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Fate's Twisted Charm

Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."

Disclaimer: This story does not match up with the actual series and the timeline, some ages, and other details have been changed. I also own nothing besides Maria and Scott Young. It's all Stephenie Meyer.

9. Window To Your Soul Part Two

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February 20th, 2003

What have I done? Oh God, what the hell did I just do? As I pulled away from Emily's now mangled and unconscious body, I shuddered. Did I even do this? I didn't remember doing this. It felt like time froze when I phased and just started back up at this instance. Oh God, there's so much blood. I gagged on reflex when I tasted the sweet blood of my Emily in my mouth. I was no better than those leeches. I was a monster just like them.

I crouched down and walked hesitantly over to the motionless body of Emily. I couldn't have killed her, right? Then I would truly despise myself. I stood over her body and looked down. Her face was covered with gashes and blood. Again with the blood. It made me sick to my stomach. How could I hurt someone so innocent, so pure, so sweet?

The wind started to pick up as the red blood started to soak into the ground, into the snow, leaving red all around. This was like some scene of a horror story. Her silky hair fanned out around her mangled face as snow started to fall from the heavens. I couldn't phase back yet. A werewolf had to be calm while phasing back. I was nowhere near calm. I knew she needed medical treatment, but right now I just needed to be near her. I looked over to the bulky cell phone and growled before I destroyed it with one simple stomp of my paw. No Cullen would ever communicate with my Emily.

As I lowered my body lightly onto hers, not letting the cold of the snow or wind harm her, I looked around once more. This time, more things stood out. The nearby trees were covered with red sticky blood. There were pieces of flesh all around. I could see my own bloody paw prints covering every surface of the ground. I looked up in the sky. Today had been such a glorious day with the brilliance of the sun shining. Now, as it sunk over the horizon, it left a bloody sunset that perfectly matched the color of the surrounding snow. But then, something caught my eye.

Surrounding me, covered in the dense forest, were 7 pairs of topaz eyes.


"Emily? Emily! Tell me where you are! Damn it! What's happening!" I cursed even more profusely as the line went dead. Before the line went, I could hear a wolf snarling and a girl screaming. That didn't leave many possibilities. A Pom was after Emily. Shit.

"Guys! We need to get over to La Push! COME ON!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. Was no one hearing me? It felt like a thousand years before anyone came down the stairs. Edward. Tremendous. I ran up to him and grabbed his shoulders roughly. He looked at me surprised while I was sure my thoughts were all jumbled.

"What the hell is wrong, Emmett?" He looked at me strangely before prying my hands off of his shoulders.

"Emily! She's been attacked by one of the dogs! We need to get over there!" I shouted, not even 6 inches from his face. His eyes widened before he cursed quietly.

"Well, the hell with the treaty. We need to get over there." I nodded vigorously in agreement while he rounded up everyone. I was in too much of a daze to notice anything. Before I knew it, we were all running swiftly towards La Push.

"Did she tell you where she was?" Everyone looked towards me. Crap, she was attacked before she could say that. I shook my head 'no' and Jasper cursed. Then, everyone just stopped. I sniffed the air. Blood. It was somewhere near by. I looked towards Jasper who was barely controlling himself.

"Will you be all right?" Alice took his hand while asking. He strained a quick reassurance and then I was off. I was completely trusting my sense of smell on this one. I couldn't afford to take my time. It was a matter of life and death.

I could hear whimpering up ahead and I slowed down. I didn't want my presence to be known until completely necessary. I heard the rest of them follow behind. I turned around and put my finger to my lips, signaling they should be quite. They all nodded. I made a gesture with my hands that we should surround the area and they all spread out. I looked through the underbrush and gasped.

There, in the middle of the clearing, was Emily's crippled body and covered in blood. If I hadn't been so distracted with this hideous sight, I would be worrying about Jasper. But all of my attention was on her. There was blood covering all of the snow and I had never felt so angered in my life until I looked over to the giant black wolf that was covering her. Had the attack stopped? Was he still attacking her? I growled softly as he nuzzled her butchered her face with his snout.

