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The sequel to THE VISION. Ten years after Bella saves Edward for the second time, Alice gets another vision, one that scares her much more than the previous one. What will happen?


2. Chapter 2

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Author's Note: Sorry in advance for how short it is. And many, many thanks to my beta edwards.eclipse.


Jasper's Point of View

It had been many years since I had felt the chaos of emotions that were emanating from Alice and Bella. Combined, their emotions were almost overpowering. In fact, it was only my long history of experience with my gift that kept my feelings mostly safe from influence.

Alice held out a cell phone, which I took gratefully and dialed Carlisle's number. It went to voicemail. He must be busy with a patient at the hospital.

Damn. I took a deep breath, sending another calming wave throughout the house. There was no greeting on Carlisle’s phone, just a beep.

“Call us as soon as you get this,” I spoke into the phone, my voice low.

I hung up, sighing deeply. Bella’s emotions were becoming dangerously chaotic again. I ran up the stairs, knocking once on the door to the bedroom she shared with Edward.

“Bella?” I said softly. “Can I come in?”

There was a very faint, “I guess,” and I slowly opened the door.

Bella was sitting on the edge of her bed, her head in her hands. The waves of depression, worry, and guilt were almost tangible. I walked over and sat beside her, putting a hand on her shoulder. She didn’t look up, and I continued to send a calming influence into her.

“Bella.” No response. “Bella, look at me.” Reluctantly, she complied. “Everything will be fine. I’m sure of it. As soon as Carlisle calls us back, we’ll figure this all out. Carlisle is our best bet as to finding out where he is going. Everything will be fine.”

“But why would he go out and do this?” she whispered, so low, so quiet, I had to struggle to hear her.

“I don’t know, but I assure you, he won’t succeed. We’ll make sure of that.”

My words didn’t seem to help her. She didn't believe me.

“Phone,” Alice called, a floor below me.

“I already called him,” I told her.

“Trust me. Phone."

The phone buzzed in my pocket. I almost smiled; it was still disconcerting sometimes the way Alice foresaw things. I pulled the phone out, glancing hopefully at the caller ID.


“What is it, Jasper?” he asked quietly. The voices behind him laughing, crying, gave away his location. Still at the hospital.

“It’s Edward.” My voice was low, urgent. Stressed.

“Jasper, tell me. What happened?” he asked, noticeably worried now.

He recognized my tone. The exact same one I had used when I filled him in about that vision only ten years ago.

“Alice - she had a vision. We need you here.”

He sighed. “I’m leaving now.”

Not twenty minutes later, the familiar black Mercedes pulled into the driveway. And before Carlisle could so much as open the door, Bella was in front of him. The image from Alice’s vision was inserted into his mind.

“Do you know where that is?” I asked him as Bella stood back to let Carlisle walk into the house. He sat heavily in one of the chairs in our ‘dining room’, closing his eyes.

“I do,” Carlisle said, weighing every word. There was surprise for a moment, before depression came over Carlisle. “What else did you see, Alice?”

“He killed himself,” she breathed. I brought her into my arms, calming her, comforting her.

Carlisle sighed deeply.

“Where is it, Carlisle?” I asked. “Where is he going?”

“He’s going back to his home. From when he was still human.”

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