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After an Eclipse

Post-Eclipse. Telling the parents, the wedding, Bella's transformation. Please review!!!


1. Breaking the news

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The wind blew in my face, blew my hair into a tangled mess. My arms were locked tightly around Edward's neck as we ran through the dense forest. The house came into sight, and Edward slowed down a bit. He helped me off his back, and we walked towards the shiny silver Volvo.

He took my hand and led me towards it, opening the door for me and then suddenly appearing beside me in the driver's seat. He revved the engine, and smiled at me.

"You're nervous aren't you?" His voice was a little bit apprehensive. I looked over at him, and nodded. Nervous, in my opinion, was a bit of an understatement. Butterflies, no crows, were fluttering around in my stomach. My hand clenched into a fist, wishing I knew what Charlie's response would be. I hoped the rock on my finger wouldn't trigger too bad of a response from him.

"There is nothing to be worried about, love. I would never let anything happen to you, as long as I live." He turned the corner, and suddenly we were pulling into Charlie's driveway.

I wasn't really ready for this. Sure, I could walk into the living room and tell Charlie to his face that I was becoming a vampire and would live forever with Edward; that would be easier. I couldn't walk into the living room and tell him that Edward and I were engaged to be...married. I shivered.

Edward help the front door open for me, and I numbly walked in. He closed the door behind me, and urged me on. I clenched my left hand so that no one could see my ring.

"Hey Bella, what's up?" Charlie's voice floated to us over the sound of the game. I didn't respond, so Edward took it into his own hands.

"Charlie, it's us. We have some news for you.” Edward called out. Oh, dear, things were going to be bad. We should have brought Jasper with us. Charlie walked into the kitchen, the game on mute. His face a bit disgruntled at the sight of Edward.

“What is it?” His voice was gruff. He obviously hadn’t gotten over his dislike of Edward. His body was tense, as if to bolt to get his gun. This couldn’t be good. I cleared my throat.

“Edward and I are…engaged.” I forced the ugly word out. I hoped, prayed, that Charlie’s violent side would stay dormant. The unhealthy purple shade his face had taken on didn’t seem to be on my side. I started, hoping to delay Charlie’s inevitable attack. Edward’s cool hands restrained me. I looked at his face, trying to read his expression. Unfortunately, it didn’t look positive.

“En- what?” He broke off.

“Engaged?” He seemed to be choking on the work. I personally didn’t blame him. He took a deep breath, and his normal color returning slowly to his face. Oddly, the expression on his face was relieved.

“Dad?” I asked, worried about his reaction. He looked up, and smiled slightly at us. Wait, smiled? What was up with that?

“I’m okay. Just a little shocked, a little relieved that it wasn’t something else. I thought you were going to say you were pregnant or something.” Charlie said. I laughed, shocked and also relieved that he was taking it this well.

“The only thing is you’re telling Renee. That is up to you two.” He said. Of course, that he would make us do. That was Charlie for you.