Then, his head snapped up. He looked around wildly and we all shared a quick look. With that, we pounced onto him. All at once.

He yelped out and twisted while trying to claw at us. Carlisle held back to check on Emily while Esme helped. She didn't enjoy acts of violence. I felt teeth barely miss my throat as I shot back with a bite to his snout. He whimpered as he tried to back out of the fight. Jasper roared and grabbed him from behind while biting onto the back of his neck. It would be easy to kill him now.

"Stop!" I looked behind me in shock. Carlisle was holding Emily's body in his arms and his voice contained such authority that even I couldn't ignore him. We slowly started to stop and we looked down. The wolf was laying on his side while heavily breathing with his filthy blood soaking into the snow. I gagged at the scent. At least now Emily's blood would be covered up by the scent of his. Now we wouldn't have to focus on not losing control.

"Why Carlisle? So we can let him go?" Rosalie spat vehemently, "He tried to kill her. Kill her. She's just an innocent little girl. He deserves to die." Her eyes were pitch black and full of spite. I nodded as did Jasper while looking disgustingly towards the wolf.

"That may be so, Rosalie, but I think we should hear his side of the story," Carlisle said calmly. Rosalie huffed in annoyance and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Edward looked towards Emily as his expression grew worried.

"I can't hear her thoughts." We all turned to Edward who was still looking worried and even confused. We were all brought out of our thoughts when a loud pop! echoed through the forest. We all looked down to see not a wolf, but a man.

"Please, please, don't hurt me." He looked at us with pleading eyes as Rosalie scoffed lightly. He stood up shakily and held out his hands in surrender.

"It was an accident. I swear to God. An accident." Edward narrowed his eyes while Jasper rolled his. An accident? Sure didn't look like an accident to me. Then, all of a sudden, Edward reacted strongly. He pinned the dog to a nearby tree and hissed.

"An accident? Are you sure about that? Because to me it looks like you tried to hurt her because she wouldn't love you. Now, tell me, does that sound like an accident to you?" I stared in shock. Edward stayed in place while the dog started shuddering.

"Edward, come on. We need to take her to a hospital," Carlisle shouted out roughly. As much as I wanted to agree with Edward and try to kill this dog, I knew Emily needed medical treatment. I wasn't about to let her die. Edward sighed and shoved the dog away from him.

"Don't expect this to be over, dog. This is just the beginning," he hissed out while the dog looked at him with narrowed eyes. Edward turned around and started to walk away. We all followed and as we ran to the hospital, I heard a mournful howl come from behind.


"Hey, Jared, you wanna Coke?" I walked into the kitchen towards the refrigerator during halftime. College football was on and we all had our attention on the screen.

"Sure, Paul. Hey, you got chips?" I laughed loudly as Jared suggested food. My little sister, Casey, walked in and sat on the stool by the kitchen counter. I opened the refrigerator door and grabbed two glass bottles, yes, glass bottles, we are old-fashioned in La Push, of Coke. I turned towards Casey and stared at her as she looked at me with a look of innocence.

"What?" She tried to feign confusion but failed badly.

"Hand 'em over." I held my hand out and she rolled her eyes. God, 14 year old sisters could be annoying.

"I have no clue what you're talking about, Paul. Can't I sit here or is that against the laws?" I hated that mocking tone she used. Jared walked in the kitchen and grabbed something from behind Casey. She clearly wasn't expecting it cause she shouted out and slapped Jared on the arm. There, in his arms, held our most prized possession. A bag of Ripple Chips.

"You did have them, then. You little sneak." I glared at her while Jared got a bowl out of the cabinet. She rolled her eyes and slipped on headphones while she walked away and sang. Yea, when Casey sang, it wasn't good.

