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Alice and Jasper - Welcome Home

Alice and Jasper as they come back to the Forks-house after the whole Volturi incident. Please please please click on the little title, look at it, and then type in a few words! Please!

I drew Alice and Jasper based off the Japanese illustrations of Twilight, and then added a table so that their legs didn't just randomly cut off. I didn't want to hassle with table legs, so I gave the table a pretty white tablecloth. And then I remembered that scene in New Moon where Bella wonders what the Cullen's house would like when they're gone. Would it be empty, or would the furniture be covered in white dust sheets? Bingo! I added the doorway and the furniture covered in white dust cloths, and made Alice and Jasper look somewhat like their home again. Jasper would be his usual sexy indifferent self, while Alice would be happy. :-D And then I was very proud of myself. lol Personally, I really really like this pic. It turned out well, even though my 'vision' changed every three seconds about how I wanted it to be. Please review! PS: Do you guys like my Audrey Hepburn dress on Alice? For some reason I always wanted to give her one! I think the idea of Alice with Audrey Hepburn clothes is adorable.

1. Chapter 1

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