bad. There were red and pink balloons streamed everywhere and the lights were just right. They even had pretty good music playing. Huh, definitely a first for the local high schools.

"So, are you having a good night?" Jared brought me out of my reverie as he stood directly in front of me with his hands leaning on the wall behind me. I was trapped. Great.

"Most definitely," I mumbled as I got lost in his eyes. He had the most prettiest green eyes I had ever seen. I don't even know how he managed to get green eyes in La Push; mostly everyone had brown eyes. They weren't like an emerald green, though. The were more like a dull green. Like Gaspeite. They were distracting.

"That's good. I am too." He smiled lightly and I couldn't help myself. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He was tense at first, probably because it was such a surprise. He then took my face gently in his hands as the passion increased. His lips moved with mine and it felt like were made for each other. Our bodies seemed to mold together perfectly. I, unfortunately, had to break away to catch my breath. I looked across the gym to see a horrible sight. There, cup of punch in hand, was Sam glaring at Jared and I. He almost looked - no, it couldn't be, was that jealousy I saw in his eyes?


Something was wrong with Sam, that I knew. I thought we could tell each other anything. Apparently not. He still wouldn't tell me what had happened when he left for all those weeks. I was waiting by the dance floor; he had gone to get punch, when I saw Jared and Emily kiss. Oh my God! I knew it! It was only a matter of time before those two got together. They were such a cute couple!

I looked to my right and saw Sam come towards me. He looked furious.

"Can I talk to you?" He didn't even wait for my response before he grabbed my arm and took me outside. It was chilly but since Sam came back it seemed no temperature could bother him. I scoffed lightly before turning to him.

"What is it?" I looked up to his eyes. They were burning. Burning with hate. He didn't waste anytime though; he got right to the point.

"I'm so sorry, Leah, but this can't go on any longer. Our relationship needs to stop." It seemed like the world froze at those words. He couldn't mean that, could he? I mean, he said all those times that he loved me! This had to be a prank, anyway. He wouldn't, no couldn't, do this to me.

"Ha, funny Sam. Real creative on Valentine's Day and all." I laughed weakly while I sat down on a nearby bench. Snow started to lightly drop out of the skies. Sam looked at me curiously and sat down next to me.

"Oh, God. I'm so cruel to do this on Valentine's Day and all. I just can't keep doing this, Leah. Please try to understand. I'm just not safe for you anymore." His voice sounded gruff and bitter. This wasn't the Sam I knew. His voice rang with sincerity and he looked truly upset and guilty. Before I knew it, I had tears in my eyes.

"No! You don't mean it! You always said you loved me! You can't do this!" I was crying and I couldn't help it. The tears slowly leaked over as his words started to sink in. This was the end, wasn't it?

"Does this have anything to do with why you left? Cause if it did, I think you owe me an explanation Samuel Uley!" I needed Emily. For the first time in my life, I truly needed and depended on Emily. But she wasn't there. I started crying harder when I noticed that I had pushed her away these past few months.

"I'm a horrible person, Leah. I'm a monster." His eyes were a thousand miles away as he looked in the distance. This couldn't be happening.

"You don't want me?" I was grasping at straws and I knew it. It was over. I was probably just a distraction to him. This was the last time we would be together as a couple. And on Valentine's Day. At that instant, I hated Sam Uley. Hated him more than anything else in this whole damn world.

"No." He turned his head so he could face me. I couldn't take it. He, Sam Uley, wasn't allowed to do this to me, Leah Clearwater. It just seemed too surreal. I brought my arm back and glared at him one more time before letting it snap forward. My hand slapped his face with an impact so hard it nearly sent both of us flying backwards. He deserved it. He deserved all of it. I stood up with tears tracking down my face as I took one more look at him. He looked shocked to say the least. Small tremors were shaking his form.

"I. Hate. You." I stressed each word as I put as much menace into them as I could. Then, I turned on my heal and walked away from my Sam. Never mind, he couldn't possibly still be my Sam after doing that. No, he was a different Sam. Tears flowed freely as I pushed the doors open and a gust of wind violently shoved its way in the school hallway, making my dress whirl and my hair tangle. I didn't care enough about the world to even notice.


Jared, Paul, Sarah and I were taking a rest to the side of the dance floor. It had been a great night so far; Jared and Paul were probably the funniest comedy act out there. Sarah was very nice, too. She was ultimately very pretty with her golden brown hair and hazel eyes with flecks of green. She was in an elegant light pink v-neck dress with lace and beading. The plus side was that she seemed to be very interested in Paul. A few times I would wink at Paul because of something she would say and he would return with a huge grin.