"Ouch. I think my eardrums may burst because of her. She really needs to learn how to control her pitch," Jared rubbed his head while I flinched. Casey had just hit an exceptional high note.

"Yea, well, I get to listen to that 24 hours. You have it pretty easy," I growled back. Jared rolled his eyes as he loped back into the family room where halftime was finally ending. I brought in the Cokes and handed him one.

"Thanks, man." He mumbled with his mouth full of chips.

"Dude. That is so gross. For the love of God, close your damn mouth," I snapped as I grabbed a handful of chips. He chuckled as our eyes went back onto the screen.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang. I really didn't feel like getting it, especially since I had just gotten up for food. I yelled out for Casey to get it, which she returned which a scream of badly singing to some gross boy band called Hanson or something. I grumbled, as did Jared, at the sound of her high pitch singing. I love my sister and all, we were actually exceptionally close, but sometimes I just wished she would shut up.

She walked in with the phone in hand and held it out to me. Jared glanced at the phone and then back to the screen. I looked up at Casey. She was looking at me with this look that said "Are you gonna answer, or what?" I sighed, being an older brother could seriously suck sometimes.

"Who is it?" Jared looked back over to the strange scene unfolding and coughed to hide his laughter. Casey rolled her eyes and grumbled.

"Mrs. Young." Jared's eyes shot up to mine and I snatched the phone out of Casey's hand. I waved my hand trying to tell her to go away and she walked away while shouting out insults the whole time.

"Hello?" I was a tiny bit confused. I would expect Emily to call, but her mother? Not so much. I secretly thought that something might be wrong. All I heard on the other end was a bunch of sniffles.

"Paul? Hello, this is Mrs. Young, Emily's mother. I just, well, I thought you should know that there was an accident today," I gulped and tried to tell Jared with my eyes that something was wrong, "Well, see, Emily was mauled by some sort of animal in the woods." My eyes most have grown 100 times bigger. Mauled? By an animal? Oh no, tell me she's not dead.

"What do you mean? She was mauled by an animal?" By this time Jared was on his feet and looking at me incredulously. I looked up at him and frowned sympathetically. We all knew they were close, especially after the kiss the night of the Valentine's Day Dance.

"Well, there was a, um, there was a fight between her and her father today. She ran off and the Cullens, well the Cullens found her and this, this wolf. She's unconsciousness right now. I, oh God, I don't know if she'll pull out of this ok." I could hear her sobbing in the background. I looked back up to Jared and mouthed "Not good." He gulped and looked out the window impassively.

"Jared and I will be right there." I clicked Off before even waiting for her response. I got up hurriedly and snatched my car keys.

"Is she - is she alive?" Jared asked from the front window. I hadn't even noticed, but I had tears in my eyes. I wiped at them quickly before walking up behind him.

"Yea. Yea, she is. But, Jared, they don't know if she'll, well, if she'll survive this." He gasped and turned around. His face was contorted into a mask of sadness.

"Well, what are we waiting for? We need to go." We both turned and ran out of the house and jumped into the car.

I parked the car as close as I could to the entrance as possible. Jared and I hoped out of the car and sprinted up to the doors. We pushed them open and ran as fast as we could to the waiting room. We ignored all of the strange stares from nurses and patients.

We finally got to the waiting room and saw Leah in the corner with her parents and Emily's. She had, just like Mrs. Young, a pile of used up tissues all around her. Her head whipped up as she saw us and she got up and ran.

"Thank God you both came." She sobbed into my chest as I hugged her. Jared patted her back while he looked towards the other end of the waiting room. I followed his glance and saw the Cullens standing around. How strange, I thought. Leah continued to sob and I sat her down. Then, Mr. Young got up unexpectedly and walked up to them, with Mr. Clearwater hot on his heels.


I needed to straighten this out. I still didn't know if my baby girl was seeing this Cullen boy and I had found out that she had called him for help when she was being attacked. Plus, they were the ones to find her.

