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Alice Cullen

The third installment of my Cullen drawings - little miss Alice Cullen. Rosalie and Esme were updated previously! If you would, take a look at my whole drawing thing. I'm sort of having an explosion with twilight fanart right now, it's crazy!

So this is MY representation of Alice Cullen, the tiny pixie-like sister of Edward. I figured she was very small and thin, but not unhealthy, you know? She'd probably have big eyes and small features, and a whole mess of spiky hair. It's slightly unfinished looking because I forgot to erase my sketch lines, but it'll do for now. I'm not going to change it because I already scanned it and am halfway through uploading it online. lol, to go through the whole process again just for a few extra lines seems a little silly to me.

1. Chapter 1

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