We were all talking about past experiences at dances when I heard the gym doors burst open with a loud Bang! I raised my head to see a distressed Leah running towards my table. She had black tears, because of the mascara, running down her face and her dress was torn in different places because I was guessing she had tripped once or twice as she ran here. Her hair was all messy and tangled as she came up to me.

"C-c-could I talk to you for a sec, Em?" Her voice cracked several times as silence filled the gym. Our whole table was looking from her to me with wide eyes as they took in her appearance. I nodded, too shocked for words, as I slowly stood up. I led her to the girl's bathroom and when I opened the doors I silently prayed thanks that no one was in there at the time.

"Oh my, what happened, Leah? Here, let me try to fix you up." I searched in my purse for my mascara and pins that I always had in case for fashion emergencies.

"I don't care about that right now, Em. I just need you." She looked over at me as she crumpled into heavy sobs on the floor. I was awestruck. I, for once, had no clue what to do.

I slowly sat down next to her and held her. She seemed to calm down as I hummed her favorite song and brushed her ruffled hair out of her face. She really did look like hell. Her running mascara had now run onto her dress and her eyes were all red and puffy. It was fifteen minutes before she calmed down completely.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" I crooned softly into her ear. She sniffled once more and took a deep breath.

"Oh, Emily! I should have listened to you in the first place! He left me! Emily, he left me! He said he couldn't take it anymore and that he 'wasn't safe'! I mean, what bullshit! You said in the beginning that he was bad for me! I should have just told him I wanted to be friends, goddammit!" She punched the tile floor and I grabbed her hand before she could do any damage to her knuckles. He left her!? And on Valentine's Day, too! Sam Uley was going to pay.

"I'm so sorry, Leah. I'm not going to say 'I told you so,' or 'It'll be fine,' because it clearly won't. Come on, I'm going to take you home." She sniffled some more as I helped her up.

"You really don't have to you know. I mean it. I don't want to ruin your night. I could just hitch a ride or someth-"

"Nonsense! I am not letting you hitchhike!" I grabbed her arm and led her outside. Was she crazy? I mean, there's not too much danger here but still! Hitchhiking!?!

I made my way to the table as once again the gym grew silent. I held my chin up high and tried my best to ignore the stares of these strangers. I waved Jared over and the three of us made our way to the doors.

"Look, Jared, I'm so sorry, but Leah and I have to go. It's an emergency. I-" He cut me off as he put his fingers to my lips.

"I understand, just go. She needs you. Oh, and Sam came in and told us what happened. What a jerk." I was shocked. For about the fifth time tonight, I might add. I just wanted to hug Jared right there for being so understanding and kind. He was just about the perfect boyfriend.

"Oh. I'll see you later then?" I looked at him hopefully. Maybe we could make plans for later. He nodded mutely as he grabbed my face gently and kissed me one more time. The kiss ended just as quickly as it began. He looked at me one last time before whispering one word: Go.


I led Leah outside the gym. God, we were going to freeze out here! Snow was lightly drifting past us and I saw a huddled form leaning on a car in the parking lot a few yards away. Leah gasped quietly as I realized it was Sam. He was going to pay. Now.

"Hold on a sec, Leah. I'll be right back." She nodded with wide eyes as I stomped my way over to him. As I got close I could see the bottle of alcohol that he held in his hands. He brought his arm up and took a long swig out of it. The longer I knew this guy, the more I seemed to hate him. I came to an abrupt stop in front of him and his face slowly tilted upwards. His eyes widened as he seemed to struggle for words.

"Hold your breath, bastard," I hissed out as I punched him squarely in the jaw. The pain shot up my arm. Oh God, that was a mistake. Tears started forming in my eyes and I turned and stomped away before he could see me inspecting my hand and crying as I walked back to Leah. She looked stunned as she tried to form words.

"Come on," I linked my arms with hers as we started our long walk home.


We had been walking for well over 30 minutes and shivering the whole time. If we didn't get to my house quick we were going to freeze. I had already told Leah she was going to spend the night at my house. I wasn't going to let her alone or out of my sight for one second. I heaved a great sigh as we crossed the sign that read, "Welcome to La Push!" We were finally out of there.

We kept walking at a good pace and I was about to just sit down and cry. Here we were, emotionally unstable, with sleeveless dresses on in the snow walking home and we still probably had an hour walk to go at about 11 at night on a Friday. I almost punched something when I noticed we could have just asked Jared or Paul for a ride. I must have been too distracted to think about it. I was an idiot!

I felt Leah tug on my arm as two headlights came up from behind me. A car was speedily making its way towards us. They must have been going at least 75 mile per hour! Holy crap! It came closer and closer and I knew at the speed it was going they probably wouldn't even see us when they passed. We both had dark dresses on and we probably blended into the forest.