Harry followed behind as I passed Paul, Jared, and Leah. Jared was looking at the Cullens curiously as Leah sobbed into Paul's chest. The Cullens all turned to face me as I came up to them.

"Which one of you is the one Emily called?" I spat out and glared towards them. The bigger one shared a confused look with all of them and stepped in front.

"Er, I am, sir. Why?" He looked genuinely confused and I saw Harry glare at him out of the corner of my eye. I knew what the Cullens were, and I wasn't going to allow them to hurt my baby girl.

"Then, would you care to explain to me, why the hell Emily would call you?" I heard Jared gasp lightly behind me. The big Cullen, who I presume was Emmett from the name that was with the number, widened his eyes.

"Well, I told her to call me if she was ever in danger. That's all," He said calmly as I glared at him. Harry was desperately trying to keep control. Just as I knew what the Cullens were, I knew what Harry was.

"Don't ever talk to her again. Do you hear me? Ever." I looked into his topaz eyes and shuddered. They were so inhuman, so abnormal. His eyebrows shot up as he nodded.

"Of course, sir." He nodded with genuine sincerity. I turned my back on him and walked back to my family. As I passed Jared, I glanced over. He had this looked of incredulity and shock as he looked curiously towards Emmett. His eyes narrowed as he took in Emmett's size and looks. As I walked, I heard Harry hiss to the rest of the Cullens.

"This isn't over."


Was it true? Was what Mr. Young said about Emily calling him true? I didn't know she even knew the Cullens, let alone associate with them. As Mr. Young walked past, I stared at Emmett. I knew that if Emily was with him, there was no competition. He was stronger and better looking. My attention was focused back onto them as Emmett walked away. I told Paul I would be right back as I got up and followed him. His family stared at me with cold eyes as I passed.

Emmett continued walking as I hung back a few feet. Every few seconds he would turn his head to the side and I could have sworn he looked back. We finally came to the entrance doors and he walked out. I followed.

I came out of the doors and looked around. He was leaning against the wall to my right and staring out to the distance. I looked up and took in the beauty of the moon. It was a new moon.

"Hey," I called out as I walked closer. His head snapped up and he looked at me with his eyebrows furrowed. He nodded a greeting as I continued to walk closer. He tensed as I stopped about 2 feet away.

"I heard Mr. Young talking to you in there." I looked over to him as he stayed silent. He was still staring forward. With his dazed expression it seemed he wasn't even listening. He sighed deeply and turned to face me.

"Oh. Yea. What about it?" His face was clearly confused.

"Is it, well, is it true?" I looked ahead as I stared at the steam in the air from my breathing. I did notice that there was no steam coming from Emmett as he breathed.

"Is what true?"

"That she called you?" I looked to the other side, not being able to look him in the eye. He chuckled a deep laugh and breathed deeply.

"Yea, she did." I gulped. Were they together? I mean, it would explain why he was there.

"Oh. Well, um, how close are you guys?" I asked nervously. I was expecting him to go into this detailed talk of how they had been in a relationship for months now. My stomach was twisted in waves of nausea. I wasn't expecting this reaction, though. He laughed excruciatingly loud.

"We're just friends, man. I've seen her like 2 times. One time I was helping her because she was lost in the woods and the other time was the night of the dance. My brother and I gave her and her friend Leah a ride home. Don't worry, though. I know how you're thinking. Did you see that blonde girl in there that's in my family?" Thank God. I sighed deeply before even thinking about the question. The blonde?

"Uh, yea. She's tall, long blonde hair?" Not to mention she was drop dead gorgeous.

"Yea, well she's my girlfriend. Not Emily." He continue to chuckle before he stopped, "I would get in there, though. You never know when she might wake up. I would think she would want to see you, though." He smiled while showing glistening white teeth. I nodded and turned around and walked back into the hospital.


