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After an Eclipse

Post-Eclipse. Telling the parents, the wedding, Bella's transformation. Please review!!!


2. Chapter 2

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Charlie had, in more than one way, surprised me yesterday. First of all, he had not tried to shoot Edward or me when we had broken the news. On top of that, he had even congratulated me after Edward had left (unharmed).

Now my main worries were Alice bugging me about the wedding, the wedding itself, saying goodbye to everyone, and well, after the wedding. My future with Edward and the Cullens, forever.

Alice had been increasingly annoying about all the wedding plans. Which color for the table cloths, what kind of flowers? All the little details that I didn’t really care at all about. All I wanted was to be with Edward, forever. Nothing else really mattered to me.

Now that we were out of school, I was spending every day at the Cullen’s house, soon to be my house. I dutifully spend the night at my house, cooking for Charlie. Every day, Alice would order me up to her and Jasper’s room and we would go over the wedding details she had cooked up over night, while I was wasting my time sleeping. I couldn’t wait until I was like them, not having to waste that time sleeping, or eating.

Over the past few days, there was something that had been bothering me. Maybe bothering me wasn’t the correct terminology, though. More like a deep pit at the bottom of my stomach, ever present. My time was coming, not that I didn’t want to spend eternity with Edward and the Cullens; I just didn’t know how to say good-bye to being human. It was the only thing I had ever known. It wasn’t just that I didn’t know how to leave mortality behind; I didn’t know how to leave Charlie, Jake, Renee, and so many other people behind.

Every time I saw one of my human friends, I kept thinking that it could be the last time I ever saw them. Since I wasn’t working at Newton’s anymore, I rarely saw Mike. I usually ran into Angela or Jess at the supermarket when I was shopping, but other than that, I didn’t interact with people much…well, humans.

* * *

“What are you thinking about?” Edward’s velvety voice shattered my trance. I looked up at him, trying to keep my eyes off the road. Just because we were engaged didn’t mean I liked his driving any better.

“Just what torture Alice is deciding to put us through today,” I said lightly. What I really had been thinking about was Jake, but I knew that if I said that, Edward would get upset.

“Don’t worry, she only wants to work out the flower arrangements for the tables at the reception,” Edward reassured me. Only. Well, I was lucky if I got out of there in less than two hours, knowing Alice.

“She already has a plan formulating in her head, she only wants to run the ideas by you. Not that she doesn’t know what you’re going to decide already,” he added under his breath. I wasn’t sure that I was supposed to hear that, but I did. Why Alice bothered me with all these details when she knew what I was going to pick was beyond me.

We pulled up the long drive, always too fast. Edward was around to open the door for me in seconds, always the perfect gentleman. Alice was already waiting on the steps for us, as she had the day I had decided to let her plan the wedding for us. She bounded off towards us, taking me hand.

“You are not allowed to hear this conversation. Go hunting or wrestle Emmett, he’s dying to beat you,” She directed at Edward. He had a slightly frustrated look on his face. Alice must have been blocking her thoughts from him. With that, she stalked off, leaving Edward behind.

She walked, keeping up with my slow human pace, to her room. She held the door open for me, and I entered warily. Jasper was nowhere to be seen. He was probably off wrestling Edward and Emmett. I shook my head, trying to fathom why boys thought wrestling was that interesting.

“OK. I brought you up here for a reason. I want to discuss with you how we are going to dress you up for the wedding. We have your dress, but we still haven’t decided what to do with your hair and make up,” I inwardly groaned at the thought of hair and make up. She had brought me up here to use me as a Barbie doll once again.