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Happy Ending

i'd like to say that this isn't your typical "Jacob finally imprints" story, except that it is. The teen rating is a safety net. Just in case something later in the story requires it. Jacob/OC ok. I'm really, really sorry. This story is just not working out. so unless I have some huge story epiphany, this story is cancelled.again, I'm really really sorry.

This is my first story. Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2: Meeting Him

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Chapter two: meeting him


I didn't like visiting Forks. Hanging out with Tyler and his friends was always boring. But my mother just had to see her sister all the time so we made the three and a half hour drive up to Forks about once or twice a month.

I missed the days when I could just sit in aunt Beth's living room and play with toys like my younger sisters Jade and Ruby did. Nowadays it was always, "why don't you go and hang out with Tyler?" or "Tyler's going to the movies with some friends, why don't you go with them?" Like so many things parents say, these were obviously commands disguised as suggestions, so I always went.

Today, it was the beach. A group of about ten of Tyler's friends were going down to First Beach down in La Push- the tiny Indian reservation about 15 miles from Forks.

Tyler looked at me in an annoyed way when I told him I was coming along.

"I want to have fun with my friends today Amber." His tone was exasperated. "I don't have time for babysitting." He sneered.

"Ha ha." I scowled at him. He always treated my like I was a little kid even though I was only a year and a half younger than him. "It's not like I wanted to come Ty. I was practically shoved out the door by my mother." I said to him, just as annoyed.

"Fine. Just don't embarrass me." He glared down at me and I scoffed.

"I wouldn't dream of it. You do enough of that all by yourself." I giggled, remembering how he'd once deluded himself into thinking he was going to Prom with the police Chief's daughter- and had gotten told off by her boyfriend.

He just rolled his eyes at me.

As much as I despised hanging around with Tyler, I actually didn't mind Forks itself. It was very beautiful, especially La Push. I loved the tall, jagged sea cliffs and the briny smell of the ocean that permeated the air.

The sun was shining- a rare occurrence in Forks- and the sparkle of the sea was dazzling. It was so bright I had to look away. Tyler and his friends were mostly ignoring me like usual. I wished I could have brought a book, but it would have hurt Aunt Beth's feelings. I sighed and lay in the sand, watching white clouds skitter across the open, blue sky.

After almost an hour, I decided I couldn't take it anymore, so after eating lunch, I decided to go explore the forest.

"I'm taking a walk" I said to Tyler. I doubt he noticed. He was too busy talking to that vile Lauren Mallory.

The forest was cool and quiet. I lay down on a large, nearly flat, rock just inside the trees and enjoyed the feeling of the cool mist pressing on my eyelids.

When I woke up, The light filtering in through the leaves was no longer a bright Jade green but rather a dull grey. I looked at my watch- 3:38. I had been asleep for almost two and a half hours. Crap I thought. Tyler and my mother are going to kill me. I stood and walked in what I thought was the direction of the beach. I could still hear the waves so I assumed I couldn't be too far off. I followed the sound but didn't find my way out of the trees. I started to panic. The sound of the water was fading. I tried retracing my steps, but everything looked exactly the same. It was only after several minutes of frantic searching that I remembered that you're supposed to stay put when you're lost. I planted my feet and called for help until I was hoarse. Then I just sat on the ground and cried.

"Hello?" I started at the sound of the man's husky voice. I looked up at him. "I'm sorry." He said softly. "I didn't mean to startle you." He looked about 23 with russet-colored skin and silky black hair that he had pulled back into a ponytail. He was very muscular. I liked to think that I cared more about what was on the inside than the outside, but this guy was really hot. He wasn't wearing a shirt. I was glad I didn't blush easily. I looked up into his dark eyes. "I-I'm just lost." I stammered, my voice a little wobbly. From crying I told myself adamantly. I knew not to blindly trust strangers, but I felt strangely at ease with this guy. "I'm here in Forks visiting my cousin Tyler. He and a bunch of his friends were hanging out on the beach. I got bored and went to explore the forest. I couldn't find my way back out." My eyes filled up again at the memory.

The guy reached a large hand out to me and I took it. His hand was burning hot. My eyes widened at the temperature, but I said nothing. I stood and wiped the dirt off the back of my jeans.

"I'm Jacob Black." He said kindly. "I live here in La Push, I know my way around the forest. I can help you out."

"I'm Amber Langley" I said politely. "Thanks Jacob." I smiled tentatively up at him. His answering smile broke across his face.

"No problem" he took my hand in his huge hot one and led me out of the forest.