As I drifted, I felt lost. It felt like I was being drowned from within. There was water rushing in and leaving me too heavy to move. I could hear little noise around me and it was filled with menacing sounds. Growls. Snarls. Whimpers. Voices. Then, it felt like I was lifted. But, the weird thing was it felt like I was lifted by granite. Cold granite. I felt the air whip through my hair and something run down my face. I tried to lift my arm to brush it off, but it was too heavy. The water was suffocating me. Then, I lost consciousness.

Then, I dreamed. My dreams were full of Emmett Cullen's desperate pleas and his strange topaz eyes. Also, there was Sam. His eyes were just as wild as before. The worst of all was the big, coal black wolf. It snarled as it ripped at my whole body. These weren't different dreams, though. They were all collided into one.

It all started off with me walking around the forest. The snow crunched beneath my feet as I walked speedily. The forest was pitch black and the trees were closing in on me. There was no moon up ahead. There was no sound either, except for someone screaming. I could hear Emmett's cries from far out in the distance. Then, in a flash, Emmett was in front of me. His eyes were a warm topaz color as he grabbed onto my wrist. He yanked and told me in a kind tone that he was taking me somewhere safe. I believed him.

But then, unexpectedly, he turned on me. His usually perfect white teeth were now elongated into sharp points. They had blood dripping from them. His eyes were as black as coal as he grabbed my shoulders. Then, Edward Cullen walked out of the forest. If it hadn't felt like this was completely real, I would have laughed at the strangeness of it all. Edward gracefully came up to me and smiled. He had the same bloody fangs. I shuddered as he took hold of my neck. I shuddered even more at the temperature of his hands. They were ice cold. Emmett chuckled quietly as Edward pulled me backwards from my neck. Emmett stroked my throat as he leaned forward and pressed his ice cold lips to the base. I looked up to see Edward smiling menacingly, exposing all fangs. Then, as Emmett was about to bite down, Sam Uley yelled as he charged out of the forest.

He shoved into Edward, who dropped hold of my neck. Emmett caught me in time so I didn't fall and he raised his head and roared. He actually roared. Sam swiped at Edward who then growled and ran into the darkness of the forest. Sam then turned on Emmett and attacked. Emmett didn't stay long enough to be hurt though; he ran away.

Then, Sam turned on me. He smiled kindly and took my hand in his. I smiled in return as he led me farther into the forest. I followed him without hesitation. When he turned on me a few minutes after walking, I saw this gleam in his eyes. He grabbed my face gently and kissed me eagerly. I kissed him back. Then, it all caught up on me. I shoved him away and told him I couldn't be with him. Then, he was a giant black wolf. I screamed and ran.

I ran as fast as I could but then I collided with something cold and hard. I looked up to the face of Edward. He shoved me behind him and as the Sam-wolf came up to Edward, Edward reached out his hand and I gasped. It had these long, sharp claws on them. As Sam the wolf leaped, Edward ripped his clawed hand through his throat as blood spurted everywhere. This couldn't be happening. Again, I screamed in terror. As the wolf lay, dying at my feet, Emmett came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist.

I thrashed as Edward came up and once again grasped onto my neck. His cold hands seems so unnatural against my skin. Emmett laughed a deep throaty chuckle as he once again put his lips to my throat. Then, he sunk his fangs into my delicate skin. As I screamed and thrashed around, Edward laughed mockingly as Emmett drank my blood. I had never known such a strange feeling. I actually felt some of me flow into his mouth as he continued to drink. Finally, Edward stopped laughing. He shoved Emmett roughly as I thought, Maybe he's changed his mind and he'll save me. Emmett tumbled and I looked down to the crescent shaped cut on the base of my throat. Then, Edward took Emmett's place.

He put his marble-like lips to my throat and raised his head to look at me with this heartbreaking crooked smile. Even while committing something so heinous, he looked angelic. Then, he began to drink.

As I opened my eyes for the first after the attack, I screamed a bloodcurdling scream of agony.