Then, a miracle happened. It stopped. It stopped! The passenger window rolled down and a man stuck his face out the window. I gasped. This night was just getting weirder and weirder! I was almost to the stage where I was going to pinch myself because I was 99.9% sure this was a dream. There, hanging out the window was no one else but the man from the woods. The man I believed to be Emmett Cullen.

"Hey, do you girls need a ride?" I heard someone muffling a few complaints from the driver's seat as I stepped forward. Leah pulled me back.

"What are you doing!? They're complete strangers! You can't trust them!" Oh, sure, from the girl who was going to hitchhike anyway. I brushed her off as I continued to step forward. I gazed into the car and gasped. I had gotten used to 'Emmett's' beauty from the first time I saw him but this man was different. The driver had the most stunning shade of bronze hair that was messy as he looked bored and gazed out the windshield with gorgeous topaz eyes and fierce features.

"Oh, well, I - I guess, yea. Is that all right?" I was stuttering. Oh God, I probably looked like the biggest idiot.

"No problamo. Hop in. My brother, Edward, will surely give you a ride." He broke into a wide grin as Edward grumbled under his breath.

"Come on, Leah." I grabbed her arm since she hardly looked like she was about to move. She sniffled again as her eyes popped open at the two strangers' appearance. Then, it clearly struck her that she looked like living hell. She rubbed at her face, trying to get the running mascara off her face. It didn't seem to help at all.

I opened the door and we both got in. Edward turned around and I was silenced by his warm topaz eyes.

"Where to, ladies?" He raised one eyebrow as he took in Leah's appearance. I blushed and so did Leah.

"310 Hobuck Loop Road, please." He nodded once and turned around as he pushed down on the gas pedal. The other one turned around to talk to us.

"What the hell happened to you girls? You look like you've walked from Seattle." I heard Leah's muffled response "We probably have," and I felt my lips slowly turn upwards. There's my sarcastic girl.

"Valentine's Day dance from hell. I think that basically sums it up." I laughed weakly as the man turned his gaze to Leah and his eyebrows shot up about 1 inch.

"Sure looks like it," he mumbled more to himself than anybody. I heard Edward chuckle from the driver's seat.

"Where did you come from?" Edward asked, trying to make conversation.

"The La Push high school." I heard the other man breezily whistle.

"That's a long ways away. Why were you walking? Car troubles?" He sounded genuinely curious. I wonder if he remembered me from a few months ago.

"No, just, uh, boyfriend troubles,'" Leah mumbled as she sighed heavily. Edward's eyes widened as he shook his head quickly. I almost cracked up at his response. Sticky situation, I'm sure. The other man just shook his head and gave me a curious gaze. I grimaced lightly.

"Hey, you were that man that helped me in the woods that day, right?" What the hell, I decided to take a risk. He seemed pretty nice. Edward looked at me curiously through the rear view window.

"The one and only, Emmett Cullen." Emmett smiled hugely as he held out his hand. So he was Emmett Cullen. That's weird. I shook his and nearly jumped. His hand was like ice!

"I meant to thank you for that. Again. I probably would have gotten lost if you didn't help me." I tried to make my thanks as sincere as I could. Emmett just waved his hand in the air like it was no big deal.

"Aw, it's ok. I do it all the time. You know, saving young girls from the evil clutches of the forest." He laughed incredibly loudly. I smiled and, surprisingly, so did Leah. I could get used to this guy. He was a lot like Paul. I felt the car slow to a stop and looked out the window. Wow, we were already here! Edward must have driven fast, there was no way we could have gotten her this quickly.

"Here we are. 310 Hobuck Loop Road." Edward parked along the sidewalk.

"Thank you guys so much, we would probably still be walking for another 5 hours if you hadn't come along." I smiled gratefully as I opened the door.

"Yea, thanks." Leah forced a smile on her face but it was obvious it wasn't real. Edward smiled at her gently as we got out of the car. Emmett rolled down the window and stuck his face out.

"It was no problem. Just like before, it's my usual occupation. Saving helpless girls." He smiled hugely but stopped when Edward leaned over and whispered something to him. Emmett's face froze and he grabbed out a pen and paper from the glove box. He then wrote something down before handing it to me.

"Hey, do me a favor, if you ever need anything, I mean anything, just give me a call. Edward and I would be happy to help. We also have another brother who could help too." His voice rang with kindness and once again, I was shocked at his sincerity. I looked down at the unfamiliar phone number scrawled onto the paper and looked back up to Emmett.

"That's really very kind of you. I'll remember it, I promise. Thanks for all your help." I smiled and leaned down so I could give my thanks to Edward. He nodded in response and smiled slightly.

"Oh, it's nothing, Emily. We'll see you around." With that Edward drove away and I was left with Leah in the snow and in front of my house with one unanswered question in my mind. How did he know my name?