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The Change

A short story about Bella's change. Written for Twilight Tables .


1. Chapter 1

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The Change

He was driving Jasper insane; he knew that. So much so, after directing a chilling glare at him, Jasper left the house to hunt. Inevitably, Alice was annoyed at him as well. Ever since she had that vision, she had been bouncing up and down non-stop, doing ‘preparations’, as she called them. After frowning at him and accusing him of not trusting her visions, she had very uncharacteristically stalked out after Jasper, only pausing to grudgingly add that she would be back before Bella arrived that evening.


She was the reason Jasper was annoyed with him. No doubt it was not her fault in the least, but he could not help worrying about her. There were so many conflicting feelings he harboured, he wondered how surprised he would be if Jasper called later and announced that he had ran all the way to another continent.

He could not blame Jasper for that.

He was angry with himself for being so weak. If he had the will and courage to avoid her in the first place, he would not be awaiting the evening to change her. He was pleased beyond doubt; that someone so beautiful, so pure could find it in her heart to wholeheartedly love someone like him. He was guilty; after all, what right did he have to take her life away from her? She deserved so much better than him. Grateful; for after all that he had done, he was now certain he’d did something good, something good enough to for the fates to put her in his path.

Her window came into view and he found himself recalling, with perfect clarity, the first time he tailed her and snuck into her house at night. The lights of her window always provided him with comfort; the rare something that he found solace in. Expertly, he entered her bedroom, and lying on her bed, he waited for her.

Her scent filled his nose, and he inhaled deeply. Soon after, the sound of her footsteps followed. He could hear every single beat of her heart and cursed himself for his selfishness yet again. The bed dipped as she sat beside him, taking his hand in her smaller ones.

The plan was for him to bite her there, and before the pain set in, he would bring her over to his house. With Charlie away for a fishing trip, it was almost foolproof.

“What are you thinking?” Her voice was soft, and she snuggled up to him, resting her cheek on his shoulder.

“Of how much I love you.” He crooked a grin at her.

Bella only sighed heavily. “I want this – and you know that.”

“I know.” Frustration coloured his tone. “I should have refused you.”

“You know you wouldn’t have.” Her voice took on a coy tone, and she pressed her lips to his cold neck. “Just imagine what you would be missing out if you had refused me.”

Deliberately, she raised her left hand, purposely letting the moonlight reflect of the silver ring on her fourth finger, the facets of the diamond bursting with radiance.

He groaned, and she giggled.

“What, may I ask, is so funny?”

She could only laugh more, which did not serve to improve his mood. “You are,” said Bella, reaching out to tap him lightly on his nose.

He could sense her nervousness, although she hid it very well and tried to make light of things.

“Do you really want this?” He asked seriously. One word from her was all he needed, and he would accede to her requests – no matter what they were.

She stopped laughed, and nodded gravely. “I want to be with you forever, Edward.”

Before she could say anything else, he caught her mouth in his hungrily. When she broke off, dizzy and panting heavily, he traced his lips to the while silken column of her smooth neck, pausing at the pulse that beat there unsteadily – and then, kissing it slowly.

She sighed happily, dazed and lost in the hazy depths of pleasure. Muttering his love for her against her skin, he plunged his teeth into her soft ivory flesh swiftly, reveling in the heavenly taste of her blood.